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The top leadership of InnovaCare Health: Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto

Innovacare Health is the number one provider of physician practice services in North America. Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides lead the top management of the health company.

CEO Rick Shinto

Rick Shinto is one of the most experienced healthcare managers in the country. Before joining innovative Health, it had over two decades of experience managing clinical health care services as well as operational services. He began his career in 1996 as the vice president of MedPartners. A year later, he joined Cal Optima Health plan as the CEO. He then moved to Medical Pathways Management company where he worked as the chief operating officer and chief medical officer. His next destination was at North American Medical Management in California as the chief medical officer. In 2008, he joined Aveta Inc. as the president and chief executive officer. He served in this company for four years and then moved on to InnovaCare Health where he was appointed to the CEO. InnovaCare has its headquarters at Fort Lee, New Jersey. However, most of its operations are located in Puerto Rico.

CEO Penelope Kokkinides

Penelope is the chief operating officer and the chief administrative officer of Innovacare Health. This is the second time he’s working for this health company after being here previously in 2009. He rejoined in 2015 alongside two other senior executives. Before joining InnovaCare, he had held notable career positions in other organizations such as Aveta Inc, AmericaChoice, Centrelight Health, and Touchstone Health.

On December 2016 Penelope gave an interesting interview to IdeaMensch where she revealed important personal information which has led to her success in the healthcare industry. He attributes his success to a good strategy that her organization has embraced. He believes that and the arrangement of a team of professionals working at InnovaCare allows for a fluent flow of work. She also revealed that she prioritizes completion of tasks before the deadline. As a successful corporate head, she advises upcoming entrepreneurs and corporate executives to observe management of time and improve their observational skills.

InnovaCare Health aims to provide top quality services to thousands of clients who subscribe to their services.

Unroll.Me-Calming the Email Beast

Unroll Me is a service that can be used to reduce unwanted email subscriptions. It can be accessed vis using their direct URL as well as accessing their app through the appropriate App Store for android or iOS. The service is no cost to the user and once enrolled, the user will be presented with their current list of subscriptions and options to unroll from them.

With the influx of “stuff” hitting email boxes, Unroll Me, which was acquired by Slice Technologies in 2014, manages subscriptions, uses algorithms to organize your emails and even organizes all incoming mail into logical categories that the user can then access based on their own personal priorities.

Unroll Me is currently available in the United States. It is not available in the EU at this time. It also currently supports English speaking users but is hoping to expand that to other laungagues in the future. The service supports approximately twenty five thousand downloads a month on its app.

To support its complex algorithms, Unroll.Me uses a series of technologies to hone its website. Some of these technologies include Google Analytics as well as Viewport Meta. Each of these technologies, along with many more, act to support the complexity of the process used to identify, present and eliminate email at the individual level.

Unroll Me is used for the primary reasons previously stated by its subscribers but in addition there are other qualities that it brings to the table. Not only is this program a way to clean you email box, but its presentaion to the end user is easy and comprehensive to follow. For those that want an easy, straight forward app to use to help them clear the clutter, Unroll.Me makes it as simple as possible to achieve that goal, yet comprehensive and thorough enough to truly benefit the end user.

Affordable online therapy on Talkspace

Finding psychological relief in times of mental strain can be an uphill task, especially when finances are limiting. Talkspace is a platform that enables clients to access specialized and trustworthy therapy services at pocket-friendly prices, averting the necessity of booking an appointment. Oren Frank and Roni Frank launched the startup in 2012, with the goal of spreading happiness throughout the world. The services provided on Talkspace include healthcare, consultation, psychology, and therapeutics. The mobile and website company is based in New York City, United States. The organization has about 50 employees, including psychotherapists and web-developers. See more about of Talkspace at

Recent developments

The app is designed to offer guidance to people with a variety of mental issues, how to recover from their conditions, as well as how to live in a pink life. Talkspace provides the much needed psychological help at way cheaper costs compared to face to face therapy. It offers the convenience of an online platform, easily accessible with services available round the clock. No transport and booking costs incurred hence less tiresome and ready saving therapy. The text app also averts the stigma associated with being spotted seeking mental help. The confidentiality that comes with comfort allows patients to open up with utmost confidence thus facilitating precise diagnosis and therapeutics.

The power of therapy

Talkspace partnered with Michael Phelps, an anxiety and depression victor, to run an awareness campaign on the need for mental therapy. The excellent swimmer had bagged several medals during his budding days in an Olympic career. His life was seemingly the best you could ever long for. However, the lad battled depression and anxiety throughout his career. He opened up about contemplating suicide in 2012 and being unable to access psychotherapy. His encounter on Talkspace opened a whole new dimension of life. He gained access to a network of licensed therapists on the app, that was all he needed to save his life.



Virgin Group and Brightline Form a Partnerships Thanks to a Deal Between Wes Edens and Richard Branson

When Wes Edens, who also happens to co-own a famous NBA team, first launched his Brightline rail company in Florida, it is unlikely that he could have predicted just how big it would become. However, a well-respected entrepreneur by the name of Sir Richard Branson took notice of Brightline recently and signed an agreement with Mr. Edens. Virgin Group will seek to grow the passenger rail service via a significant minority investment, although the primary owner will still be Fortress Investment Group, which is the investment company that put Wes Edens in a position to become the success story he is today.

Once 2019 reaches us, Virgin Trains USA will be the new moniker that Brightline will service its passengers under. There will not be any change in the current organizational structure or management, though, which means that the same team will still oversee expansion, engineering and everyday operations. It is quite impressive that this has happened less than a year after the launching of Brightline. Clearly, however, its excellent Florida route services have received high recognition, and a Las Vegas to California route is also in the works. Read more about Wes Edens at Wikipedia

Wes Edens has put quite a bit or work into creating an innovative transportation solution for Americans, and specifically Floridians. He is obviously thrilled to be able to leverage the power of Virgin Group to further Brightline’s future, as having a trusted travel brand on board will provide a strong foundation for him to build on top of. Virgin Group is not a new brand in the rail sector, and Virgin Trains have been servicing satisfied British passengers for nearly two dozen years as of today.

If Branson’s results overseas, as well as his results with his Virgin America airline, are to be taken as an indication, then we can brace ourselves for the rise of a new transportation giant in the States very soon. Wes Edens and his market-changing Brightline are just the type of innovation that a man like Branson needs to grow his empire even further and better serve his customers.

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Jeunesse Global Is Helping Women Recapture Their Youth

Looking young is one of the biggest beauty goals of most women. And now one company is using its advanced research to bring the ultimate age reversing topical creams to give women the youthful look they desire. That company, Jeunesse Global, is bringing their Instantly Ageless product to the masses.

An Advanced Anti-Aging Solution

Unlike other anti-aging creams and applications, Instantly Ageless is the result of advanced research from Jeunesse Global. This application can work on multiple areas of the face and the results can be realized in minutes rather than days or hours. Below are some of the areas of the face that can benefit from Instantly Ageless.

Forehead Wrinkles

As women age, forehead wrinkles can become more pronounced. Instantly Ageless provides a quick solution to help reduce or completely eliminate the appearance of these wrinkles.


The area right under the eyebrows can be susceptible to wrinkles. With Instantly Ageless, this area can be treated within minutes. This area can regain its smooth appearance and make the area around the eyes look years younger.

Hooded Eyes

Women can get what is known as “hooded eyes” as they age. And this condition can become worse with a lack of sleep. Instantly age can help reduce the hooded appearance and reverse the appearance of aging around the eyes.

Under-Eye Bags and Crow’s Feet

Crow’s feet is one of the first signs of aging around the eyes. Instantly Ageless can help quickly reduce these wrinkles. For under-eye bags, Instantly Ageless can help deduce that tired appearance in minutes.

Facial Pores

Facial pores can affect women of any age. And with Instantly Ageless, women can fill those pores and enjoy a smooth and youthful face.

About Jeunesse Global

For over a decade, Jeunesse Global has produced a line of health and wellness products that range from daily supplements to anti-aging creams to energy drinks. The company sells its products through a global team of independent distributors. As the company enters its next decade of operation, Jeunesse Global will seek to find new ways to enhance the life of their customers.

Talos Energy Moves Forward With Ambitious Gulf Drilling Plan

Houston-based Talos Energy made history last year when it became the first American oil exploration company to sink a well in Mexican territorial waters. Better yet, it made what is potentially an extremely significant find. Dubbed the ZAMA-1, the well in shallow waters off the coast of Tabasco may hold up to two billion barrels of crude oil.

Now Talos is moving ahead with further arrangements with the Mexican national oil giant Pemex to drill two more wells adjacent to ZAMA-1. If all goes well, more productive sites will be opened up. Then work can began in earnest on bringing oil from beneath the seabed of the Gulf and out into the market.

Plans call for production of potentially 100,000 to 150,000 barrels a day from the site by 2023. Mexican officials approved an appraisal plan for ZAMA in September. It is expected two new wells adjacent to the ZAMA block will cost $325 million. Talos CEO Timothy Duncan said his company is moving ahead to put together a comprehensive partnership plan with Pemex to move the project forward.

The ZAMA initiative also includes other partners. Joining Talos Energy are Premier Oil of the United Kingdom and Sierra Gas & Oil, a Latin American energy exploration firm. These three entities, along with Pemex, constitute a consortium that will work in cooperation to develop these significant finds in the Gulf of Mexico.

Talos Energy was formed in 2012. Under the leadership of CEO Duncan, the wildcatter is concentrating its efforts in the Gulf of Mexico. Drilling beneath the waters of the Gulf is viewed as more risky than working on dry land, such as in the Permian Basin of Texas, but with a potential of much greater payoff over longer periods of production.

Talos Energy has adopted a policy wherein it is not only willing, but eager to explore for fossil fuels where other companies are not interested in operating.

Working with the Mexican government and Pemex is also seen as innovative and historic by industry observers. Mexico only recently opened its territory to foreign involvement since it nationalized its oil industry in 1938. Click here

Robert Deignan Urges People to Embrace Technology Rather than to Fear It

Man created technology to make his life easier. First came tools made from stone and then wood. Now many years later, man has built artificial intelligence. Machine automation has caused fear for what the future hold for both humanity and machines. However, experts like Robert Deignan believe there is no need to worry about technology. Being an expert in the field, Robert Deignan understands that one can gain a lot by accepting new technologies and working alongside it.

Experts in technology and scientist in the field have done research which shows it will take about 120 years before machines can replace workers in all industries. Robert Deignan who has developed a successful career with the help of technology has good new to workers around the globe. Instead of fearing automation, workers should focus more on making themselves indispensable amid advancement in technology.

Robert Deignan says that most of the fears related to automation among workers may be misplaced. It will be hard for technology to replace human workers in their respective jobs now and in the next hundred years from now.

While we may create new devices that can fold clothes, wash cars and automatic cars, the world still has a long way before full automation can be accomplished. Robert Deignan advocates that people should stop focusing on the unknown and concentrate on the present.

There is a variety of tasks that we can offer which machines cannot be programmed to do. The nature of automated machines only allows them to perform simple work. Robert Deignan advice workers to take the opportunity that they can perform more functions than machines. Workers should learn how to perfect their skills rather than worrying about what they do not have control.

Despite the advancement in technology, people still prefer working with human beings than machines. There are so many jobs that require skills only humans can provide. Jobs like being a therapist, teacher, Orthotics and Prosthetics, social workers and so many more require an interpersonal connection which machines cannot offer.

Robert Deignan has more than enough experience with technology. He is the CEO and Co-founder of ATS Digital Services, LLC. He has worked with many companies including being the executive vice president at iS3 Inc and Co-founder at Fanlink Inc.

Jeunesse Takes Your Skin Back In Time

The youth enhancing Instant Ageless is one of the many products offered by Jeunesse. The company sells this and the rest of its products throughout the world. The two company founders are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, and they created Jeunesse in 2009.


This growing and global company has been making a name for itself for its youth enhancing line of products. The number 9 in numerology stands for longevity, and it has a special meaning to Ray and Wendy for that reason. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the company’s founding year was 2009, on September 9th, and at 9 p.m. One of the very popular products from Jeunesse is the age defying Instant Ageless. When applied, it will instantly hide small lines and wrinkles on the face and eye area. This much sought after product gives the customer an immediately younger and more ageless look for hours. It will help to diminish the look of large pores on the face and give the appearance of tighter looking skin. It is said to last for as long as 6 to 9 hours.


For a daily moisturizer, customers choose Luminesce, another popular product offered at the company. It keeps the skin moist and radiant for a younger looking glow all day. This soothing daily moisturizer, followed by the Perfecting Mist Foundation, helps to radiate the face and brings out the replenished look of younger, smoother skin. There are many products available, and the customers can create their own daily skin regimen that works for them. The quality line of products from Jeunesse are sold throughout the world via the direct selling method.


The products are sold directly to the consumer. At Jeunesse, there are thousands of independent distributors that have helped to grow the company in name recognition and in sales volume. They are trained professionals that learn all there is to know about the benefits and features of every one of their products. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the entire Jeunesse experience for their customers, and to help them attain the great feeling of always looking their best.

Organic Natural Water- Waiakea Water

Medical experts advise us to take 8 glasses of water. Most of have not reached that point but when we take Waiakea Water taking 8 glasses of water will not be an issue. Most of us to not the knowledge of how PH affects what we eat. Taking water should not be a habit but one should have the knowledge of the amount of PH in the water we drink. The amount of pH helps to improve the tissues as well as the cells. Water Ph is measured between 0 to 14 and according to experts the lower the Ph the higher the acidic substances in the water, and the higher the amount of pH in the water the higher the alkaline in the water. 7 is neutral, 0 is acidic, while 14 is alkaline.

One should be careful when shopping for a bottle of water. A shopper should know that their bodies only need pH of around 7.4 to fight diseases and stay healthy. Most water brand in the market has an alkaline level of 4-7. However, there is a different brand in the market, Waiakea Water which has new theory and level of Ph in their brand.Waiakea source their water organically, and the organic waters have a natural level of alkaline which is rich in antioxidants. The natural antioxidant helps to detox the body and prevent diseases with the electrons. Waiakea Waters are not only sourced organically but they are also involved in different activities to sustain the community.

Waiakea Waters was founded by Ryan Emmons after discovering that his family has one of the most natural, sustainable, and healthy sources of water. Mr. Ryan is the Chief Executive Officer of Waiakea Waters. The was established in 2012., and its natural waters are sourced from the Island of Hawaii which is located in the Southwestern region of Hilo town. The waters are unique making them the first one to be certified by CarbornNeutral. The package of the water is also one of its kind because it is packed in a recycled polyethylene terephthalate which is 100%. Ryan through his organization has been helping African countries to get water. Waiakea has partnered with Pump Aid to donate 650 liters of water to the less fortunate communities in Africa.

Why Talk Fusion Uses WebRTC Technology

WebRTC is a technology that is changing email into something that’s not so boring. There’s a direct marketing company called Talk Fusion that uses this technology to present videos inside of emails. Companies around the world are using this business’ Video Email product, which is based on WebRTC, so show marketing videos to their customers. It’s being looked at as the next generation of email.

Video Email is just one of Talk Fusion’s apps based on WebRTC, though. They sell five separate apps that are sold in a paid suite. These other apps are for group video meetings, video calling, forms, and video newsletters. These products are sold through independent contractors who earn a commission on each sale.

The reason why Talk Fusion uses WebRTC is pretty clear. The people who receive the video emails, for instance, don’t have to have the Talk Fusion app themselves in order to view the emails because of WebRTC. They also don’t have to use any particular browser or have any extensions installed. Because of WebRTC they just open their email and they can instantly view the video.

WebRTC came about because the different web browser creators got together and made an agreement between them. To make everyone’s browsing experience better they are now sharing common codes so that things are compatible no matter which browser is being used. Talk Fusion uses both the video and audio codes of WebRTC in order to play videos with sound in the email message that is being created.

WebRTC is open source so anyone can use it for free. It’s simple enough to use that just knowing how to do a bit of Javascript coding will enable someone to get it to work for them. There are also apps that people can use who don’t know how to code at all, such as Talky.

Bob Reina is the owner and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He has many years of experience in the direct selling industry. Before he started his own company he was a top salesperson for a number of different brands. Talk Fusion was created by him so that people and companies could send video to others via email. The other four applications that Talk Fusion has since created have been added to Video Email in the intervening years since the company was founded in 2007. Learn more: