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Barbara Stokes and Stokes Development Company Open Operations Center In Cullman

Stokes Development Company recently announced that Cullman, Alabama will be the site of a new center to manufacture the ‘green homes’ made by the company. The first phase of operations for the center will entail hiring 80 employees and making an initial investment of $8 million.

Barbara Stokes, the company’s chief executive officer, expressed that she is appreciative for the way in which the city of Cullman has accommodated the company and that the vision is to expand over the next three years to the point of employing 300 full-time workers. Read more at Business Insider.

Stokes went on to explain that she and her husband did look at other locations in the state of Alabama to build the new facilities but in their heart that new that Cullman was the place years ago.

The city of Cullman sold Stokes Development a 99,000 square foot building located in the Cullman Industrial Complex to house the new manufacturing complex.

Stokes Development Company will use the building to construct steel homes similar to those used to house victims of Hurricane Katrina in the storm’s aftermath. Scott Stokes, the chief operating officer for the company says that the accommodation being built by the company are state of the art and are resistant to mold, mildew, and hurricanes. The company plans to construct as many as 600 of these homes per year. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Barbara Stokes reports that the materials to be sued to build the homes will come mostly from the cities of Birmingham and Decatur and that the steel used in the process will be 60% recycled.

Scott, speaking on further benefits of the homes the company is building, says that the particular type of steel the company will use makes the homes impervious to many environmental dangers such as fire.

Scott also explains that the homes the company will sell in the immediate future are small cottage-style homes but there are plans to design much larger homes as large as four stories high.

Stokes Development worked with the Alabama Center for Foreign Investment to find foreign investment groups that were interested in providing funding for the project.

Robert Aderholt, representing the fourth congressional district of Alabama, welcomed Stokes Development Company to the area and called them a “great addition to the community.

Barbara Stokes says that work crews are already making preparations for the manufacturing center and that the hope is the center will be up and running by summer.