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Why Talk Fusion Uses WebRTC Technology

WebRTC is a technology that is changing email into something that’s not so boring. There’s a direct marketing company called Talk Fusion that uses this technology to present videos inside of emails. Companies around the world are using this business’ Video Email product, which is based on WebRTC, so show marketing videos to their customers. It’s being looked at as the next generation of email.

Video Email is just one of Talk Fusion’s apps based on WebRTC, though. They sell five separate apps that are sold in a paid suite. These other apps are for group video meetings, video calling, forms, and video newsletters. These products are sold through independent contractors who earn a commission on each sale.

The reason why Talk Fusion uses WebRTC is pretty clear. The people who receive the video emails, for instance, don’t have to have the Talk Fusion app themselves in order to view the emails because of WebRTC. They also don’t have to use any particular browser or have any extensions installed. Because of WebRTC they just open their email and they can instantly view the video.

WebRTC came about because the different web browser creators got together and made an agreement between them. To make everyone’s browsing experience better they are now sharing common codes so that things are compatible no matter which browser is being used. Talk Fusion uses both the video and audio codes of WebRTC in order to play videos with sound in the email message that is being created.

WebRTC is open source so anyone can use it for free. It’s simple enough to use that just knowing how to do a bit of Javascript coding will enable someone to get it to work for them. There are also apps that people can use who don’t know how to code at all, such as Talky.

Bob Reina is the owner and chief executive officer of Talk Fusion. He has many years of experience in the direct selling industry. Before he started his own company he was a top salesperson for a number of different brands. Talk Fusion was created by him so that people and companies could send video to others via email. The other four applications that Talk Fusion has since created have been added to Video Email in the intervening years since the company was founded in 2007. Learn more:


Jason Hope Bets on Anti-aging Research by Partnering with SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is a young entrepreneur who captured unimaginable success in a short span of time. Interestingly, he bets on futuristic technologies and anything that is found to take humanity forward. Due to that reason, he is widely recognized across the world, and his investments make significant coverage in the media. His latest bet is none other than anti-aging, and he collaborated with researches in the area. Hope joined hands with the SENS Research Foundation, a research group working on revolutions in anti-aging and age-related diseases. He contributed $500,000 to the Foundation to equip laboratory located in Cambridge with advanced research options targeting the breakdown of glycation end products in tissues and cells of humans.

While confirming his contribution, Hope said that he sees the works of SENS Foundation as well as Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of the group, with great admiration. He continued that the works of SENS is crucial in advancing the human medicine, and the approach towards age-related diseases, including diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and more, are aimed to address the overall issues related to aging touching everyone. Hope also said that he expects the works of SENS would give a complete reshaping and redefinition to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotechnology industries.

Hope observed that the advancement of biotechnology is the future. He concluded that he is elated to be part of a mission that is expected to make revolutionary changes in the health of humans and positively impact everyone. While responding to the contribution, Mike Kope, the CEO of the Foundation, said that the SENS is on a mission to create a completely new biotech industry. The institution is greatly focusing on regenerative medicine and biotech. Kope concluded that the contribution of Hope would help the Foundation to accelerate its progress in countering age-related diseases.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and in search of options to give back to his community. He is known for accurate observation and judgment about various technologies. In the early 2000s, Hope understood the importance of mobile technology and invested significantly in it when people were apprehensive about the growth of the industry. Currently, he bets on the Internet of Things (IoT) and says that the importance of the technology would go up in the coming years. Hope secured his graduation in Finance from the prestigious Arizona State University and earned his MBA from W. P. Carey School. Hope is also a contributor to T Gen Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, and more.

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How Richard Smith Is Changing the Face of Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has been hitting milestone after milestone under CEO Rick Smith. Among its significant achievements over the recent past is to expand its portfolio and to diversify its range of products to more than 800 tech products. Over the course of three years that Rick Smith has served as CEO, the company has also restructured its staff to include a high-tech sales team that handles the software part of the products. All these efforts are geared towards hastening Securus’ services provisions within the civil and criminal justice systems in the United States. As of today, Securus is the industry leader and has been entrusted with the majority of America’s correctional and law enforcement institutions trusting it to provide them with monitoring, investigative, and public safety tools.As a way of strengthening its sales team, Securus Technology hired John Bell in December 2015 and made him its senior vice president of sales. John has a glittering record of exceptional performance. He has been a sales leader and trainer for close to four decades now and has proved to be results-oriented and efficiency conscious. His previous experience working for IBM has helped Securus Technology to advance its business processes as well as to grow technologically.

Making the Sales Department More Efficient

Announcing the internal reorganization, Rick Smith said that Securus Technologies main goal is to permanently maintain its position as the industry leader as well as revolutionize the industry. He reported that Josh Conklin, Sales Vice President at Securus, had been placed directly below Mr. John Bell. He, however, clarified that none of Josh’s previous executive roles had been relinquished from him as a result of the reorganization. According to Rick, the two sales maestros were to collaborate and improve on what Josh had managed to do single-handedly. Some of the immediate tasks that they were assigned were to revamp the Securus Technology Center and to engage the sales staff with a more robust training program.

In diversifying and expanding its portfolio, Securus has invested over 600 million dollars under Rick Smith. The CEO explained that besides adding more products, the company has also made major acquisitions as a way of ensuring that its products were of good quality and that it satisfactorily served its ever-growing market. According to him, the biggest responsibility the company has as of now is to make it known to its clients how important and improved its products are. He argued that with a good sales team that his company has now, there is no way it will lose clients to its competitors.

Rick’s Early Life

Richard Smith did his engineering degree at the New York State University and his MBA at the University of Rochester. He previously worked as COO and later as President at Eschelion Telcom Inc.

Bob Reina: He Is What People Need

One of the most remarkable things about Bob Reina is how humble he is throughout all of his success he has had as CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. This is a company that has won awards. As a matter of fact, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This was a huge honor for them, and when it was time to thank people, Bob Reina made sure to give the proper credit to the IT team. He firmly believes they are the ones that have made Talk Fusion run as smoothly as it has run over the past decade. They are on the cutting edge of what is hip, what is modern, and what is happening out there in the tech world.


Bob Reina, in his own right, is a man that has been able to stand strong on his own two feet. He firmly believes in what he does and he firmly believes in Talk Fusion. He would not have created the company if he did not feel that way. It is why he talks about being on a mission to change lives. Even though he is humble, it does not mean he is just going to sit still and let things happen out there. He knows the power and the impact Talk Fusion can have on the world. He is well aware of it. Because he is well aware of it, he wants to put that to good use. He wants to make sure the product is in as many people’s hands as possible.


He also wants to make sure that those that use Talk Fusion get the most out of it. After all, this is a product that allows people the chance to work from home, which is something that should never be taken for granted. When people work from home, they don’t have to deal with cliques, politics, and the nonsense that many jobs bring with them. They can control their own destiny.


Right now, Talk Fusion has , and I would encourage people to hop on board right now.

How Jason Hope Operates his Businesses and his Role in Predicting IoT Trends

Jason Hope is a businessman that has made it big in the technology industry. He is also a futurist with an excellent track record in philanthropy. Mr. Hope has over the years acquired significant work experience and uses his expertise to predict future of technology.

Jason Hopes educational background and philanthropy

Mr. Hope is among the first individuals to interpret and make predictions about the Internet of Things (IoT). He plays a significant role in the future of modern science. Mr. Hope is passionate about advancement in technology that has enabled devices to be connected to one another. He has a degree from the Arizona State University and a master’s degree from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business. Mr. Hope is a determined businessman who brings his ideas to life through building on them in the simplest way possible. Jason Hope fascinated by the latest trends in the Internet of Things, such as appliances that measure fitness and biometrics. Mr. Hope is the kind of businessman that enjoys investing in long-term ventures.

He also has a vested interest in philanthropy and seats on the board of the SENS Research Foundation. Mr. Hope is a firm believer that aging can be reversed by using drugs that work at the cellular level. He sees no need for premature death from medical conditions, such as diabetes and Alzheimer’s. For years, he has donated millions of dollars to the SENS Research Foundation to fund research activities aimed at development of anti-aging remedies. According to Mr. Hope, humanity has so much to explore and discover hence the need to extend life.

About Jason Hope

Mr. Hope encourages entrepreneurs to cease from hopping to all kinds of opportunities that present themselves but focus on completing a project before moving on to the next. He likes to network with other business owners to learn what other investors are doing to achieve success. Mr. Hope is organized and uses ANSA to manage his numerous projects. This application enables him to meet deadlines, organize tasks, and files. Mr. Hope enjoys reading and recommends people to read “The Second Machine Age: Work, Progress, and Prosperity in a Time of Brilliant Technologies.”

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How Bob Reina Came Up With The Idea Of Talk Fusion

Bob Reina is both the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion. His company’s first product was Video Email which was released in 2007 and allows users to send video via email to others. He has developed into an expert at both marketing and building up a direct selling company. Under his leadership, Talk Fusion products are sold internationally in several nations. He is also a notable philanthropist and has supported a variety of charities with an emphasis on animal charities. Learn more:

It was as a police officer that Bob Reina began his professional career. This was his profession for a decade before he left this position in order to start his own company. He built a number of companies from the ground up but each failed due to one reason or another. It was while taking a tour of a house out of state that he had his, “ah-ha!” moment that would change his life and that of others.

He was at a house in North Carolina and wanted to send a video of it back to his family. His email provider at the time, AOL, told him over the phone that what he was trying to do wasn’t possible. He contacted an old friend who worked in the IT field and together they came up with a product that would allow people to do this task. Bob Reina says anyone can make use of the app but it works particularly well for businesses that want to market their products through video email. Learn more:

As a direct selling expert, Bob Reina built up a network of independent agents who sell Talk Fusion products to businesses around the globe. In addition to Video Email, his company also supplies other types of apps today that help businesses in other ways such as holding online conferences.

Giving back to other’s is a vital part of Bob Reina’s life. He supports a number of charities not just in his home area of Florida but throughout the world as well. He’s also gratified to help the Talk Fusion Associates that sell his company’s products find success as well.