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Reviewing The Development Of InnovaCare Health Under The Leadership Of Rick Shinto

Many healthcare services providers came up after the government introduced Medicare Advantage that allowed private companies to take part in the provision of healthcare services. The system was streamlined and these changes meant people could easily access quality services.

Competition and the need to offer better access to healthcare services pushed all companies to offer extra care and to streamline their service delivery processes. All the benefits that came with these reforms were channeled to users of the healthcare plans.

Among firms that are known to have worked towards streamlining the system, InnovaCare Health has been able to offer unique services that place them among the best in the country.

In fact, the company ranks in first position in Puerto Rico and has remained the most sought after healthcare services provider in North America. One reason to these changes is the kind of leadership that steer the company, which is led by Rick Shinto.

About Rick Shinto

According to Business Wire, Rick Shinto holds an executive position at InnovaCare Health as their President and Chief Executive Officer. He has held the position since 2012 when he joined the company and since his entry into leadership, the company has seen many changes that have brought about growth and development.

He help such a position at several companies previously, so his experience spans more than 20 years in the industry. Between 2008 and 2012, he worked with Aveta Inc., as the Chief Executive Officer of the company. Rick Shinto also served at NAMM California and he is a renowned author on topics related to clinical medicine.

Penelope Kokkinides

Having served as an executive for more than 20 years, Penelope Kokkinides has come out as a prime asset to InnovaCare Health. She is one of the most important professionals in the company and most of the changes introduced are her brainchild. She previously worked at Aveta Inc between 2008 to 2012 as a deputy to the then CEO Rick Shinto.

More about InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare Health has stood the test of time as the most well-developed physician practice provider in Puerto Rico. The company has managed to offer quality healthcare services to the wider population of North America and is a reliable provider of Medicare Advantage plans.

Manta reported that since inception, InnovaCare Health has been working on developing an advanced system of care and today ranks among the most established healthcare providers. Since a change in leadership few years ago, InnovaCare Health has improved overall.