The best Zenless Zone Zero Piper build takes her wild ride of a kit and turns it into an unstoppable force. This Physical Anomaly Agent excels at inflicting Assault, making her a strong secondary damage dealer for your team and an essential partner for certain characters whose kits depend on Anomalies.

Our ZZZ Piper build breaks down the best W-Engines and Drive Discs for Piper, with an explanation of how this A-rank Agent works as well.

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ZZZ: Piper kit explained

  • Role: Anomaly
  • Damage Type: Physical
  • Faction: Sons of Calydon
  • Rarity: A-Rank

Piper’s combat style hinges on Power, a resource she gets by landing attacks with her EX Special or Ultimate. Every Power stack increases her Anomaly buildup, so she can trigger Assault more quickly. If you team Piper up with other Sons of Calydon or Physical Agents, she also gives the party a flat damage boost once she gets 20 Power stacks.

The way to get Power fast is by holding the EX Special Attack button when Piper has enough energy, which makes her spin around wildly and hit enemies repeatedly. Every hit generates a Power stack, so you’ll be at least halfway to that 20 stack threshold for her buff after one use of her EX Special. Piper takes less damage while spinning, so you don’t have to worry about her getting overwhelmed.

Duplicates of Piper help you fill out her Mindscape Cinema and access additional bonuses. Level 1 gives any spin attack a chance to gain additional Power and increases the maximum number of Power Piper can stack, while Level 2 increases her movement speed during spins and boosts the strength of her finishing moves, which grows with each stack of Power she acquired. Level 4 recovers Energy for Piper whenever someone inflicts an Attribute Anomaly on an enemy. Level 6 allows Piper to spin for longer and increases the time Power lasts before being depleted.

ZZZ: Best Piper W-Engines

Roaring Ride is a solid choice for Piper thanks to its attack boost and a passive ability that triggers a random effect whenever the user’s EX Special hits a foe. Piper’s EX Special hits several times, which means she can trigger all three possible effects in one go, which grant her a buff in attack, Anomaly proficiency, and Anomaly buildup.

Best W-Engines for Piper:

  • Roaring Ride (A-Rank)
  • Fusion Compiler (S-Rank)
  • Rainforest Gourmet (A-Rank)
  • Weeping Gemini (A-Rank)
  • Electro-Lip Gloss (A-Rank)
  • [Magnetic Storm] Bravo (B-Rank)

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ZZZ: Best Piper Drive Discs

Anomaly Mastery and Anomaly Proficiency are good stat choices for Piper, given how easily she can inflict Assault compared to other Physical Agents, and focusing on both will increase how much damage Assault deals and how quickly it triggers. It’s worth getting some extra crit rate and crit damage on Piper as well, so you have better chances of her spin attacks dishing out heavy damage. If you want to play it a bit more safely, though, swap crit stats for defense to help keep Piper safe during her EX Special.

Best Drive Disc sets for Piper:

  • Freedom Blues (4) + Swing Jazz (2): +30 Anomaly Proficiency, -20% Anomaly Buildup RES (corresponding to the wearer’s Attribute) for a target for 8 seconds after being hit with an EX Special Attack, +20% Energy Regen.

Best Drive Disc stats for Piper:

  • Partition 1 – HP (Primary), Anomaly Proficiency, ATK %, CRIT Rate %, CRIT DMG %
  • Partition 2 – ATK (Primary), Anomaly Proficiency, ATK %, CRIT Rate %, CRIT DMG %
  • Partition 3 – DEF (Primary), Anomaly Proficiency, ATK %, CRIT Rate %, CRIT DMG %
  • Partition 4 – Anomaly Proficiency (Primary), ATK %, CRIT Rate %, CRIT DMG %, ATK
  • Partition 5 – ATK % (Primary), Anomaly Proficiency, CRIT Rate %, CRIT DMG %, ATK
  • Partition 6 – Anomaly Mastery (Primary), Anomaly Proficiency, ATK %, CRIT Rate %, CRIT DMG %

ZZZ: Best Piper teams

Piper is a strong secondary damage dealer for any team, though she needs time on the field to make the most of her kit.

  • Nekomata (Main DPS), Piper (Sub DPS), Lucy (Support)
  • Bangboo: Bangvolver

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Nekomata and Piper work wonderfully together, as enemies with the Assault condition trigger Nekomata’s Core Skill. Nekomata also doesn’t want to be on the field for too long,, which gives Piper space to do her thing and build Power stacks. Lucy is a solid support for this duo, increasing everyone’s attack and helping with Daze.

ZZZ: Piper promotion materials

Here’s what Piper needs to hit level 60:

  • Basic Anomaly Certification Seal x4
  • Advanced Anomaly Certification Seal x32
  • Controller Certification Seal x30
  • Dennies x800,000

Certification Seals come from the VR Combat Simulation, and you can craft advanced materials using lower-level materials. Dennies also come from the VR Combat Simulation, but you can get them by running the Random Play video store, too.

And here’s what you need to max out her skills. We’ve presented it as a lump total, but if you want the amount for a single skill, just divide by five.

  • Basic Physical Chip x25
  • Advanced Physical Chip x75
  • Specialized Physical Chip x250
  • Hamster Cage Pass x5
  • Dennies x2,500,000

Chips can be farmed in the VR Combat Simulation with Advanced and Specialized Chips also being available through crafting. Hamster Cage Passes are a rare material that can be grabbed from time-limited events as well as the New Eridu City Fund.

Finally, you can upgrade her Core Skill six times to make Piper stronger, for which you need the following materials:

  • Higher Dimensional Data: Crimson Awe x60
  • Finale Dance Shoes x9
  • Dennies x405,000

Higher Dimensional Data: Crimson Awe is available from the Expert Challenge: Troublemaker – Wanted Enforcer, while Finale Dance Shoes must be acquired through Notorious Hunt: Twin Marionettes.

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