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WASD, Intellectual Property Rights and The Reasons Why Prof. Kamil Idris Believes Them To Be Important

Over the years, the world has seen a lot of NGOs that try to solve the pressing problems of the world. Some of them fail, some of them need to make adjustments, but most of them turn the help that they offer into a form of intervention that ends up harming the people they’re helping, instead of making them better. However, there are also organizations today, such as WASD, that have seen a lot of support not just because it’s valuable, but it has already proven itself as an entity that can bring about change in ways that no other NGOs can. Also, with the leadership of Prof. Kamil Idris, the operations of WASD get the right traction and guidelines that it needs to thrive.


The Message of Prof. Kamil Idris

We can hear a lot of news lately about the immediate changes that the world needs, but none of them could probably discuss the involvement of intellectual property rights. This might be the reason why Prof. Kamil Idris involves himself in the movement organized by the World Intellectual Property Day advocates. It could also be the reason why he believes that while intellectual property rights is not seen by many as an immediate concern, it should be discussed in national policies if only for the fact that without the right copyrights, patents and other protection for such creative inventions, it could be hard for the world to get the solutions it needs to improve the people’s wellbeing.


Without Intellectual Rights Protection


It’s easy to take things for granted, especially if the things we take for granted don’t directly affect us, but for Prof. Idris, just by ignoring something doesn’t protect us from the silent damage that it would cause us later on. He believes that without intellectual property rights, new technologies that could potentially empower the world to perform better could not be broadcast and shared to people who need them the most.


About Prof. Kamil Idris

Prof. Idris is a lawyer who is also the President of an organization called International Court of Arbitration and Mediation (ICAM). He is also the Former Director General that ran the operations of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO). His Phd LLB degree is an indication that his various leadership positions make him one of the best assets in any organization.

Rocketship Educatiomn Has Been Approved To Open A New School In California

There was a lot of applause when a charter school was approved by the members of the City Council. The proposed $14.4 million school will be opening in an area of the city that is run-down. This was the beginning of the efforts of Rocketship Education to build their new school with the endorsement of educators, parents, a pastor and business owners. It took two-years for the rezoning of the site, and the school is expected to open in August of 2018.

The vacant building will be torn down by Rocketship Education to make room for the two-story 31,052-square foot campus. Students from transitional kindergarten up to the firth grade will be accommodated. The features will include surveillance cameras and guards to keep the students safe. The value of the commercial properties in the areas may rise, and new businesses will probably be attracted. A lot of the speakers understood how important it was to give families unable to pay for private schools another option. Rocketship education is making certain a good education will available for the future generations.

Some of the students’ parents stated the Antioch Unified School District could not provide the education they wanted for their children. These parents are happy to drive 45 minutes to give their children an excellent free education. The 2016 through 2017 charter school scores for math and English earned Rocketship Education a place in California’s top ten percent of elementary schools educating similar areas. Families deserve the right to choose how their children are educated regardless of their household income, national origin or race.

Although there are some students who do will in traditional education, others excel in the academics, independent study and specific academic disciplines provided by Rocketship Education. Schools can no longer function properly using the one size fits all approach. One of the most intriguing questions regarding the new school is if they will become the United State’s first to generate all the solar energy they require. Rocketship entertainment has proven themselves over time, and the students attending their schools receive the type of education they need to have the futures they deserve.