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Improve your Compensation with GoBuySide

GoBuySide is a search firm that intends to make it easier for entrepreneurs and business owner with their employees. Traditionally, people who are looking to employ would have difficulty in finding the right people for their job. There would be circumstances where they would feel like they might have found the right fit, but that was not always the case. There might be an individual who does not have the experience necessary to perform well. They lead a platform that connects top-tier professionals with a business that is looking for people of that stature. Learn more about GoBuyside’s founder at

According to GoBuySide, performance is one of the key factors in improving private equity firm compensation. The private equity industry has been increasing because of the great economic returns that they are getting. Private equity firms have increased by 6-8% each year after 2014. A survey was given by GoBuySide, 65% of firms have reported an increase in their earnings. The private equity firm industry has grown because of the increase in search of employment.


Private equity firms are looking to use services like GoBuySide because it makes the search to employ professionals much easier. The private equity industry is worth hundreds of billions of dollars, in North America alone, the industry is trying to employ about 200,000 junior and senior level employees. The private equity firms that did not experience an increase in either their growth or return on capital, did not invest as much in their individual and fund performance. There are many private equities that focus on bonus payments because it seems that they would be earning more money like that. Private equities would experience an increase in their equities if they would invest in their performance. Focusing on bonus payments is a short-term benefit strategy that may benefit a private equity, but not as much as investing in their performance. Private equities that focused on bonus payment would experience a 1-9% decrease in their performance. Many of these equities would state that their performance was not satisfactory for them. Thus, once a private equity realizes the importance of this factory, they would use platforms like GoBuySide in order to find people to improve their business. Follow GoBuyside on Facebook.