The FJ Cruiser may not be spacious, but its overlanding nature makes it perfect for adventure seekers.

Motorhomes come in various shapes and sizes. We've seen huge ones that are almost like full-size houses on wheels, while tiny ones have also been coming to light to prove to us that a nomadic way of life doesn't always warrant a huge vehicle. However, one's lifestyle will always affect the size and capabilities of their rides.

For Juliana, living full-time on the road in her 2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser Overlander SUV just fits her lifestyle. Featured on Tiny House Giant Journey, Juliana works as a trail guide for Onyx Off-Road, a job that supports her chosen van life.

Juliana shared that living on the road can be difficult at times. However, she finds it freeing, and her desire to explore scenic and rugged areas of the US needed a very capable off-roading vehicle, hence her choice of vehicle.

Juliana affectionately calls her FJ Cruiser motorhome "Wreck," short for "Recycle," as everything on the vehicle is either recycled, discontinued, or discounted. She has made numerous modifications to her Toyota SUV, including adding a bison gear roof rack, solar panels, and zip-tied headlights and lights. The roof rack is still in the process of being put together, but Juliana has storage boxes on it, which she uses to store her belongings. The solar panels on the roof of her vehicle provide her with 200 watts of power.

Overlander Motorhomes Can Take You Anywhere Your Heart Desires:

Living on the road can be challenging, Juliana admits, especially when you don't have access to amenities such as a bathroom or running water. However, she chooses to live day by day and go with the flow, not worrying about what the future holds. She loves the sense of freedom and feeling alive that this lifestyle provides.

Juliana's FJ Cruiser Overland tiny home may not be the most luxurious or spacious, but it allows her to live her dream of exploring the great outdoors and living life on the road. She encourages others to consider alternative lifestyles and to find what makes them feel alive.

Source: Tiny House Giant Journey via YouTube

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