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Good, bad or ugly? The biggest automotive fads

Fashions come and go in the car world . We round up some of the biggest fashions to arrive - and then leave

Ford F-150 Lightning Owner Explains Why He Sold It After 6 Months

This owner worried about excessive depreciation but was also unhappy with the Lightning's software and charging challenges.

20 fab fast Fords from around the world

Electric Cars Poised To Capture Majority US Market Share By 2030

A research paper by Carnegie Mellon and Yale University indicates that EVs will dominate the US car market by 2030

What Happens When You Forget To Winterize Your 50-Year-Old Honda CB500?

Don't panic, just troubleshoot.

Acura IMSA stars' simultaneous Le Mans returns a "coincidence"

Daytona 24 Hours winner Colin Braun says it's a "coincidence" that both he and Acura colleague Simon Pagenaud are both ending lengthy Le Mans absences in the same year.

Espargaro left with 'destroyed heel' after bicycle crash while on mobile phone

Aleix Espargaro suffered several injuries after a “stupid” crash on his bicycle while using his mobile phone ahead of MotoGP’s Italian Grand Prix.

One Big Thing About The 2023 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Pinnacle: Comfort

Real Nappa leather and other premium features make the Pacifica Pinnacle the most luxurious minivan in the class.

The Most And Least Advanced Motor Industries Around The World

Some countries are catching up with established producers, while for others, it's pitch black.

Mercedes admits F1 upgrade ‘rush’ prompted some worries

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff thinks it critical his team understands why its new Formula 1 upgrade works so well after admitting the “rush” to introduce it triggered concerns.

5 EV charging station stocks for long-term investors as the industry continues to rapidly evolve.

Many transportation experts see electric vehicles as the way of the future. One obstacle to widespread adoption is the lack of charging stations. In order for electric vehicles to become the new norm, there must be a infrastructure in place to support them. This means a significant investment in charging stations which many see as an opportunity. The demand for electric vehicles is expected to grow significantly in the coming years, and those...

Watch Audi TT RS Roadster Hit Its 173-MPH Top Speed In Autobahn Run

Audi is discontinuing the model in the US after 2023.

Three wheelchair vans stolen from Christchurch disability service

A disability day service in Christchurch has had three wheelchair vans stolen in the past three weeks.

Most famous car advertising slogans in the world

Grace, space and pace – and many more: time to investigate the story behind the most famous automotive slogans

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The sports cars we totally forgot existed

Many sports cars are venerated, but these, not so much. Time to salute the fast cars time forgot

Tesla Readies 4680 Battery Cell Production In California

As the Cybertruck is coming to market soon and Tesla is selling a record number of EVs, it's time to ramp up battery production.

Hyundai Puts Pony History On Full Display Alongside N Vision 74 Concept

The concept is a homage to the Pony.

Police hope to put the brakes on dirt bike swarms

The police in Auckland are out in force for the second weekend in a row trying to deter the rising number of youths riding around streets on dirt motorbikes causing damage to parks and themselves.

In Two Weeks, Tesla, Ford, And GM May Have Killed The CCS1 Charging Standard

The three companies hold three-quarters of the entire BEV market in the US and will use NACS instead of CCS1. It's probably game over.

Autonomous Driving: Here are the top 5 stocks innovating the way we drive.

Autonomous driving has an immense potential to revolutionize transportation industries. The market size makes it very appealing for big auto and tech companies. With so much at stake, it's clear that autonomous driving is one of the most important technological advancements to watch in the coming years. Investors who believe in these advancements may look for opportunties within this space with the highest returns. Securities within this list...

Ferrari: Red Bull-style sidepods not a knee-jerk copy

Ferrari insists its change of sidepod concept in Formula 1 is not a knee-jerk reaction in simply copying the dominant Red Bull team.

Incredible images of abandoned transportation from around the world

Watching nature reclaim man-made vehicles that were once at the shiny forefront of human progress is an awe-inspiring and humbling experience. Check out these incredible images of planes, boats, trains, cars, and trucks that now lie forgotten and decaying in their surroundings. (Photo: Casey Horner)

Quartararo splits with long-time MotoGP manager Eric Mahe

Fabio Quartararo has split with long-time manager Eric Mahe as he continues to navigate a difficult period in his MotoGP career.

Le Mans 24 Hours - more than just a race

The Le Mans 24 Hours has a rich tapestry as the world's greatest sportscar race.

Tern Presents The 2023 HSD Cargo Commuter E-Bike

It boasts a stiffer frame and a Bosch Performance Line motor for improved all-around performance.

Will solid state batteries transform the EV industry? Here are the best companies to watch.

A key question for Electric Vehicle (EV) industry is whether solid state batteries will become the new norm. Solid state batteries are smaller, lighter, and could be more efficient than traditional lithium-ion batteries, and they have the potential to radically transform the EV market. Many major automakers are already investing heavily in solid state battery technology. For these reasons, investments in solid state battery technology could pay...

See Naughty Bear Run For Freedom After Getting Stuck Inside SUV

The young bear climbed into a Toyota RAV4 and was stuck inside for hours.

MotoGP Italian GP: Bagnaia beats Marquez to pole

Ducati’s Francesco Bagnaia beat Honda rival Marc Marquez in qualifying for the Italian Grand Prix to claim his second consecutive MotoGP pole position of the 2023 season.

The dangers of distracted driving, and how to combat it

If you're a driver, pay attention: nearly every driver out there is guilty of some form of distracted driving, and it doesn't just involve texting. Anything that takes your attention away from the road is a distraction. Eating, drinking, smoking, putting on makeup, or even fiddling around with the stereo could all be considered distractions. And this can be just as dangerous as drunk driving. If you're guilty of these things, or simply know someone who is always getting distracted, the following tips can help avoid this dangerous behavior. Click on to find out more.

Inflation reduction act puts charge in electric vehicle market! Here are the top EV stocks to watch.

Inflation reduction act passed the senate among raging debates about what it actually brings to the consumers and economy. Nevertheless, it will be good news for EV makers as it provides $7,500 tax credit for EVs beginning in 2023 for a decade! This will charge an already hot EV sector even more. With traditional automakers like Ford and General Motors entering the battle for the best EVs, picking the best EV stocks can be challenging. The...

Colorado: New Tesla Model 3 RWD For Under $30,000?

New cars from Tesla's existing inventory might cost even less in various states.

Check Out The Toyota Toilet That Was Three Years In The Making

We aren’t talking about a crap car. This is a mobile, wheelchair-friendly toilet that's actually quite impressive.

Will Tesla's Cybertruck Really Be As Popular As The Model Y?

Come on, the Tesla Model Y outsold every other car on the planet in Q1 2023.

Next-generation speed cameras launched in Northland

The first of the country's 'smart' cameras to spot driving offences is going in on a highway in Northland.

Volvo EX30 Debuts, General Motors Adopting Tesla Charging Standard

Also, every Tesla Model 3 trim is now IRA eligible.

20 striking classics in this huge collection

Why the Isle of Man TT has given us motorsport’s best rivalry of 2023

OPINION: The final day of the 2023 Isle of Man TT could see history made as Michael Dunlop looks to match the all-time win record of 26 set by his late uncle Joey Dunlop in 2000. But standing in his way is Peter Hickman, the fastest rider ever around the TT course, and hungry to prove a point. What’s brewing is one of the best motorsport clashes of the year

Hickman settles on Superbike for Isle of Man TT Senior finale

The FHO Racing team has confirmed that Peter Hickman will race the Superbike version of his BMW in today’s Isle of Man Senior TT finale.

BAC Expands US Operations, Brings Bespoke Program Closer To Customers

The US is BAC’s largest primary global market.

Best Spy Shots For The Week Of June 5

The highlights this week include the Ram Rampage, Ferrari SF90 LM, a colorful Ford Bronco, and BMW M5.

Isle of Man 2023: Hickman takes shock Supertwin win, Dunlop denied history

Peter Hickman scored a shock victory in the final Supertwin race as a bike issue denied Michael Dunlop the chance to match the all-time Isle of Man TT win tally.

Bristol 408 V8 Barn Find Is An Extremely Rare British Muscle Car

There are only about 10 of these cars left in the world.

North America’s Largest Battery Electric Bus Order To Be Powered By BAE Systems

The Aerospace and Defense company has secured an order for 1,229 battery-powered buses.

Auckland Police car involved in 'low speed' crash with civilian in Auckland

Police are looking into how one of their vehicles crashed into a member of the public, bringing traffic to a crawl on Lincoln Road on Thursday morning.

Top 10 Australian cars of all time

Graphite can be a big winner in the booming EV industry. Learn about the best graphite stocks to invest in.

Graphite is a key ingredient in lithium-ion batteries, and the demand for graphite is expected to skyrocket in the coming years as EVs become more popular. So if you're looking to profit from the booming EV industry, don't forget about graphite stocks. They could be big winners in the years ahead. Securities within this list have been determined to have a high impact to graphite market. We use an algorithm that helps us determine which...

Will Lidar remain centric in the future of autonomous driving? Learn about companies advancing Lidar technology.

Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) uses laser to render the world in 3D. It has been an essential element in making self-driving cars. Recently, Tesla announced that it would no longer use this technology in its cars and questioned its "smartness". It is yet to be determined whether this technology remains crucial for autonomous driving but for those betting in its favor, we've collected the companies advancing lidar technology. This list's...

Deja Vu: Harley Temporarily Halts Production Again At York, PA Plant

A parts supply issue is reportedly to blame.