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The Renowned Trading Guru That is Greg Secker

A well-known businessman and philanthropist, Greg Secker, has accumulated a wealth of experience in the financial industry which has elevated him to his current success. Currently the Chief Executive Officer of Greg Secker Foundation, Mr. Secker has rightfully so earned the title of “trading guru” by working for various companies that are market leaders in the industry. He has also started his businesses including the Virtual Trading Desk and Learn to Trade.

In a recent interview that was published on Inspirery, when asked what drew him towards the trading sector he simply answered that he wanted to equip individuals with tools that would aid them in trading successfully. Apparently, a lot of people are misinformed on the tips required for making huge profits through trading. With the provision of education to such individuals, Greg Secker believes that novice investors can have the opportunity of trading profitably without taking huge risks.

Mr. Secker explains that through enlightening people on the right way to trade, he can earn a living that puts him among the most successful entrepreneurs in the industry. According to Mr. Secker, the difficulty in making money lies in how and when to invest in. The philanthropist quit on the corporate world to trade at home at the noble age of twenty-seven, just in time to launch his online platform Learn to Trade. In just a span of three to six months, Greg was able to make substantial profits compared to the ones he had been making in the corporate world.

Born on 18th February 1975, Greg Secker views his father as the most important figure in his life. During his career, he has earned the titles for, master trader, international speaker, and philanthropist. Through the incorporation of several other companies, including Smart Chart Software and Learn to Trade, he formed his first company, Knowledge to Action, in 2003. The company specializes in making individuals master traders so that they can better their lives.

Greg Secker has worked for quite some successful companies including Thomas Cook Financial and Mellon Financial Corporation. After leaving the latter company, he started to Learn to Trade in just three months which has expanded its operations to London, Australia, and South Africa. His charitable organization, the Greg Secker Foundation, was founded in 2010 and seeks to improve the quality of life of people from all around the world.