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Jason Hope Bets on Anti-aging Research by Partnering with SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is a young entrepreneur who captured unimaginable success in a short span of time. Interestingly, he bets on futuristic technologies and anything that is found to take humanity forward. Due to that reason, he is widely recognized across the world, and his investments make significant coverage in the media. His latest bet is none other than anti-aging, and he collaborated with researches in the area. Hope joined hands with the SENS Research Foundation, a research group working on revolutions in anti-aging and age-related diseases. He contributed $500,000 to the Foundation to equip laboratory located in Cambridge with advanced research options targeting the breakdown of glycation end products in tissues and cells of humans.

While confirming his contribution, Hope said that he sees the works of SENS Foundation as well as Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of the group, with great admiration. He continued that the works of SENS is crucial in advancing the human medicine, and the approach towards age-related diseases, including diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and more, are aimed to address the overall issues related to aging touching everyone. Hope also said that he expects the works of SENS would give a complete reshaping and redefinition to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotechnology industries.

Hope observed that the advancement of biotechnology is the future. He concluded that he is elated to be part of a mission that is expected to make revolutionary changes in the health of humans and positively impact everyone. While responding to the contribution, Mike Kope, the CEO of the Foundation, said that the SENS is on a mission to create a completely new biotech industry. The institution is greatly focusing on regenerative medicine and biotech. Kope concluded that the contribution of Hope would help the Foundation to accelerate its progress in countering age-related diseases.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and in search of options to give back to his community. He is known for accurate observation and judgment about various technologies. In the early 2000s, Hope understood the importance of mobile technology and invested significantly in it when people were apprehensive about the growth of the industry. Currently, he bets on the Internet of Things (IoT) and says that the importance of the technology would go up in the coming years. Hope secured his graduation in Finance from the prestigious Arizona State University and earned his MBA from W. P. Carey School. Hope is also a contributor to T Gen Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, and more.

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How Jason Hope Operates his Businesses and his Role in Predicting IoT Trends

Jason Hope is a businessman that has made it big in the technology industry. He is also a futurist with an excellent track record in philanthropy. Mr. Hope has over the years acquired significant work experience and uses his expertise to predict future of technology.

Jason Hopes educational background and philanthropy

Mr. Hope is among the first individuals to interpret and make predictions about the Internet of Things (IoT). He plays a significant role in the future of modern science. Mr. Hope is passionate about advancement in technology that has enabled devices to be connected to one another. He has a degree from the Arizona State University and a master’s degree from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Mr. Hope is a determined businessman who brings his ideas to life through building on them in the simplest way possible. Jason Hope fascinated by the latest trends in the Internet of Things, such as appliances that measure fitness and biometrics. Mr. Hope is the kind of businessman that enjoys investing in long-term ventures.

He also has a vested interest in philanthropy and seats on the board of the SENS Research Foundation. Mr. Hope is a firm believer that aging can be reversed by using drugs that work at the cellular level. He sees no need for premature death from medical conditions, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. For years, he has donated millions of dollars to the SENS Research Foundation to fund research activities aimed at development of anti-aging remedies. According to Mr. Hope, humanity has so much to explore and discover hence the need to extend life.

About Jason Hope

Mr. Hope encourages entrepreneurs to cease from hopping to all kinds of opportunities that present themselves but focus on completing a project before moving on to the next. He likes to network with other business owners to learn what other investors are doing to achieve success. Mr. Hope is organized and uses ANSA to manage his numerous projects. This application enables him to meet deadlines, organize tasks, and files. Mr. Hope enjoys reading and recommends people to read “The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies.”

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$50 Million Opens the World to FreedomPop

The independent and ambitious FreedomPop has earned another $50 million in funding, allowing them to take a step closer to their dream of developing a global hotspot.

The mission over at FreedomPop has been to connect people with mobile data rates much lower than what’s offered by traditional carriers, making them the more attractive option by comparison. The global hotspot is their new endeavor, one that would remove roaming charges from consideration when choosing a carrier. With the help of over 25 participating countries supporting their initiative, Stepen Stolkos, CEO of FreedomPop, believes that now his carrier can compete with globally recognized names like T-Mobile.

What the global hopspot intends to do is give customers access to communication when traveling. With a $10 SIM card, customers can swap between mobile devices free of charge and operate them in foreign territories for $49. This comes with an allowance of 200mb for that monthly billing cycle, and an additional 500mb can be purchased for $10.

With an offer this alluring many are wondering why FreedomPop doesn’t have a more aggressive ad campaign to compete with other carriers. Stokols has claimed that the company is still fairly young and is using its funding to better service and customer relations; they’ll continue to rely on word of mouth to promote their business.

Since 2012 FreedomPop has operated with the goal of providing fast mobile service for all Americans. Based out of Los Angeles, Stolkos works with the support of Skype founder Niklas Zennestom along with Mangrove Capital and DCM.

By employing a staff experienced in telecommunications and web service, FreedomPop operates on a business plan modeled after the successful video chat client Skype. Though radical when compared to other service providers, FreedomPop has been successful in getting their customers 4G access from their mobile devices along with broadband access from their homes free of charge.

Status Labs Offers Guide to Utilizing Facebook.

Status Labs is an online reputation management company that made huge gains in their public following thanks to CEO Darius Fisher’s decision to advocate for the victims of the highly publicized Ashley Madison hack. Since then we’ve seen Status Labs become more vocal in helping out people with basic tips and guidelines to keeping their image on the internet tightly controlled and highly efficient. The company recently dropped a few notes on how to moderate your usage of Facebook so as not to have it come back and hurt your career and the tips they gave out were rock solid.

Control Your Presence
Facebook, at its core, is all about getting yourself seen by the people you want. Hiring managers and bosses around the world know how popular Facebook is and they know how loose employees can be with their language and attitude, so of course these same people want to look at it before making any career based decisions. Get ahead of the pack by tightly moderating just what information you put on your Facebook. Status Labs suggests that users refrain from posting controversial topics and other private information that they wouldn’t want their boss to know about.

Lock Down Your Security
Facebook is meant to be a social website but there are steps you can take that will inhibit the proliferation of your information all over the internet. For starters, you can begin by delving deep into your Facebook security preferences. Here you can restrict the viewing of your content to only friends and disallow it from being shared by anyone unaffiliated with your approval list. This will keep your content locked down fairly tight. Still, you should know that data leaks do happen and privacy settings aren’t air tight. You should still opt out of posting sensitive information on your Facebook page.

Create a Public Presence
Make it easy for potential employers and colleagues to find you by creating a business Facebook page. Status Labs suggests that all burgeoning professionals maintain a pro page in order to get their message out as conveniently as possible. Keep the page clean, professional, and tightly moderated so as to show off the best version of yourself possible.

Darius Fisher Cleans Up Negative Exposure for Professionals and Give Pointers

Darius Fisher is a Digital Crisis Expert for Status Labs. His position allows him to deliver a fresh digital presence for people in the public eye who have been negatively affected by the media. With headquarters in Austin, plus offices in New York and Sao Paulo, Status Labs focus is to repair the digital presence of their clients. These incidents may have come through social media or Google searches.

Fisher views the biggest mistake that high-level executives are making comes from the lack of preparation. Not enough time is invested in online presence. This opens these executives up to attacks and negative press.

In order to change the search results from Google, a lot of planning must take place. The development and promotion of new Google content must be fresh and relevant to the individual. Social media, personal websites, press releases. video content, guest articles, relevant websites for the industry, media hits, and more must be impacted.

Cleaning up any negative presence online is possible with the information provided by Fisher. Log out of your Google account before searching your information. This keeps the information you are viewing as what the average person who searches your information will find. Review the first few results pages for any negative articles, reviews, pictures, old social media posts, personal data, and go into any accounts affected to manually change the settings to reflect what you wish the public to view.

Develop new content which will force Google’s algorithm to recognize new and positive content to rank higher in the search. It depends on what your profession is, in order to get the greatest exposure. Creating professional web presence such as your own purchased dot come will establish a more solid base. Create all social media accounts as these tend to rank high in Google.

Watch out for data brokers, such as PeopleSmart, Intelius, Pipl, ZoomInfo, Spokeo, and WhitePages. You can opt out of these sites, but keep in mind that there can be new information pulled about you. The creation of positive media presence will aid in defining more positive information over time. Be proactive by requesting any negative images be removed from sites by contacting site administrators.