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End Citizens United: Restoring Transparency In United States Elections

The 2016 United States Presidential Elections is one of the most controversial elections in the history of the United States. People think that the election is hacked, thanks to the efforts of the Russian Government. Many groups believe that the election is rigged, and one of these groups is the End Citizens United. According to the End Citizens United, the latest election held in the United States is rigged, and everyone involved had already selected Donald Trump to win long before the election happened. They are claiming that enormous sums of money were released for the elite businesspeople to control the result of the election in their favor. They are also claiming that foreign supporters of Donald Trump who has agendas in the United States influenced the result of the election.

End Citizens United wanted the Supreme Court to reverse its ruling that enabled businesspeople and wealthy individuals to influence the result of the national elections. According to the group, when the Supreme Court decided in 2010 that businesses and corporations are private entities which can support a candidate anonymously with an unlimited amount of money, they smelled trouble and corruption. Now, they are claiming that they see the electoral process slowly degenerating, and wanted to clean up the system.


End Citizens United is trying to voice out their concern to the government by protests and activism, and so far, the group is making little success. However, members of the group are optimistic that they will be heard by the government one day, and the changes that they demand will be implemented. For now, the group is focusing on the United States Supreme Court, requesting them to reverse their disastrous ruling in 2010. They are also seeking the assistance of several congresspeople and senators to cleanse the electoral process in the country. The group is a vocal supporter of politicians who share the same ideas with them, and they promised to help them out in the upcoming 2018 elections.

In the present, End Citizens United is asking for the assistance of their members worldwide. The group calls on their members to donate whatever they can, for them to prepare for the 2018 elections. The group stated that they would have to raise millions of dollars for them to deliver the change that the majority needed when they started their fundraising campaign early in 2017, the group has already collected $4 million. According to some experts, with the rate of donation that the End Citizens United makes per day, they can earn up to $32 million in 2018, just in time for them to try changing the course of the United States history. They claimed that they would be doing everything that they can so that the electoral system can be restored to its previous state.

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