The police in Auckland are out in force for the second weekend in a row trying to deter the rising number of youths riding around streets on dirt motorbikes causing damage to parks and themselves.

The acting Counties Manukau District Commander said during the week in South Auckland, four riders were hurt and one of them has critical injuries after falling off a bike.

Inspector Matt Srhoj said it is too dangerous to try and stop them in the act so it is a case of prevention or impounding bikes at a later time.

Srhoj said the bikers are just about "thumbing their noses" at the police with their risky riding and some of them are affiliated with gangs such as Killer Beez and King Cobra.

Many of the riders are doing wheelstands, running red lights and tearing up parks and reserves.

Some people have also been intimidated by large groups of youths riding their bikes around them.

He said during the last week there have been multiple arrests and drugs were also found on some of the alleged offenders.

Srhoj said police will continue with what is being called Operation Metallic Red to try and identify the illegal bike riders from CCTV footage and police observation.

He is warning the riders they could be arrested at a later date after being identified through police investigations and surveillance.

Srhoj said the youngest boy caught with a dirt bike so far is 12 years old and has been referred to Youth Aid.


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