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An In-Depth Interview with Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart (The Chainsmokers)

It comes a time in our lives where we have to go out of our way to chase our career dreams. Alex pall a vibrant and ambitious self-driven individual willing to do what it takes to make his dreams come true.

In an interview with Rosenzweig titled “The Chainsmokers,” Alex Pall together with his counterpart Andrew Taggart reveal that they were making music like a side hustle. Alex Pall reveals the love for music was intrinsically driven and he loved doing it just for fun and passion. He stated that his career started way back in New York City where he worked as a DJ.

He tells Rosenzweig that he was doing DJ work just like a side hustle and it came a time when he wanted to make music. He, therefore, talked to his manager who introduced him to Drew who is his producer.

On his way to the career ladder of success, Alex Pall meets this man, Andrew Taggart who was filled with the desire and love for music decided to give it a try. They made music partially according to Alex Pall, and they intended to ensure that the joy and passion for making music were kept intact.

The duo started their music career as a full-time hustle after they realized that they could do better than what they were doing prior. When Rosenzweig asked about there experience with Halsey, they commented that they loved working with her since she expressed a unique sense of maturity and originality an artist requires.

Rosenzweig also asked about how difficult it was for them to find identity in the Electronic music genre and Taggart responded saying that it had actually it had taken them almost 1½ years to be heard and this was mainly attributed to the popular song syndrome. This, therefore, made them devise their mechanism and started doing what they wanted to do best.

Taggart also said that their desire was now to write music that touches there own personality and this was going to act like there brand. He concludes by saying that ethics and hard work is what it takes to succeed.


The Chainsmokers are no jokers in the music industry!

The Chainsmokers are two American DJs, consisting of Andrew Taggart and Alex Pall. Their style of DJing consists of pop, dance, hip-hop and indy music. The Chainsmokers began with Alex Pall and DJ Rhett Bixler as the original group members. Shortly after the group formed DJ Rhett Bixler decided to disband from the group leaving an open spot for someone to showcase their talents alongside DJ Pall.

In 2012, The Chainsmokers receive new management under Adam Alpert who introduced Andrew Taggart to DJ Pall in New York City, reforming the duo as an EMD-pop DJ group. Before the two met Alex Pall was attending college in New York for art and music and Andrew had been working as an internship at Interscope Records. The DJ duo’s first breakthrough record featured an Indian artist named, Priyanka Chopra that will be the first of many successful chart-topping records that consistently begin to change the trajectory of DJ Pall and Taggart’s lives.

The Chainsmokers have not only gained much success in the music industry from their start back in 2012 but also have had much International success. After their top charting single “Roses” in 2015, The Chainsmokers broke into the top 10 and never look back. Scoring additional large success with singles including, “Paris”, “Closer”, and “Don’t let me down”, that won a Grammy for the best dance song, it’s pretty safe to say that The Chainsmokers have been undeniably game-changers especially in the DJing community. Their latest single which they just recently launched has taken a more sinister approach which is titled “Sick Boy”, which has allowed Pall and Taggart to connect more with fans who take to this type of music and also relate it’s message to the different issues that are going on and society today. The Chainsmokers also would like their latest single to be seen as a type of reflection of today’s generation dealing with frustration and anger. The Chainsmokers confirmed having a lot of different content they would like to cover through their new music in the recent Forbes article. So it is safe to say that The Chainsmokers are definitely a force to be reckoned with, within the music industry and it doesn’t seem like they’ll be slowing down anytime soon.