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Porfirio Sanchez Galindo to Adopt New Marketing Techniques

Today, the Televisa Company is among the leading companies in the Spanish-speaking media. The channel distributes its media in over 50 countries including the United States and Mexico. Its primary medium of distribution is television networks, pay-tv brands among other services.

With such a huge market, Televisa is proud to have Porfirio Sanchez Galindo as the firm CEO. Under the watch of Galindo, the firm has been able to enjoy numerous benefits. He has made the company to be economically sound by maintaining a higher success rate. So what makes Galindo produce excellent results? Let’s have a look at his profile.

Well, if you didn’t know, Mr. Galindo was working as a junior member of Televisa management before deciding to shift to another company to progress in his career. The company felt that his skills and expertise were too much to let him go, they offered him a counter offer to become the director general of special projects and economics analysis. This is how Mr. Galindo was able to climb the ladders of management to the very top. He is currently in charge of making decisions that pertain to and relate to telecommunication and marketing of the firm. He understands that he cannot achieve the results alone, he has therefore brought together other concerned departments. The main aim is to enhance the experience of their viewers.

Previous Accomplishments

To become a CEO in any serious firm, you must have a clean bill of health in your previous occupations. Your hard work, dedication, and integrity must be very evident in your past results. You must also have a high academic qualification. Academically, Galindo does not disappoint.

Professionally, Galindo’s academic achievement has been the hallmark of his success. He has been able to use it efficiently and effectively to achieve the much-desired results. He has impeccable broadcasting, advertising, television, media and other kinds of telecommunication. For example, his engagement in the marketing field has helped Televisa earn a revenue of close to $10 billion. With his style of management, he has been able to grow Televisa to a global firm managing over 10,000 employees scattered across the globe. His style of management and leadership is, therefore, an inspiration to the upcoming leaders and businesspeople.