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NGP VAN Helps Campaigns Connect with People

Since NGP VAN started, they’ve been helping campaigns connect with the people they’re trying to reach. They operate as a database and try to provide people who are campaigning with the information that can help them customize their campaign. They also want to make sure they’re promoting democracy and progression in a world that it is sometimes difficult to do so in. There are many ways the NGP VAN helps campaigners come up with new ideas and reach more people than what they would reach without using it. The software works with many different programs. It provides real-time updates on different issues and gives more people the chances they need to successfully complete their campaigns. It’s also great for people who want to make sure they’re getting more from all the options they know how to use. The industry works to help more people connect with these opportunities.


By focusing on democracy and progressive options, more people will have the chances they need to use to make the campaign better. By working with all these people, the NGP VAN works to come up with different options for those who need their help. The company does what they can to provide the technology necessary to compile a database. When people choose to use NGP VAN, they are getting something that’s far superior to other software options. They’re also able to get more based on the options they have with the company through their campaign efforts.

The way the companies continue working to help people is something that makes the industry better. It’s also something that continues getting better so more people have a chance to try different things. NGP VAN knows what people want and they always try helping them get what they can out of these situations. The company sees it as their way of catering to the masses while also providing politicians with the options they need. The company continues growing while they also come up with ideas for success in the industry. They make a point of giving more people the options they need to work on different experiences.

The Sentient Ascend – Conversion Rates Optimized

Sentient AI is a company that, if you are an e-commerce developer, should be on your radar. They are developers of AI in the market for online shops and e-commerce. Sentient AI uses artificial intelligence to create software that can be used either for search engine optimization, or for the recommendation engine, and even to fasten the process of making conversions on your website.

“Testing without limits.” The Sentient AI staff has developed the Sentient Aware software, one of the best recommendation engines for e-commerce in the market today, but their newest addition for the roaster of any website developer that owns an online shop is the Sentient Ascend, which makes Multi-variate Testing. It makes conversions faster to do, easier to get right and many other utilities.

One of the essential tools for your website, some of their past experiences show how Sentient Ascend can work in favor of your website. As their work with ABUV Media revealed in a previous research, the use of 380,000 combinations of widgets was enough to increase sign ups from a small percentage to up to almost 50% of increase.

On the other hand, with Cosabella, a brand that sells lingerie and women’s underwear, the use of the Sentient Ascend was able to increase their conversion rate to almost 40%.

There are many other cases of study of companies that increased their conversion rates very fast, in the span of a month of two, with drastic beneficial changes to the business. Sentient Ascend has the differential of using artificial intelligence to learn more about the conversion rates of your brand and adapt to them.

Customers who visit your website will be able to actually see double-digit conversions in almost no time. The incredible speed in which the software can do these conversion rates is the biggest differential among other programs in the market. It presents real results with a powerful algorithm that not only works but can be analyzed and inspected by the developers of the website at any time. The algorithm is evolutionary, which means that it keeps record of the data and uses it to effectively improve itself over use.

Most conversion rate solutions in the market use the good old A/B solution to find a solution for the conversions, but this is already an outdated algorithm that has been triumphed over by the Sentient Ascend. All ideas are taken into account while testing.

If you have an online store, make sure to take a look at the Sentient Ascend: Multi-variate Testing.

How Richard Smith Is Changing the Face of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been hitting milestone after milestone under CEO Rick Smith. Among its significant achievements over the recent past is to expand its portfolio and to diversify its range of products to more than 800 tech products. Over the course of three years that Rick Smith has served as CEO, the company has also restructured its staff to include a high-tech sales team that handles the software part of the products. All these efforts are geared towards hastening Securus’ services provisions within the civil and criminal justice systems in the United States. As of today, Securus is the industry leader and has been entrusted with the majority of America’s correctional and law enforcement institutions trusting it to provide them with monitoring, investigative, and public safety tools.As a way of strengthening its sales team, Securus Technology hired John Bell in December 2015 and made him its senior vice president of sales. John has a glittering record of exceptional performance. He has been a sales leader and trainer for close to four decades now and has proved to be results-oriented and efficiency conscious. His previous experience working for IBM has helped Securus Technology to advance its business processes as well as to grow technologically.

Making the Sales Department More Efficient

Announcing the internal reorganization, Rick Smith said that Securus Technologies main goal is to permanently maintain its position as the industry leader as well as revolutionize the industry. He reported that Josh Conklin, Sales Vice President at Securus, had been placed directly below Mr. John Bell. He, however, clarified that none of Josh’s previous executive roles had been relinquished from him as a result of the reorganization. According to Rick, the two sales maestros were to collaborate and improve on what Josh had managed to do single-handedly. Some of the immediate tasks that they were assigned were to revamp the Securus Technology Center and to engage the sales staff with a more robust training program.

In diversifying and expanding its portfolio, Securus has invested over 600 million dollars under Rick Smith. The CEO explained that besides adding more products, the company has also made major acquisitions as a way of ensuring that its products were of good quality and that it satisfactorily served its ever-growing market. According to him, the biggest responsibility the company has as of now is to make it known to its clients how important and improved its products are. He argued that with a good sales team that his company has now, there is no way it will lose clients to its competitors.

Rick’s Early Life

Richard Smith did his engineering degree at the New York State University and his MBA at the University of Rochester. He previously worked as COO and later as President at Eschelion Telcom Inc.

Extended Network Starts For FreedomPop’s Global Wifi

Now that FreedomPop has announced that they will be extending their awesome phone services to include global hotspots, places across the world that will offer their service without interruption, me and my wife feel like we have all of our needs taken care of. Have you heard about their free service? They have a basic plan that is free for all users in U.S. and U.K., and it comes with 200 MB of data, 200 messages and 200 phone call minutes. The basic service is enough for me, actually, but my wife gets an upgrade for hers because she uses the phone more than I use it.

They just announced some really exciting news that was covered on Recode’s website recently. The news is that they have gained a substantial amount of funding recently, and they are able to extend their network even further than it currently covers. The funding amount they gained was approximately 50 million dollars, and they have some big supports like Intel backing them, so you know this company is going places.

Extended Network Service From FreedomPop

I was really surprised to hear about the extended network that FreedomPop has developed. Major phone companies have something similar, but they charge an arm and a leg for it. FreedomPop, on the other hand, is only charging $49 for their global wifi, which seems unbelievable. This is a promotional pricing, of course, but the price is only going up to $99, which is still a bargain if you ask me. They are also charging $10 for a SIM card that will need to be updated as more countries join the global wifi program, but the SIM card can be updated remotely, so there’s no worries there. If you want to read Recode’s article, visit this link.

$50 Million Opens the World to FreedomPop

The independent and ambitious FreedomPop has earned another $50 million in funding, allowing them to take a step closer to their dream of developing a global hotspot.

The mission over at FreedomPop has been to connect people with mobile data rates much lower than what’s offered by traditional carriers, making them the more attractive option by comparison. The global hotspot is their new endeavor, one that would remove roaming charges from consideration when choosing a carrier. With the help of over 25 participating countries supporting their initiative, Stepen Stolkos, CEO of FreedomPop, believes that now his carrier can compete with globally recognized names like T-Mobile.

What the global hopspot intends to do is give customers access to communication when traveling. With a $10 SIM card, customers can swap between mobile devices free of charge and operate them in foreign territories for $49. This comes with an allowance of 200mb for that monthly billing cycle, and an additional 500mb can be purchased for $10.

With an offer this alluring many are wondering why FreedomPop doesn’t have a more aggressive ad campaign to compete with other carriers. Stokols has claimed that the company is still fairly young and is using its funding to better service and customer relations; they’ll continue to rely on word of mouth to promote their business.

Since 2012 FreedomPop has operated with the goal of providing fast mobile service for all Americans. Based out of Los Angeles, Stolkos works with the support of Skype founder Niklas Zennestom along with Mangrove Capital and DCM.

By employing a staff experienced in telecommunications and web service, FreedomPop operates on a business plan modeled after the successful video chat client Skype. Though radical when compared to other service providers, FreedomPop has been successful in getting their customers 4G access from their mobile devices along with broadband access from their homes free of charge.

Securus Technologies Launches Cutting Edge Inmate Communication Monitoring Technology

Securus Technologies has launched a new iteration of its powerful analysis software. The THREADS 3.1 is now the world most powerful analytical tool for corrections departments. It is expected to help connect the dots and provide the authorities with real-time information in all aspects of inmate communication. This information has time and again proven to be the critical dot needed to connect to unrated incidences and expose bigger crimes.


THREADS 3.1 brings a faster and intuitive performance with a redesigned search functionality and fast load times in all its technology, especially the video visitation software. It maintains the powerful analysis tool beloved by former version. The U.I is also cleaner and more streamlined to provide search features. The new Securus software is easy to use and requires little training.


THREADS 3.1 is based on HTML 5. It is a powerful web-based language that allows for integration with other products like Secure Call Platform (SCP), an inmate phone calls monitoring system.It will provide platinum level services at a reasonable price. It will also make the software available in a full gamut of devices while providing the same top-notch service.


THREAD is a patented software that is used to identify and report suspicious inmate communication patterns. It has helped numerous law enforcement authorities catch criminals in America. It uses big data analytical tools to make its analysis using robust algorithms.


THREADS is a creation of Securus Technologies. The company has thousands of employees who are the specialist in various aspects of the enterprise. They include engineers, coders and strategists who help it in its work.


Securus Technologies was founded in 1986 in Dallas Texas. It is still headquartered here in Dallas but has offices in Atlanta Georgia and Carrollton. It has accumulated nearly 30 years industry experience. It serves more than 2200 prisons and close to a million prisoners in 45 states.


Secure Technologies has attained its current reputation thanks to its innovative nature. It already has 100 patents confirmed with 35 pending. Its well-qualified workforce is one of the leading reason why they have attained this high level of innovation. Each year, it reinvests $ 19 million to fund its research activities.


Securus Technologies is also compliant with SAS 70 and Sarbanes-Oxley standards. It has more than 1700 installations for its SCP platform.


One of the reasons, why Securus Technologies has grown to its levels today, is its customer service. It has a highly trained agency to handle its complaints.


Securus Technologies through its services ensures Americans are safe at home.

Shaygan Kheradpir the CEO and New Driver of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir was born on December, 19th, 1960 in London, United Kingdom. He grew up in Iran. He studied at the Cornell University in the United States, where graduated with a bachelor’s, Master’s and doctorate in electrical engineering.
Kheradpir’s first job was the GTE Laboratories in his duties involved network routing, control, and management. He was then appointed the Chief Information Officer at the GTE firm. GTE combined with Bell Atlantic to form Verizon Communications. Shaygan worked as the head of the Verizon before becoming the firm’s first CIO. In Verizon, he broadened the range of telecommunications services.

Shaygan Kheradpir in January 2011 joined Barclays as the Chief Operating Officer of Global Retail and Business Bank. He later became the Chief Operations and Technology Officer. Mr. Kheradpir worked as the CEO of Juniper Networks and developed and invented a restructuring and cost effective plan that Juniper called Integrated Operating Plan. He shortly joined Marlin Equity Partner before he was appointed the president and the chairperson at Coriant.


On September 28th, 2015, Shaygan Kheradpir was named the chair of the board and the Chief Executive Officer of Coriant. He succeeded President and CEO Pat DiPietro. He became the head after working hand in hand with the senior management team as the Operating Partner at Marlin Equity Partners. He took his new position to get Coriant firm’s growth plan and strengthen focus on the solutions that involve the customers in today’s modernized, dynamic and competitive market.
Kheradpir’s experience and leadership skills in extensive industry, business, and operational skills would drive the Coriant to the highest new level. Shaygan is a leading technology and business expert with over 28 years of experience in technology, telecom, and financial services companies.

In his speech, Mr. Kheradpir said that Coriant’s comprehensive data networking solutions, world-class level technology, invention, around the world reach and the expanding consumer network operator, are what drew him to the company. As the market continues to seek a whole new level and useful innovation in network creation and operations, Shaygan expressed confident that Coriant Company will provide their customers with needed network solutions and cost effective services.
DiPietro welcomed the new president and expressed faith in his leadership and expertise, saying that Coriant will expand and grow to the next level.

Merlin Equity Partners formed Coriant Company through the merging of the Nokia Siemens Networks, Optical Networks, Tellabs and Sycamore Networks businesses. Coriant is a legitimate supplier of innovative networking solutions to major network agents in more than a hundred countries. Its customers are 9 of 10 global Tier 1 Communications Service Providers, government agencies and cloud providers Enterprise among others.


Coriant solutions are the foundation for billions of dollars in the end-user revenue. Its first achievements include; a world record for transmitting a capacity of 57.6 Tbps over hollow core fibers, industry’s first ROADM-on-a-blade, industry’s first optical layer and unique mTera Universal Transport Platform. For more information on Coriant Company and Shaygan visit

How Coriant Works and All You Need to Know About the New CEO

All about Coriant

Coriant provides networking solutions for a wide variety of networking companies. Coriant is able to provide their services through hundreds of companies in over one hundred countries. They have all sorts of clients like government companies, enterprises and some different types of cloud providers. Coriant, being a good as they are with what they do, is the home of billions of dollars in end-user service revenue. All over the world there are different types of networking systems that spot the Coriant name.

Marlin Equity Partners, using Nokia Siemens Networks, optical Networks, Tellabs and many others created Coriant to be the best networking solutions business around. They wanted to be able to provide packet optical transport and mobile back-haul solutions to everyone in all sorts of different countries. Coriant was built using over 35 years of technological innovation and experience. Over 1,800 patents belong to Coriant and they have achieved many great things. Two of their pioneering achievements include holding the world record on the books for transmission capacity and having the first industrial ROADM- on a blade. When it comes to delivering networking products and services, Coriant has over 35 years of experience. They are one of few companies who provide both mobile and fixed line services. Coriant has a good amount of customers, over 500, spread over 6 continents. They are able to provide quality global reach and local advice.

The CEO of Coriant

Shaygan Kheradpir has been appointed as CEO and chairman of the board for the Coriant team. Kheradpir has been personally recognized by many as one of the greatest business and technology leaders to have been in the industry with over 28 years worth of experience as an executive in the industry. Finance service, telecom and technology knowledge are just some of the things that make Shaygan Kherdpir a great CEO of Coriant. At the beginning of his career, Kherdpir started in GTE Corporation, after getting started there, he soon became the Verizon EVP and Chief Information Officer. Dubbed soon as a member of the team, he helped to modernize the systems with a cool type of efficiency never seen before. Shaygan then was appointed the position of Chief Operations and Technology Officer with the company Barclays.
Shaygan has a Ph.D., a master’s and a bachelor’s in the practice of engineering that he got through the Cornell University. After working for Barclays, Shaygan soon was offered the position of CEO at the Juniper Networks company, which he accepted gratefully. He then soon after that became the CEO and chairman of the board at Coriant.