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OSI Food Solutions is a Food Service Provider to be reckoned with

OSI Food Solutions is food processing company that has grown to become one of the largest companies of its type. The company was founded by Otto Kolschowsky as he searched for a better way to provide for his family. The company carries on in the same entrepreneurial spirit premise that is was founded on. Believing each person can make a difference, OSI food solutions is always on the lookout for potential team members that will help them make a difference. They offer a culture of support as they allow, as well as encourage employees to grow and expand their horizons while keeping the company on the cutting edge of the industry through innovative thinking. It does not matter if the potential candidate has a great deal of experience under their belt or is a newly minted graduate; OSI Food Solutions is often a place a candidate can find a home.

OSI has grown through several means. One avenue of growth has been through always striving for excellence and always meeting and often exceeding customer expectations. Another avenue of growth has been through providing solutions for customers that allow those customers to serve their own customers better. A third avenue of growth has been through acquiring other food service companies such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Both companies compliment OSI’s current offerings and allow OSI to expand its food offerings as well as locations throughout the world.

Growth through acquisitions gives both companies access to a wider range of customers and expands reach for both. The acquisitions allow both companies to ramp up their strategy and provide more effective solutions to customers. This adds to the success of all concerned and it is a double win solution for all. The acquisitions are also being seen as a growth accelerant for both companies, as well as a providing better and more extensive customer support. The purchase of the former Tyson food processing plant was a boost to OSI Food Solutions production, adding to the company’s growth. Not only did the purchase save employment opportunities for former Tyson employees, it added production capabilities, as well.

Jeunesse Takes Your Skin Back In Time

The youth enhancing Instant Ageless is one of the many products offered by Jeunesse. The company sells this and the rest of its products throughout the world. The two company founders are Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, and they created Jeunesse in 2009.


This growing and global company has been making a name for itself for its youth enhancing line of products. The number 9 in numerology stands for longevity, and it has a special meaning to Ray and Wendy for that reason. Therefore, it is no coincidence that the company’s founding year was 2009, on September 9th, and at 9 p.m. One of the very popular products from Jeunesse is the age defying Instant Ageless. When applied, it will instantly hide small lines and wrinkles on the face and eye area. This much sought after product gives the customer an immediately younger and more ageless look for hours. It will help to diminish the look of large pores on the face and give the appearance of tighter looking skin. It is said to last for as long as 6 to 9 hours.


For a daily moisturizer, customers choose Luminesce, another popular product offered at the company. It keeps the skin moist and radiant for a younger looking glow all day. This soothing daily moisturizer, followed by the Perfecting Mist Foundation, helps to radiate the face and brings out the replenished look of younger, smoother skin. There are many products available, and the customers can create their own daily skin regimen that works for them. The quality line of products from Jeunesse are sold throughout the world via the direct selling method.


The products are sold directly to the consumer. At Jeunesse, there are thousands of independent distributors that have helped to grow the company in name recognition and in sales volume. They are trained professionals that learn all there is to know about the benefits and features of every one of their products. Their ultimate goal is to enhance the entire Jeunesse experience for their customers, and to help them attain the great feeling of always looking their best.

Organic Natural Water- Waiakea Water

Medical experts advise us to take 8 glasses of water. Most of have not reached that point but when we take Waiakea Water taking 8 glasses of water will not be an issue. Most of us to not the knowledge of how PH affects what we eat. Taking water should not be a habit but one should have the knowledge of the amount of PH in the water we drink. The amount of pH helps to improve the tissues as well as the cells. Water Ph is measured between 0 to 14 and according to experts the lower the Ph the higher the acidic substances in the water, and the higher the amount of pH in the water the higher the alkaline in the water. 7 is neutral, 0 is acidic, while 14 is alkaline.

One should be careful when shopping for a bottle of water. A shopper should know that their bodies only need pH of around 7.4 to fight diseases and stay healthy. Most water brand in the market has an alkaline level of 4-7. However, there is a different brand in the market, Waiakea Water which has new theory and level of Ph in their brand.Waiakea source their water organically, and the organic waters have a natural level of alkaline which is rich in antioxidants. The natural antioxidant helps to detox the body and prevent diseases with the electrons. Waiakea Waters are not only sourced organically but they are also involved in different activities to sustain the community.

Waiakea Waters was founded by Ryan Emmons after discovering that his family has one of the most natural, sustainable, and healthy sources of water. Mr. Ryan is the Chief Executive Officer of Waiakea Waters. The was established in 2012., and its natural waters are sourced from the Island of Hawaii which is located in the Southwestern region of Hilo town. The waters are unique making them the first one to be certified by CarbornNeutral. The package of the water is also one of its kind because it is packed in a recycled polyethylene terephthalate which is 100%. Ryan through his organization has been helping African countries to get water. Waiakea has partnered with Pump Aid to donate 650 liters of water to the less fortunate communities in Africa.

Eric Lefkofsky: Fighting Cancer with New Technologies

Cancer is one of the deadliest diseases in the history of humanity. For ages, it has claimed the lives of billions of people. The disease is very tricky, as it conditions the body that having cancer is a normal function inside the body until it gives out its final blow killing of victim. Scientists around the world have been working together to fight off the disease, and one man named Eric Lefkofsky has even founded a tech company only dedicated to putting an end to cancer. Tempus Labs was established to improve the way on how patients who are suffering from cancer can be diagnosed and eventually treated. Eric Lefkofsky stands as the company’s chief executive officer, and he managed to propel the company to become one of the top tech companies in Chicago.

Tempus Labs gather data from different cancer patients around the world. With the technology that Eric Lefkofsky developed, the company can organize all of the data sent to them and formulating various ways on how to diagnose future patients who will develop the disease. Through the gathering and organizing of data, it is possible that Tempus Labs will be able to develop the best treatment for a particular patient. It is also lauded by scientists because Tempus Labs allow the storage of sensitive data that can end up being lost or destroyed.

The traditional medical record of patients with cancer has been used repeatedly for ages because doctors can just look at the symptoms and judge whether the patient is having the same kind of disease. With the technology developed by Tempus, it is possible for the patient data to be analyzed by the computer, and new patterns and algorithms will be developed to personalize the treatment method for a patient. It is an amazing technology, and Eric Lefkofsky thanked everyone who helped him realize the project.

Eric Lefkofsky is hoping that the technology he created would save lives in the future. He is also putting his trust to future scientists in improving the project that he created. Tempus Labs continues to gather data, and it now has a gargantuan data storage facility that has millions of data stored.

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InnovaCare Health and Management Service Supplier

InnovaCare Health is a Services Company located in Fort Lee, NJ 07024, 173 Bridge Plaza North. The health care supplier company classifies healthcare management to convene health, and administration care solutions. InnovaCare has subsidiary companies that help assemble cost-effective, sustainable, healthcare insurance covers. The company affiliate organizations are the Puerto Rico MSO, LLC, and the MMM Healthcare, Puerto Rico, Inc.

Puerto Rico MSO helps clients achieve best outcomes through innovation. The healthcare institution facilitates organizational resolutions, centered on quality metrics improvements across the company operations entire spectrum. As a dedicated organization of incredibly, skilled professionals, MSO ensures quality as the guiding knowledge in InnovaCare operations and the services it offers. The institution has helped InnovaCare consolidate its position as a leader in the medical health sector while continuing quality improvement criteria. Puerto Rico MMM Inc, on the other hand, has improved the way InnovaCare serves patients. The subsidiary healthcare institution helps InnovaCare to grant each patient a distinction plan to suggest excellence in patient experience and medical access. MMM Healthcare is ranked a fast growing health insurance plan in the United States, with the corporation, promoting the corporal and emotional state of its members. MMM and MSO continue to push InnovaCare healthcare excellence by fully committing themselves to excellence initiatives that lead to maximum healthcare outcomes.

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Innovacare has announced a decision to join HHS Initiative to Reform Payment Model. The company is gratified to announce this participation in the Action Network (LAN), and Health Care Payment Learning. The LAN is a current separate business that attempts to drive the U.S. health policy towards quality payment models rather than quantity. As a LAN Active Partner, InnovaCare will support the LAN’s commission to stimulate transformation to alternative healthcare payment forms.

InnovaCare too endeavors to establish organizational intentions in support of this recent installment change and will share its growth with the LAN technology. In an announcement, the company Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Rick Shinto, expressed InnovaCare’s goals to balancing U.S. health care regulation to varying payment techniques, APMs by 2018. The company is committed to sustaining measure progress toward these goals by participating in the LAN national information assortment attempt. In another declaration, the company’s Chief Operating Officer, Penelope Kokkinides, showed Medicare Advantage plans that will offer competent category payments, and quantitative data survey. The release signifies the organization’s extensive engagement to advance the American healthcare industry. Following these efforts, InnovaCare has reinforced its mission to reorganize health care management through coordination and cost-effectiveness.


The issue of public health and the general medical sector was traditionally the role of the government institutions. There is a current change in this with modern firms emerging to take an outright lead in innovations and investments in the industry. Private health care companies according to Mackies Stanley of cantechletter are also significant players in the economy. They have not only helped the government in implementing its heath care provisions but also the general public with reasonable quality health care. The private sector is the biggest contributor in the health sector. Many citizens opt for treatment in private hospital due to improved service delivery. Although the government is doing the much it could to achieve its universal health care plan, a bigger percentage of its implementation touches on the private sector. Private health companies are the leading in insurance providing for medical care. They are also an investment ground for investors turning to healthcare for huge returns. The alternative investment created by this massive sector is also a pillar in the economy. Many states across the country are incorporating the sector to achieve its health care goals ion more easy way. The innovations that have revolutionized the health sector are from the private companies. They include mass genetic sequencing and advanced cancer treatment equipment. They are also a major employer in the private sector creating massive employment. Private healthcare companies increased the public access to medical care that would be difficult for the government to implement alone. The private health care companies have short wait times for patient to access medical care and in well-improved facilities. Since the public health system depends on government funds, they are largely underfunded as compared to the private sector. Although the cost of insurance in public sector is slightly higher than the public, the services are worth. Nobilis Health Corporation is headquartered in Houston. The company’s own and manages ambulatory services that improve its delivery of health care services. Its clinic is serve4d by the best surgeons in the country who are well experienced and trained. The Nobilis healthcare has facilities in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Tennessee and New Jersey. It also owns other facilities in Dallas, Houston, and Scottsdale. The company is publicly traded in New York and Texas. In total the company manages over 100 surgical centers. The Nobilis Health company employees also own shares in the business to ensure they devote to excellent and quality services.