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George Soros- His Take on the New Ukraine

Soros starts by pointing out the recent history of Ukraine. It is marked by the culmination of what was terrifying violence in Ukraine, surprisingly having a positive outcome. Different from what rational thinking would dictate, a group of citizens armed with nothing more than sticks and crude shields overwhelmed a police force that was firing at them using live ammunition.

This, according to George Soros, ranks among historical moments that will leave a lasting imprint on the collective memory of a society. True, many casualties were seen, but ultimately it was the citizens who prevailed through their unity of purpose.

However, today, through treating the new Ukraine like a 2nd second-class, Europe stands in danger of turning the new country back into the old Ukraine.

Why the Ukraine Momentum Needs to be Sustained

Whether that newly found Ukrainian unity will endure will largely be dependent on the way Europe responds. The people of Ukraine have shown their allegiance to the European Union and George is hopeful that that Europe under the leadership of Germany rises to the occasion.

Today, according to Soros, what Ukraine needs is an equivalent of a modern-day Marshall Plan, through which the reconstruction of Europe was massively supported by the United States. Germany should now step in and do for Ukraine what the US did for Europe then.

Losing Ukraine would be a fatal European mistake as the new nation is among the most valuable assets under the control of Europe both in terms of resisting aggression from Russia and very importantly, for recapturing the solidarity spirit that was the hallmark of the European Union in previous years. Every effort ought to be directed towards not only preserving Ukraine but also in ensuring its success.

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Europe’s Ukrainian Lifeline

Soros on Sanctions Imposed on Russia

George Soros believes that the sanctions imposed by the US and Europe on Russia for its Ukrainian intervention have inflicted more damage on the Russian economy and worked much faster than anybody was expecting. According to Soros, although sanctions on Russian can only be described as a necessary evil, in the end, they are necessary as neither the US nor the EU is willing to risk a military conflict with Russia.

Soros hopes that the troubles Russia is experiencing and the progress being seen in Ukraine would persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to rethink his course of action in terms of trying to destabilize Ukraine.

The Stakes in Assisting Ukraine

If the financial assistance from Europe is generous, a prosperous and stable Ukraine is going to offer the best example that clearly points to the fact that the financial troubles facing Russia lies squarely with Mr. Putin. The public in Russia might then compel Putin to emulate what is happening in the new Ukraine.

The reward for Europe would be a new Europe that seriously needs to recognize and wake up to the fact that it is coming under attack from PutinÕs Russia. The bottom line is, therefore, helping the Ukrainian nation ought to be viewed as a defense expenditure being implemented by the member states of the EU countries. That is how high the stakes are.

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