Ferrari's First EV Debuts in 2025

Ferrari’s CEO promises it’ll make the EV “in the right way.” It goes on sale in 2026.

Audi Gets Rid of Fake Exhausts Because You Hate Them

On the new S5, they're real, and they're spectacular.

Here's Why the Lotus Evija X Crashed at Goodwood

Too much torque and not enough traction, essentially.

This Tesla Model S Taxi Has 430,000 Miles. Here's How Its Battery Holds Up

It's still on its first battery and hasn't had its electric motors replaced either.

Red Bull unveils the RB17: luxury hypercar with Formula 1 power

The RB17 hypercar from Red Bull, unveiled at the 2024 Goodwood Festival of Speed to celebrate 20 years of Red Bull Racing, was created by renowned engineer Adrian Newey and Red Bull Advanced Technologies.

The 25 best multiple-guitar bands

There are many legendary one-guitar bands (Van Halen, The Who, and Rush, for example), but sometimes, two or even three guitars are better than one. Some of rock's most legendary bands featured more than one elite guitarist. Here is our ranking of the 25 best.

Why there is no room for failure with Red Bull’s Ford-backed F1 engine plan

Red Bull says it must make a success of its Formula 1 engine project with Ford

Fiat launches new Grande Panda to celebrate 125 years of the brand

Fiat has unveiled the Grande Panda, a compact crossover marking the beginning of a new 'Panda' model lineup.

Carpenter slates IndyCar hybrid decision that makes "racing worse"

Ed Carpenter is fuming over decisions that have impacted the quality of racing in the IndyCar Series.

Car crashes into Taupō clifftop viewing platform

The lookout is popular with sightseers and hides a water treatment plant underneath.

Who said electric cars don't have range? Twins drive 10,000 miles from London to SHANGHAI in a convertible battery-powered MG sports car

Twins Hugo and Ross Turner spent eight months travelling in an MG Cyberster, passing through three continents and 28 countries.

Top 10: Ranking the greatest cars of the Super Touring era

Many machines had their moment in the sun during the British Touring Car Championship's Super Touring golden era. Here’s our pick of the best – taking into account global success, not just the BTCC

Vintage stars and their cars

It is true that many celebrities currently drive classic cars, but we've covered that before. Now it's time to look at vintage stars and their cars. From movie stars to famous singers, in this gallery you'll find classic roadsters, luxury cars, and everything in between. And, of course, lot of celebrities from decades past. Curious to find out who was driving what? Click through and marvel at these vintage images of stars and their cars.

The BEST images from the Drone Photo Awards

This stunning collection of aerial photographs from around the world features the best images from the 2022, 2023 and 2024 editions of the Siena Drone Photo Awards.

Yamaha Launches Two New Dirt Bikes, Updates a Lot More

The updated YZ250FX and WR250F are the highlights of the lineup.

This Chinese Motorcycle Company Is Selling a Honda Hunter Cub on Steroids

Leten’s Adventure Cub LT190 is loaded with tech—maybe too much tech.

2024 BMW i5 Touring M60 Review: A Practical Electric Superwagon

Manufacturers have all but given up offering wagons in the US, but the i5 Touring is good enough to make you reconsider that SUV.

Western Bay of Plenty parking cameras: Katikati and Te Puke to have three-month trial

New roving parking cameras being trialled in the Western Bay of Plenty.

Why Harrison Ford was told to change his name - and the title he wanted

Harrison Ford was almost forced to change his name at the start of his career, but producers weren't too fond on the option he suggested

20 facts you might not know about 'Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse'

Do you like the whole “multiple Spider-Mans” thing? Then the Spider-Verse films are for you, and Across the Spider-Verse took things to a new level. Here are 20 facts about Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, all from our universe.

Lucid Air Recalled Over Sudden Loss Of Drive, Coolant Failure

Lucid observed at least 10 instances of unwarned power loss while owners were driving their sedans.

Norton Motorcycles Is Back, Will Launch Six New Bikes in the Next Three Years

TVS Motor has some really big plans for the iconic British brand.

Aussie Tesla owner is called out over 'illegal' way they've parked car

John Slaytor and Chantal Decaluwe, who live in the leafy suburb of Waverton, on Sydney's lower north shore, face limited options for off-street parking.

Goodwood festival of speed 2024 highlights: from celeb spotting to Formula 1 legend Max Verstappen

The world’s fastest garden party, celebrity spotting, automotive legends, and celebrating 130 years of technological progress—it can only be Goodwood

The custom Fender Strat that helped launch Johnny Marr's post-Smiths career is up for auction

The auction also includes Marr's 1980s Mesa/Boogie amplifier rig, which he used during his tenure with English post-punk band The The

How Ralf Schumacher coming out paves the way for more diversity in F1

Ralf Schumacher is the highest-profile Formula One driver to come out. It's a watershed moment but proves that European sports still has a big diversity problem. View on euronews

Fun Facts You Didn't Know About 'Car 54, Where Are You?'

Hold onto your hats as we take a trip down memory lane to the streets of the Bronx, where officers "Toody" and "Muldoon" once patrolled in the classic TV show 'Car 54, Where Are You?' Premiering on September 17, 1961, this iconic series delivered laughs and unforgettable moments for its fans.Things You Didn't Know About 'Car 54, Where Are You?' From its original title, 'The Snow Whites,' to the unique choice of red and white patrol cars and the divisive opinions of television critics, we're diving deep into the quirks and anecdotes that make 'Car 54, Where Are You?' a timeless classic.So, buckle up for an entertaining ride through the trivia tidbits of a show that continues to capture the hearts of viewers decades later.

Starmer to tear up planning laws as he 'takes the brakes off Britain'

Sources said today's King Speech will include a new Planning Bill which will curb residents' ability to block controversial developments.

Nissan Juke

Can an interior-focused revamp continue the market-shaping crossover's appeal until it goes electric?

Check out the first official photos of the new Honda Prelude

After being first introduced as a concept car at the Japan Mobility Show in October 2023, Honda has confirmed the return of the Prelude to Europe as a hybrid sports coupe.

Cops hunt for suspects who ran over mom who tried to stop them from carjacking her SUV with her 6-year-old inside

Cops hunt for suspects who ran over mom who tried to stop them from carjacking her SUV with her 6-year-old inside - Alexa Stakely ran after her child, who was asleep in the backseat, when carjackers targeted her vehicle

Jeremy Clarkson ‘ends TV partnership’ with Richard Hammond and James May

The end of an era.

Every electric car currently built in the US

Essential items you should always keep in your car

Some of us keep absolutely nothing in the back of our trunks, while others keep enough items to live in their car for weeks! The bottom line is, if you were stranded and your car broke down, would you have everything you need? From a first aid kit to a flashlight and a blanket, these are all items that could help you in a time of need. For the complete list of essential items, check out this gallery. Click on!

Discover the Auto Union Type 52, a 1930s supercar born from Audi’s hands

Designed in the 1930s, the Auto Union Type 52 was to be one of the fastest cars of the time. With a 16-cylinder engine with over 200 horsepower, the supercar would reach a top speed of 200 kilometers per hour.

Polestar Concept BST: How Polestar Wants To Take On Porsche

This close-to-production study breathes life into the Polestar O2 concept and gives it a racing makeover.

The ‘Gladiator II' Trailer Is Getting Review Bombed for Three Reasons

The action-packed trailer for Paramount’s Gladiator II has racked up 215 million global cross-platform views in just a few days and suggests Ridley Scott might have pulled off his long-awaited sequel to his Oscar-winning 2000 epic. The new film is led by Paul Mescal as a grown-up Lucius and also stars Pedro Pascal and Denzel […]

He stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini and nearly killed the girl he tried to impress with it. Now he’ll walk free

He stole Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini and nearly killed the girl he tried to impress with it. Now he’ll walk free - Max Wade infamously rappelled from the roof of a San Francisco car dealership and drove away with Guy Fieri’s Lamborghini

Chevy Silverado EV's More Affordable LT Trim: This Is It

The cheaper LT model and off-road-ready Silverado EV Trail Boss are due next year.

‘Captain America: Brave New World' trailer introduces Harrison Ford to MCU, teases Red Hulk [Watch]

The Marvel machine is revving itself back up. Days after the first look at the upcoming Disney+ series "Agatha All Along," Disney debuted the first teaser for "Captain America: Brave New World," the first feature film with Anthony Mackie starring in the title role. This fourth Captain America film has been long in the works. […]

Girl, 2, dies in hot car after 'her father made terrible mistake'

Parker Scholtes, 2, after she was left in a car outside her home in Tucson, Arizona, for at least half an hour by her father Chris Scholtes as the temperature climbed to 109F.

The best movie and TV drivers ever

Everyone loves a good car chase, and the characters on this list are definitely the ones you would want behind the wheel when things get a little hairy on the road. These are the best drivers to ever grace the screen.

Former head designer at Rolls-Royce, 74, is found 'stabbed to death'

A British former head designer at Rolls-Royce has been found dead on his own doorstep at his £3million mansion after being stabbed.

25 DiY classic sports cars

The Toyota Supra GRMN Looks Fast, Has a New Wing, Sounds Good

Will there be an optional performance package, or is Toyota just trying different wings for the fun of it?

The Toyota Tundra Is Beating Ram in Market Share

Ram still outsells Tundra by a wide margin, but the gap is closing.

Red Bull RB17 revealed at Goodwood with atmospheric V10 and F1 tech

The V10-powered 217mph two-seat RB17 is the final Red Bull project from engineer Adrian Newey

This Is The Charging Adapter Nissan Leaf Owners Need Right Now

A new CHAdeMO to CCS adapter could add many more years of driving to your Leaf.

This Tiny Rotary Engine Is More Powerful Than It Looks

It's just a prototype, but it could serve as an onboard generator for electric vehicles.

Kia EV9 Infotainment Review: Top Of The Class

Kia's new infotainment software is a huge leap forward. I just wish the physical controls were a bit better.