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Wes Edens Innovativeness is One to be Admired

Wes Edens plays an indisputable role in the Fortress Investment Group as chairman and founder. Evidently, the company has survived in its field of business for solid twenty years because of dependable and competent management led by the likes of Wes Edens who is experienced and knowledgeable. On his part, he has served in various capacities in the firm which has increased his experience and therefore understands what needs to be done in most departments to improve productivity. He has majored in traded alternative investment and the private equity department where he has served as CIO and principal. From his position, Wes Edens has managed to research the market and analyze what products would do well once introduced by the Fortress Investment Group.

In that case, he masterminded the idea of the Brightline train after establishing that there was a gap that needed to be bridged for commuters. The main reason for investing in the train business was to cater for the needs of travelers who drove to long distances, while other took flights to shorts destinations due to lack of an alternative investment. In that case, with the train passing right through the city it is likely to solve an existing problem that no one else has dared to handle. Individually, Wes Edens has done great for himself as he is set to invest in the Aston Villa football alongside his partner Nassef Sawiris. The two got into an agreement to direct certain funds towards the club and own more than half of the shares of the club which is equivalent to 30 million pounds.

The fact that he can afford such a fortune is evidence that he is a hard worker and only injects his money in promising deals and with reliable individuals. Their sole purpose of investing in that English football club is to assist it to get back on its feet considering that it is a source of livelihood to many. In that case, Wes Edens is determined to see others flourish even if it is at his expense though he has shares in the club. By having his own investments other than working at Fortress Investment Group, it means that he is devoted to his work and the company benefits from his presence. His innovativeness and optimism are one to be admired especially with the train business idea which is bound to flourish faster than any other investment the company has ever had.

Madison Street Capital Sets Plan To Expand To Austin

The greatness of the Madison Street Capital reputation holds true with news that the company is now set to expand their operations into Austin, Texas soon. MSC is an investment banking firm that is originally founded out of Chicago.


Some of the biggest household names come out of Texas such as Dell, Whole Foods Market, Yeti, Dropbox, Apple and even Facebook. Now Madison Street Capital wants a piece of the market in Texas. Austin is a robust and very diverse area of the country where many have been able to grow their businesses. This is why it was an attractive destination for the company when looking for areas to expand to. The company specializes in offering their clients many corporate financial services. They accept clients from both public and private businesses who fall into the middle market territory.


CEO’s Take On The Move To Austin


Charles Botchway is the CEO of the Madison Street Capital investment banking firm. He is excited to move the company into an area he feels is the up-and-coming tech hub for the United States. The expansion is necessary for the company to have enough regional access for their clients who are in need of professional banking experts. Botchway is native to Texas and is happy to be able to help grow the economy of his hometown. To him, this is a bonus on top of growing the company he loves and is proud to work for.


Madison Street Capital Background


The company was founded in 2005 as an investment banking firm that offers services to the middle market. They offer a multitude of financial services to their clients including business valuation, financial reporting, corporate advisory and financial opinions. They have the experience, knowledge and extensive relationships to successfully match buyers and sellers. When Madison Street Capital takes on a new client, they make their client’s goals their own and will work tirelessly to reach them.


Madison Street Capital strives to help their clients come up with the best acquisitions and mergers to meet their needs. For a lot business owners in the middle market, it can be hard to find the best corporate services to meet their needs. This is where MSC comes into play. They have a reputation and history of reliable investment banking services for their clients. They have offices in many locations to meet the needs of their clients including North America, Asia and Africa.


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Meet Paul Mampilly of the Banyan Hills Publishing

The stock exchange market has made people wealthy and changed their lives. However, if done wrong, it could adversely affect the financial life of an individual. Fortunately, the Banyan Hills Publishing has Paul Mampilly on their team to educate their readers on the matter.

Paul Mampilly has experience from the Wall Street. He says that one thing he wanted to do was to quit the Wall Street. He felt like it only focused on helping the high-class group of the society. Paul wanted to help all the members of the society gain financial freedom. It took him a whole year to entangle himself from the Wall Street. Luckily, he landed on the Banyan Hills Publishing shortly afterwards.

Paul Mampilly treats his readers as his priority. He wants to ensure that what he offers to the readers is valuable and helpful. Before he releases an article, he takes 30-40 hours to research on the paper and an additional 20-30 hours for publishing. For the past 15 years, he wakes up between 5 and 6 and goes through the news to know the changes in the market. He believes that it is by doing something consistently that one gets to get better at something.

In hindsight, there is that one thing that we feel we could want to change. Paul Mampilly says that for him, he could never go to college. He could plunge into Wall Street, and buy books on the stock exchange to educate himself. He, however, says that he is not saying college is not necessary because the industry could probably have not hired him without the certificates, he only means that the only way you can learn about the Wall Street is being involved.

Many people advocate for the “half full of glass” attitude. As much as it is important to remain positive, it is also paramount that you get to understand the flaws that your plan may have. He says that the one thing that he repeatedly does is to look for the wrong things that may happen. This avoids the disappointments of having an idea that you thought was great, crash. He advises all the young investors to do the same.

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Highland Capital: Why You Need Investment Advisory Service

Are you thinking about investing your money in a lucrative opportunity? Need a reliable firm or professional for investment or money management advice and guidance? Perhaps you’ve read about Highland Capital and want to find out more about the firm.

Successful long-term investing or wealth building isn’t just simple guesswork. It is essential for you to know what works and what doesn’t, and apply strategies that yield huge returns on investment. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

There are many potential benefits to enlisting the services of an investment advisory firm. Investment firms often have a better understanding of money management than the average person. This is especially the case when it comes to difficult or complicated financial matters like taxes and investments.

Highland Capital has been around for years and has a good understanding of what it takes to invest wisely. Highland Capital has catered to numerous businesses, institutions, entrepreneurs and individuals and is highly regarded.

Reputation and experience of an investment firm or advisor are some of the important factors to take into consideration as you go about searching for the right investment advisory firm for your situation.

Find out about the credentials or background of your potential advisor financial planner, and learn how the professional provides services. Also, find out how the professional you are considering stays up to date. Well-established advisory firms take appropriate steps to ensure that their investment and financial advisors take continuing education courses in order to expand their knowledge.

Making long-term decisions about finances or your investment is not easy. Many people turn to investment advisors or financial planners for help with their investment or financial issues. Many advisors offer reliable guidance, but deciding which one to choose can be difficult if you do not know what to look for.

Before you hire an investment firm or financial planner, whether for advice on retirement planning, paying off debt or investing in your children’s education, do your research and find a company that has an established history of providing outstanding advisory services to clients.

Highland Capital is a renowned investment firm and has a team of knowledgeable professionals. Each of the financial planners and investment advisory experts at Highland Capital has many years of experience in the field and is fully committed to rendering excellent service to their clients. Highland Capital is a clear choice for anyone who wants to get top notch investment advisory service. Read this article at PR Newswire.

An Interview with Jed McCaleb, Humanitarian and Financial Entrepreneur

Jed McCaleb, co-founder of the online financial network, believes in using technology to increase efficiency and improve people’s lives. The Stellar network and contribute to this, as they are designed to provide resources to increase financial literacy while also supporting open-source softwares. Recently, Mr. McCaleb sat down for an interview with IdeaMensch to discuss Stellar, his work habits and evolving trends in the technological sector.

When asked where the idea for Stellar originated, Jed McCaleb explained that his growing interest in Bitcoin led to the idea for Stellar. Bitcoin, he argues, can be described as a currency that moves value from one person to another, but about 2.5 billion adults (or around half of the world’s adult population) don’t have bank accounts. This is largely because banks can’t or won’t afford the necessary maintenance costs to serve people in low-income areas, and this is where Stellar comes in. McCaleb’s goal with Stellar is to connect disparate people and financial institutions and provide a seamless and affordable way to move money online, and thus far, the Stellar initiative has been successful. Already, nonprofits are starting to use Stellar to provide financial infrastructure in many parts of the developing world.

Jed was also asked about his work habits and how he remains productive throughout the day. He explained that having small teams is key, and that he also works in two different productive modes, ‘focused’ and ‘reactive’ which he harnesses to perform coding and building tasks or respond to emails and requests, respectively. When asked about technological trends that particularly excite him, Mr. McCaleb discussed artificial intelligence, which he believes will help us solve a variety of problems over the next twenty years or so. McCaleb has donated money to the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, or MIRI, a nonprofit that researches ways to safely operate future A.I., and has recently become an advisor to the Institute.

Jed McCaleb was the creative mind behind eDonkey, an early file-sharing platform, and Mt. Gox, the first-ever Bitcoin exchange. His interests and enterprises are varied; he also founded Code Collective, where he programmed and designed a turn-based strategy video game called the Far Wilds. Currently, Mr. McCaleb works to improve the Stellar Network while also advising the MIRI research team.

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Factors to Consider when Renting Your House on Airbnb

Many individuals in the world consider renting their house or part of it to Airbnb as a quick and effective way of making money. This type of business can make home owners acquire the funds they need to pay for the property and meet some other expenses in the home. The travelers are hosted for just a period of time, and they pay the home owners a good amount of money.

In the recent past, some incidences in this type of business have clearly shown that there can be some serious problems. These travelers are just temporary renters, and they can damage the house, and the insurance used by the home owners might not cover these damages. When these incidences happen, the home owners are left with financial and legal problems they had not anticipated in the first place. Some of the damages caused by the temporary renters might end up costing the amateur hoteliers more money that what they make from renting the property.

If you are thinking about renting your house or part of it on Airbnb or any other
organization, there are some issues you must consider. Here are some of them:
Insurance coverage: most of the short term rentals are not covered by the insurance policy used by the home owners. This means that the home owner is responsible and also liable for the expenses brought by the guests.

Risks: when you have tenants in your house, there are various risks you are exposed to. The moment you take in guests in your house, you will be liable for the injuries they might get, the damages they can cause your property or that of your neighbor, illegal activities, theft and lawsuits that can be caused by actions committed by the guests. In some cases, the tenants refuse to pay the home owners.

Protection: Airbnb and the rest of the organization in this industry offer secondary protection to the homeowners. These organizations do not offer any help until the homeowners have exhausted all their resources.

After getting these issues in to consideration, the home owner can then decide to take the short term guests in. when you have made your decision, it is vital to speak to qualified professionals such as investment managers such as Richard Blair.

Richard Blair is the founder of Wealth Solutions, and he has experience to help home owners with the right options when making such a decision. Richard Blair has worked in the industry for over twenty two years, meaning that he has all the experience needed.

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The Midas Legacy: Wealth Management Advisory Done Right

Things can sometimes be very difficult for individuals looking to manage their own wealth. Knowing which decisions are the best can be difficult to determine, which is why having a personal wealth management advisor available is a very wise option. The Midas Legacy is a prestigious wealth management agency that provides these services and more.

Multiple services
Headquartered in Winter Garden, Florida, The Midas Legacy prides itself on its ability to assist every client with reaching, and even exceeding their goals. Their services aren’t limited to just wealth management and advisory, and they can assist companies and individuals with just about any endeavor that they may have. If there is a question of whether or not The Midas Legacy can provide assistance, then it’s easy to contact them with an inquiry. The group of professionals has even assisted best-selling authors with becoming successful, as well as many others.

In addition to advising their clients on how to manage and grow their money, The Midas Legacy offers these additional services:

– Assistance for individuals desiring to retire at an earlier age

– Individuals interested in utilizing nature to cure their illnesses

– Novice entrepreneurs seeking guidance

And much more!

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Want a happier, healthier, & wealthier life? Find The Midas Legacy

Midas Legacy – About Us

Any business or individual choosing to become a member of The Midas Legacy will automatically receive a free book titled, The Midas Code. New and existing members will also receive the absolute best advice and guidance, and they will notice results in a short period of time, regardless of their goals.

The Midas Legacy Experts
The experts at the Midas Legacy work as a team. Each expert has something unique to contribute to the group, which therefore assists clients in meeting their goals. The group consists of a best-selling author who also specializes in real estate, trading, and entrepreneurship. Another Midas Legacy expert is a chief editor, journalist and financial expert. There is also a natural health expert in the group. He is very knowledgeable and has conducted extensive research on numerous health-related topics. He can advise clients on how to heal their bodies using alternative methods.

The Midas Legacy is proud to be a unique group of expert consultants who can enrich and improve anyone’s life with their guidance. It’s easy to contact the group, either by phone or email, and they will be glad to answer any questions that prospective clients may have.

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Avoid using AirBnB

AirBnB is an extremely popular travel app. People around the country love using this app to book a place when they travel. Many homeowners use AirBnB as a way to gain income. This seems like a great idea, but it can open you up to unnecessary risk.

Many financial advisors and wealth management advisors strongly advise their clients not to put their homes on AirBnB. Allowing people to stay in your home for a fee actually exposes you to several risks. Many insurance companies do not cover damage caused by your temporary tenant, and also will not be protected from any illegal activity. AirBnB offers some insurance, but typically that insurance is inadequate to cover any liability costs or damages. Short-term guests are simply too big a risk to justify the small amount of money you will be making. When you agree to take in an AirBnB guest you are putting yourself, your family, and your personal wealth at risk. If you do decide to use AirBnB, please make sure that you are educated on the risks you are taking. To further protect your wealth, you should strongly consider consulting a wealth and investment manager. They can help you manage your wealth and leave a comfortable future for your children. One great wealth and investment manager is Richard Blair.

Richard Blair has worked in the wealth management field for many years, and he currently operates Wealth Solutions. Wealth Solutions is based in Austin, Texas and they have a great reputation within the community. Blair is an expert at reviewing his client’s wealth and helping them go over their options. He is particularly adept at financial planning, so he can help your family get on the right track financially.

Many believe that managing wealth is easy when you are extremely wealthy, but it is actually quite difficult. Those with extreme wealth must make savvy investments to keep and grow their wealth. Blair is extremely skilled at working with extremely wealthy clients. He helps them plan for the estate tax while also protecting their assets. Currently, Blair is managing more than $55 million in assets. His clients are extremely satisfied with his help and support.

Wealth can be extremely fleeting if you do not make the right decisions. You must avoid putting your home at risk, so avoid apps like AirBnB. At the same time, you must strongly consider hiring a wealth management expert.

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