A 22-year-old will spend the rest of his life without a leg after an accident involving a vehicle on his family farm in Tamaki Makaurau - Auckland.

A recall notice for the Polaris Ranger model had been issued but the family says they weren't aware of it.

Polaris says the cause of the crash is yet to be determined.

This is the spot where amputee Logan McNair says his life changed forever.

"Came down the hill here. As I put the throttle down, it jammed on, it wouldn't come off," he told Newshub.

He ended up in the ditch with the Polaris Ranger he was driving just seconds earlier on its side.

"I noticed my leg was barely attached at the time. I just screamed the loudest that I could," he said.

Emergency services rushed him to hospital where he was later told his leg would be amputated.

At the time, he was an avid skydiver and completing his building apprenticeship.

"I was gutwrenched," he said.

While Logan was still in hospital recovering from surgery his father Brett McNair said he received a recall notice for the vehicle.

"We got notification in the mail: 'If there is going to be a situation where you deem the vehicle to be unsafe, you need to notify us immediately'," Brett said.

On December 17 2021, Polaris issued the recall notice for the vehicle online. It was released to dealers and filed with MBIE on January 7 2022.

Polaris said letters to affected customers were sent on the 11th. On the 17th Logan had his accident - a month after the initial recall was released online.

But the McNair family say they didn't receive the notice in the mail until February 3.

"When I started joining the dots, I became very concerned that actually, this is not just bad luck, this is something that absolutely could have been prevented," Brett said.

But Polaris says the cause of the accident is still yet to be determined.

In a statement the company said: "There are processes running to get to the heart of this matter and ascertain exactly what led to Logan's tragic accident."

They said if an issue is detected the company works to implement a recall as soon as possible. And while it is their responsibility to notify customers - they encourage dealers to raise notices with affected clients too.

This client now facing life without a leg and searching for answers. 

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