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Cornerstone Of The Tech Industry

Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due

The tech industry is the product of some of the greatest minds in the world. Without the ingenuity and ideas there thinkers bring to the table the tech industry might have failed to reach the heights it has today. Some of these important names are repeated constantly such as Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Other names are ignored despite the important contributions these names brought to the table. Eric Pulier is one of those forgotten names left out of the spotlight. Despite this Pulier has produced amazing innovations and advanced the tech industry by great lengths. Whether you’re using social media, programming, or communicating with an app Pulier probably has something to do with it.

The Track Record Of Eric Pulier

In 1994 after graduating college Pulier founded Digital Evolution. This company focused on the production of application programming interfaces, managing APIs after development, and the security of APIs. Eventually Eric Pulier would rename the company Akana, but he continued to invest in the same innovations the company originally focused on. After 2000 Pulier founded 7 more companies spanning just about every sort of endeavor a tech company could involve itself in.

Serving The Country In It’s Time Of Need

At one point in his career the innovations of Eric Pulier attracted the attention of the United States government. In the late 90s Bill Clinton and Al Gore decided to work with Pulier on a number of important projects such as the exhibit “Bridge Of The 21st Century” for the Mall of Washinton D.C. “Bridge Of The 21st Century” displayed the way technology would affect the way Americans live in the 21st century. The exhibit was so popular it attracted the attention of just about every news station in the country.

The Success Continues

Even though he has already built quite a legacy for himself Eric Pulier refuses to quit. He continues to innovate and push his philanthropic causes. The father of four is determined to leave his children and future generations a much better world.

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