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EOS Lip Balm Flavors

If you’re anything like me, keeping your lips smooth is a pretty big obsession. I have three different brands of lip balm that I use, and EOS lip balm is becoming my favorite cure for dry, peeling lips ESPECIALLY during these winter months. So, I decided to buy 2 different flavors of EOS lip balm from eBay, compare the flavors, and then choose which flavor I favor most. But first, I wanted to compare the different types of lip balms in general. EOS manufactures a lot of different types of lip balm, from organic, to shimmery, and even an organ EOS lip balm stick. I bought one organic smooth sphere, one visibly soft smooth sphere, and one shimmer smooth sphere. I am going to compare the differences, and then explain which one I like best and why.


The organic smooth sphere is made from a variety of natural ingredients including shea butter and jojoba oil. It has a subtle smell, and it leaves my lips with a soothingly smooth feel, without being too greasy. I highly recommend this for anyone who prefers organic, naturally made products. This variety is available on


The visibly Soft sphere lip balm was launched by EOS in 2014, and has a slightly different design. Instead of just a solid colored sphere, they have created a swirl colored sphere, including a creamy white, to emphasize the creamy richness of the lip balm. It very non-sticky, and due to hydraulic acid being a key ingredient, it leaves my lips moisturized a lot longer than the organic.


The Shimmer Smooth Sphere by EOS lip balm is intended to leave a shimmery shine to your lips, while keeping them moisturized and soft. Although it delivers the moisture, I am not a big fan of the shine. I also feel that it can be a bit sticky and messy if dropped.

I must say, EOS has a ton of variety when it comes to their line of lip balm. However, my favorite by far would be the Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere. I enjoy the smooth, slick, moisturized sensation my lips feel when it is applied. I highly recommend this upon other EOS lip balms for any of you who’s lips get chapped easily, as mine do. Of course, what’s right for me may not be right for others, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to try!


Get Outstanding Lip Care From Evolution of Smooth Lip Balm

Nowadays, there is a great deal of emphasis upon protection, especially when it comes our health. Many people use various products to protect parts of the body every day. From sunscreen to foot powder, there is a wide array of different products for every part of the body.
For many, protection of the lips and is just as important as anything else on the body. This is why lip balm has become a very popular item over the years. As a protection from dry and cracked lips, lip balm is a fantastic product to use to preserve the appeal and health of one’s lips.

Of course, some lip balms are better than others. One of the more popular balms available on the market now, Evolution of Smooth, is taking the health and beauty world by storm.

It’s making its way through the different circles of fashion, and is quickly becoming a favorite of not only high end users, but ordinary people looking to protect their lips from dehydration or UV damage.

Evolution of Smooth contains a variety of different ingredients such as nutrients to help protect lips from external damage. Also included in the product are various antioxidants to prevent aging, as well as Vitamin E to help preserve lips and condition them.

Individuals who are looking to preserve the natural radiance of the lips should look into Evolution of Smooth. It is one of the best products on the market available for outstanding lip care.

You can find Evolution of Smooth at many retailers, including Target stores or online on Ulta. You can also read more online about the product at the EOS Facebook page.