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Securus Technologies Launches Cutting Edge Inmate Communication Monitoring Technology

Securus Technologies has launched a new iteration of its powerful analysis software. The THREADS 3.1 is now the world most powerful analytical tool for corrections departments. It is expected to help connect the dots and provide the authorities with real-time information in all aspects of inmate communication. This information has time and again proven to be the critical dot needed to connect to unrated incidences and expose bigger crimes.


THREADS 3.1 brings a faster and intuitive performance with a redesigned search functionality and fast load times in all its technology, especially the video visitation software. It maintains the powerful analysis tool beloved by former version. The U.I is also cleaner and more streamlined to provide search features. The new Securus software is easy to use and requires little training.


THREADS 3.1 is based on HTML 5. It is a powerful web-based language that allows for integration with other products like Secure Call Platform (SCP), an inmate phone calls monitoring system.It will provide platinum level services at a reasonable price. It will also make the software available in a full gamut of devices while providing the same top-notch service.


THREAD is a patented software that is used to identify and report suspicious inmate communication patterns. It has helped numerous law enforcement authorities catch criminals in America. It uses big data analytical tools to make its analysis using robust algorithms.


THREADS is a creation of Securus Technologies. The company has thousands of employees who are the specialist in various aspects of the enterprise. They include engineers, coders and strategists who help it in its work.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 in Dallas Texas. It is still headquartered here in Dallas but has offices in Atlanta Georgia and Carrollton. It has accumulated nearly 30 years industry experience. It serves more than 2200 prisons and close to a million prisoners in 45 states.


Secure Technologies has attained its current reputation thanks to its innovative nature. It already has 100 patents confirmed with 35 pending. Its well-qualified workforce is one of the leading reason why they have attained this high level of innovation. Each year, it reinvests $ 19 million to fund its research activities.


Securus Technologies is also compliant with SAS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley standards. It has more than 1700 installations for its SCP platform.


One of the reasons, why Securus Technologies has grown to its levels today, is its customer service. It has a highly trained agency to handle its complaints.


Securus Technologies through its services ensures Americans are safe at home.

Sam Tabar and Educated Choices

Sam Tabar has a lot of advice to offer those that are interested in investing, and considering his long career as an investor, he’s probably someone you want to listen to. For one thing, he wants to speak to everyone that is interested. Investing can earn a lot of money for people that make the right investments. However, if one makes the wrong investments, he could lose a lot of money as well. For one thing, it takes a lot of experience and education in order for one to finally profit from what he invests in. If one makes the wrong investments, he is likely to lose money and then become discouraged. Sam Tabar offers a lot of advice to investors so that they do not give up from their first loss.

One of the things that Sam tabar advises is research. As a matter of fact, he places a lot of importance in researching everything that he might invest in. Among the things that people commonly invest in are commodities like oil. There are plenty of oil companies that one could place money into with the hopes of profiting from their business. However, it could lose a lot of money for their investors as well. Sam Tabar offers advice as to what exactly to look for when researching the commodities, something he talks extensively about on Twitter.

One major factor in the profitability of the company is money management. Sam Tabar couldn’t stress enough the importance of good money management. The investor has to look at the money management of the company so that he could see whether or not it is the right company to invest in. Among the examples that Sam Tabar noted of poor management of the company were United States Oul Fund and US Natural Gas Fund. Both of those companies have fallen significantly after they have gained some investors. As a result, they have lost a lot of money for the investors.

Sam Tabar definitely understands the importance of research, he’s held many positions for which research was a primary responsibility. Sam Tabar states that as one puts more research in his investments, he improves his chances to make profits, especially when investing in commodities. When one is looking to make investments, it is important for one to look for well managed commodities.

As Sam Tabar knows, profiting from investments is not meant to be based on luck. It should not be treated as a gamble. It is not a good thing to blindly invest in different companies. Certain pieces of information need to be gathered. Also, it is important to learn from successful investors and find out the steps they took and how long it took to gain a successful career in investing.