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Prison Technology Company Securus Technologies Further Increases Services Through Latest Acquisition

On January 4, 2017, prison technology giant, Securus Technologies, was pleased to announce that the company has reached terms with government payment processing company, GovPayNet, to acquire them. The terms of the deal were not disclose but GovPayNet will continue to operate under that name for the foreseeable future. The deal with further align Securus’ existing platform of technological services with their customers needs. The move is the latest in a large number of acquisitions that Securus has made over the past decade, as they poise themselves to a greater market share in the prison technology marketplace.


GovPayNet was formed in 1997 and provides credit and debit payment processing to over 2,300 government agencies to include county jails, correctional facilities, local tax offices, and other agencies. The company has the capability to process over 1.2 million payments annually, and the acquisition will further increase their capability.


Securus Technologies provides inmate self-service, emergency response, biometrical analysis, investigation and monitoring products, and other tools for the government sector. The company currently provides services to over 3,500 agencies nationwide, covering over 26% of counties in the United States. Founded in 1986, Securus continues to look for innovative ways to increase their services to governmental agencies moving forward.


Securus Technologies and the reactions from happy clients

Launched in 1986, Securus is one of the most reputable prison technology agencies headquartered in Dallas Texas. The company enjoys dominance in over 45 states with regional offices in Atlanta, Carrollton, and Texas, Allen. The company employs over 1000 residents and is alleged to have contracts with approximately 2600 correctional agencies in the United States with a following of about 1,200,000 inmates.

Some of the critical services provided by Securus include: Parolee tracking, detainee communication and an information system for the government. They have, as well, expanded their wings to Canada, Mexico, and a few districts of Columbia. Their quick customer response, innovative and comprehensive solutions make them the region`s security technology leaders.

In a recent publishing, the civil and criminal justice Solution Company highlighted a collection of comments from their customers on their experience of using technology to prevent crimes. The comments hailed from officials who have a responsibility to prevent and solve injustices and jail officials across the United States. According to Richard Smith, the company`s Chairman, a new product that assists law enforcement officials is developed every day, and it is just healthy to highlight some of their feedbacks.

Notably, most of the clients were happy with the services provided by Securus Company. From one end, a customer appreciated the company for assisting him to get hands-on information from phone calls that helped a lot in obtaining a search warrant over a corrupt staff member. Some other inmate`s branch appreciated the support they got from Securus in obtaining calls that revealed alcohol and drug abuse in the jails.

The company`s vision was also of significance to a happy client since it highlights the commitment to improve security posture and boost investigation. According to him, when a case of harassment in the correctional centers emerges, the investigation tools come in handy to assist. Through the LBS software, a brainchild of Securus, Sheriff’s department in conjunction with law enforcers is also able to recover over a million in drugs and illegal assets.

Securus Technologies fights crime with JLG Investigator Pro

America’s prisons today face some of the most difficult challenges that they’ve ever seen in the history of the United States criminal justice system. Today’s prison environment is oftentimes ruled by highly organized gangs that closely resemble the military in both structure and capabilities.


Without the tools to fight organized gang activity, the corrections officers who are charged with keeping America’s penal institution safe wouldn’t stand a chance against the sophisticated and determined nature of today’s prison gangs.


Securus Technologies, one of the nation’s premier providers of inmate communication services and other prison technologies, has developed a suite of technologies that gives corrections officers and administrators the upper hand in the war to keep order in America’s prisons.


One of these technologies is JLG Investigator Pro, a suite of technologies that deploys state-of-the-art machine intelligence as well as data gathering and storage capabilities that have been developed by the department of defense and other major contractors for the U.S. government. Securus has adapted these capabilities for deployment within the U.S. prison system.


JLG Investigator Pro counts among its various features the ability to instantly identify whenever a banned or suspicious party enters into a conversation taking place within the prison’s confines. The technology is able to simultaneously monitor all communications placed by all devices within the prison at any one time. It can not only identify, through advanced biometric capabilities, any suspicious party or person of interest, it can also identify any suspicious patterns of communication, including the use of code words or references to possible illicit activity.


But the capabilities don’t stop there. JLG Investigator Pro is able to store all conversations, through automatic transcriptions, in the cloud. These conversations can then be retrieved at a later date by any authorized staff member, including lawyers and prosecutors, for whom such conversations may provide crucial evidence in ongoing criminal proceedings.




Securus Technologies – Empowering Law Enforcement Agencies And Prisoners With Advanced Technology

Securus Technologies is a premier technology firm dealing in prison telecommunications and criminal safety technologies. The company has over 600 patents in its name and over the past decade has spent billions in research and development of new products and services that would make prisons smart, safer and more efficient. The company is based in Dallas and has branch offices in Allen, TX and Atlanta, Georgia. The company is headed by its CEO, Rick Smith who has experience of close to three decades in technology.


Securus Technologies recently bagged the Gold Stevie Awards in 2017 for excellent sales and customer service, competing with close to other 2,600 companies. It is one of the most remarkable achievements in the corporate sector achieved by Securus Technologies, which goes on to showcase the commitment of the firm towards it customers. Securus Technologies has a system in place to ensure all clients get proper, attentive and timely service. There is a separate customer service department that deals with all the inquiries of the customers.


Securus Technologies, starting from its inception till now, has served over a million customers and its products and services reach out to over 120,000 prisoners in North America alone. The benchmark products and services created, innovated and developed by the company has helped prisoners stay in active touch with their families and have a sound knowledge of the outside world. It is the key element to reducing stress from the lives of the inmates and also decreases the psychological stress they are going through.


I feel that the technology should help the inmates lead a better life while addressing the issues they are dealing with and Securus Technologies helps achieve that efficiently. The company is dedicated to bringing new products and services and having used that myself; I sincerely am excited for the many new projects that company has in its pipeline.


Securus lures competitor into product shootout, competitor runs

Securus Technologies has established itself as the undisputed heavyweight of the prison communications industry. This title has been reinforced once again through the retiring actions of its competitor GTL. The latter has been in the habit, over the last few years, of making unsubstantiated and libelous claims regarding its competitor Securus. These have ranged from frivolous accusations of patent infringement to vapid criticisms of Securus’ ethics. Securus sought to finally put the rivalry to rest, and GTL in their place.


They quickly succeeded. GTL was offered the opportunity to put their video visitation to the test against that of Securus. They promptly refused and would not entertain any other product performance contest, ceding to Securus and tacitly admitting what everyone already knew: that their products are vastly inferior to those of their better-heeled competitor.



Securus provides more than just inmate phone calls


Yet those who still hold a view of Securus as being little more than a prison phone company should be made aware of the robust lineup of products now offered by the industry leader. These include such exotic technologies as the STINGRAY system, fresh of the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan, which can detect, intercept and jam all cellular device activity within a given radius. This system has eliminated the scourge of contraband cellular devices from all prisons which have employed it, making them virtually invulnerable to illegal gang activity.


By cutting off gang communications at the source, Securus’ STINGRAY technology vastly reduces the risk of criminal conspiracies and their worst outcomes, such as organized attacks on staff or off premises hits. With such 21st century technologies, Securus is putting state-of-the-art tools in the hands of guards and administrators in their war against intramural criminal activity. These gizmos don’t just save money, they save lives.



Video Visitation During the Holidays Using Securus

Having a good quality visit with your loved one during the holiday season is very difficult when they are located in prison. The reason for this is because a lot of people are finally realizing that security measures that are put into prison are not very lenient when it comes to prison families being able to keep in touch with their loved ones. This is important for you to consider when using a system like Securus and finally finding something that is going to work for you.


Using Securus during the Christmas season can be incredibly beneficial for you and your loved ones who would otherwise be spending a lot of time together. Securus makes it very easy for you to quickly and easily keep in contact with your loved one despite where they happen to be located. I have been using Securus for a while now and can definitely attest to help popular and positive it has been in my own life. This is a system that has totally changed my own life as well as my loved one who happens to be in prison and we were able to keep in touch much better last Christmas because of the system being put into place.


Securus is also very cost-effective for prison families because it allows you to not always have to make trips to the prison where you would otherwise be spending a lot of money. You can quickly and easily just use the video visitation services that you can make yourself from home and it saves you a lot of time and hassle as well as a ton of money. Even if you only use secure it during the Christmas season, this is something that will still save you a lot of time and Hassle and allow you to feel confident knowing that your loved one is still kept in touch each and every day.


Despite what you might have heard in the past about security systems, Securus is very secure and safe for you to use in the prison system itself. It just requires you to download the system to your home computer or laptop and begin using right away so that you can see the many benefits that come from using a system like this that has been put into place for the benefit of prison families all over the country.


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Video Visitation


Securus Advancing Communications Between Family and Convicted

Securus Technologies has created a communication service between the friends and family and those convicted of a wrongdoing and serving time for their misdeeds. The person in prison is paying for his crime by being taken out of society to pay for his crimes and to allow for the prisoner’s eventual reentry into society. The one ingredient which is often overlooked is the wear and tear on the fabric of friends and family of the person incarcerated. They suffer emotionally as well as financially because the brunt of visitation with the prisoner is their responsibility. Driving to a facility, which can be many miles distant where they must submit to the dehumanizing surrounding of the facility, including full body searches is necessary. Add the costs of fuel, lodging, and food and a single visit to someone in jail can amount to hundreds of dollars. Securus America saw a possibility for remote visitation in which monitored video and audio conversations could take place at a fraction of the cost of live visitation, and without the unpleasantries.

The only downside to this system is the costs. Some do not realize that this service is not only a televised phone call because these conversations must be, by necessity, monitored. In a recent PR Newswire covered Securus press release, the company leveled criticisms at Global Tel Link (GTL) for various wrongdoing and security breaches increasing the costs of the service. Securus has a long standing issue with GTL and claims excess charges of more than $1 million.
The most important considerations for incarcerations are lowering recidivism rates and protecting the public from the convicted person. But communication with attorneys, friends, and family should be continued in a progressive manner, and those who wish to remain in contact with the person behind bars need not subjected to expensive and humiliating experiences. It is the prisoner who must be punished not the family.

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