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Jason Hope Bets on Anti-aging Research by Partnering with SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is a young entrepreneur who captured unimaginable success in a short span of time. Interestingly, he bets on futuristic technologies and anything that is found to take humanity forward. Due to that reason, he is widely recognized across the world, and his investments make significant coverage in the media. His latest bet is none other than anti-aging, and he collaborated with researches in the area. Hope joined hands with the SENS Research Foundation, a research group working on revolutions in anti-aging and age-related diseases. He contributed $500,000 to the Foundation to equip laboratory located in Cambridge with advanced research options targeting the breakdown of glycation end products in tissues and cells of humans.

While confirming his contribution, Hope said that he sees the works of SENS Foundation as well as Dr. Aubrey de Grey, the co-founder and Chief Science Officer of the group, with great admiration. He continued that the works of SENS is crucial in advancing the human medicine, and the approach towards age-related diseases, including diabetes, Atherosclerosis, Alzheimer’s, and more, are aimed to address the overall issues related to aging touching everyone. Hope also said that he expects the works of SENS would give a complete reshaping and redefinition to the pharmaceutical, healthcare, and biotechnology industries.

Hope observed that the advancement of biotechnology is the future. He concluded that he is elated to be part of a mission that is expected to make revolutionary changes in the health of humans and positively impact everyone. While responding to the contribution, Mike Kope, the CEO of the Foundation, said that the SENS is on a mission to create a completely new biotech industry. The institution is greatly focusing on regenerative medicine and biotech. Kope concluded that the contribution of Hope would help the Foundation to accelerate its progress in countering age-related diseases.

Jason Hope is also a philanthropist and in search of options to give back to his community. He is known for accurate observation and judgment about various technologies. In the early 2000s, Hope understood the importance of mobile technology and invested significantly in it when people were apprehensive about the growth of the industry. Currently, he bets on the Internet of Things (IoT) and says that the importance of the technology would go up in the coming years. Hope secured his graduation in Finance from the prestigious Arizona State University and earned his MBA from W. P. Carey School. Hope is also a contributor to T Gen Foundation, Worldwide Orphans Foundation, The Tony Hawk Foundation, and more.

Jason Hope’s Social Media: twitter.com/jasonhope