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Healing Depression at Neurocore

It is true that healthcare in America has never been more expensive, but some of that expense comes from true research. In order to advance medicine and technology, research facilities need money and donations to continue to advance their research. One organization such as the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers has some of the cutting edge technology into brain function diseases and disabilities such as depression, ADHD, migraine headaches, and Autism.

One of those diseases that has been the topic of much conversation over the last half decade is depression. No longer is it considered a mood disorder, but an actual disease that millions of Americans suffer from. It affects people mostly between the ages of 15 to 44 but is also a leading contributor in suicide, which consequently is the second leading cause of death in young people.

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The centers that help aid the control and healing of depression at Neurocore are approaching the disease very differently. Instead of just prescribing mood changing medicine, they are actually looking at the brain, and brain functions to understand the root cause behind the disorder. With the ability to map more of the brain and its neurons, Neurocore can help retrain the mind to fight against depression and help people have a full recovery.


Like most diseases, depression has many forms of the disorder, so treatment varies from patient to patient. Part of understanding the many disorders in depression is to understand that it often develops internally and without reason. That does not mean that stressful moments in someone’s life could not be a contributor. Those who have depression do not always manifest signs and symptoms of the disease and often conceal the pain they feel inside. For those trying to mask or hide it, that also makes it more difficult to seek treatment.

As Neurocore seeks to improve their technologies, they are also always trying to find ways to receive donations to help advance their technologies. Depression research is vastly underfunded. The most severe cases of depression can be healed, but with more research and funding, the more improved the treatments will become. Learn more about Neurocore at Crunchbase.

Rebuilding After A Flood With Sergio Cortes

After a flood has happened, it is important that the area that it happened in rebuilds as quickly as possible. This is important because homes will be easier to access if they are fixed soon after the flood. It is also important for the sewage system and for people to be able to have access to clean water. When rebuilding efforts occur shortly after flooding has happened, the town is more likely to be able to become a better place as a result of the flood. There is also a reduced number of diseases that can be attributed to the flood.

When a flood happens, people not only have to worry about drowning in the floodwaters or losing their homes, they also have to worry about the diseases that can come from the floodwaters. Diseases can spread quickly through water that is a result of a flood and the water supply system can become contaminated easily. Anyone who drinks water directly from the flood or who drinks it out of the tap in their home is putting themselves at risk for becoming contaminated with a flood-related disease. There are some things that people can do to ensure that they do not get these diseases.

Hypochlorite is passed out to people during flood times. According to the Extra article, Sergio Cortes, the secretary of health, has been passing out bottles of the chemical to ensure that people are able to get the clean water that they need. Hypochlorite can be placed directly in the water tanks of homes to ensure that the people get water right out of their tap that is clean and healthy to be able to bathe in. It is only safe for these purposes and should not be used for drinking water until the flooding is completely cleaned up.

If anyone needs to drink water, which is a necessity, Sergio Cortes has made sure that there are ample bottles of water for people to be able to pick up from the relief centers. This type of water is guaranteed to be clean and free of contamination because it has been bottled in different areas. There are also hydration centers that Sergio Cortes has set up to ensure that people get the water that they need at the time that they need it. Residents of Xerém are encouraged to take advantage of the bottled water and hydration centers.