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Coriant Growing Through The Changes


Coriant, sometimes known as the top optical transport technology provider in the world, is going through some growing pains as it brings Shaygan Kheradpir back as their new CEO. He had been venturing over to Juniper Networks, Inc., for a couple of years. But, now he is back in the saddle at Coriant. He takes over from Pat DiPietro who will return to his former role as Marlin Equity Partners’ Vice Chairman. He has not only been familiar with company history and operations, he was also already setting up a realistic road map to drive the company into becoming the premier optical networking corporate provider to industry, world wide.

The company was originally assembled from acquisitions of optical networking technology engineering units from Tellabs, Sycamore Networks, and Nokia. Tellabs itself cost Coriant $891 million. Kheradpir has already worked closely with the management team at Coriant, since earlier this year, when his role was as the Operating Executive to the investment company that put Coriant together: Marlin Equity Partners. The new CEO plans to upgrade their client list with the latest technology cloud computing and more fault-tolerant server systems.

About the changes, former chief DiPietro said that he felt honored to be welcoming Shaygan as the new head honcho at Coriant. He believes Kheradpir is uniquely situated to take on the role of CEO. He thinks their new leader will drive the company to succeed even more in the 21st century. The company made the announcement of his appointment by the Board of Directors, along with a commendation for Kheradpir being such a formative leader in his 28 years working in technology, at telecoms and for financial houses.

The amount of experience and abundance of skills that Shaygan Kheradpir brings to Coriant is remarkable. He was the key manager of Verizon Communication’s roll out of fiber networking across all of America. He was also an executive at GTE and Operations Chief and Technology Chief at Barclays Bank. He is obviously the right person to field systems to the company’s 500 corporate clients, bringing in over $1 billion annually. He is the right mix of high-technology, networking know-how, and business acumen. Much of this information came from this article on Light Reading.


Fixing Our Issues Makes White Shark Media Even Better

At White Shark Media, we are aware that there have been some complaints about our company, along with many compliments. We have been working on taking care of the problems within and are pleased to announce the changes we have made in order to achieve customer satisfaction with our Clients. Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints:,28.htm

AdWords CampaIgns

We were told that our Clients were not able to review their reports in an easy and timely manner. To fix this, we are determined to provide all of our Clients information about their new campaigns as soon as they are started. That way, you can more easily tell how your keywords and ads are doing at all times and they can also get to read more: White Shark Media values their Clients and Employees.

Clients have mentioned that communication with our company has not been up to speed, and that having to go through a receptionist to get ahold of their contact person was time-consuming and frustrating. This is very important to us to fix. We have done two things to fix this problem:

1) GoToMeeting Calls

At least once a month or more, Clients and SEM Strategists will go over the results of the campaigns for the past 30 days. They will also go over the monthly report, which will always be sent out before any scheduled meeting. This will be done with GoToMeeting, an online conference site where a screen can be shared in order to go over every detail.

2) Direct Lines

Clients will now be given all contact information for their contact person as soon as they sign up (Learn more about White Shark Media Review/Complaints: That way, all calls will go directly where they are intended, making communication that much more effective.

SEO Services

Our clients have asked us if we are planning to offer SEO services. At the moment, we are not. But we are dedicated to making sure that the one you are using is a good one. Therefore, please send all of your current SEO work to your SEM Strategist and they will be more than happy to take it to the senior staff to review.

Contact Person Problems

Some clients have mentioned that after signing up with White Shark Media, their contact person wasn’t as much of a help as they said they would be. To help with the transition phase, you will be assigned a Senior SEM Consultant who will follow the progress of your campaigns the whole way. While they will not be your first form of contact, they will always be there for any questions or concerns you may have during your time with us.

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