The super-lightweight frame is made of scraps of aerospace-grade carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber has been a staple in the cycling industry for over a decade now. Once reserved for the top racers, carbon fiber is pretty much ubiquitous when it comes to all things on two wheels. From e-scooters to folding bicycles, there are several options on the market that are made out of this lightweight yet durable material.

With all the positive attributes of carbon fiber, there are also a few drawbacks, specifically when it comes to sustainability. CF production is energy intensive, and it’s difficult to recycle carbon fiber scraps. Nevertheless, a company called Velos Advancements from New Zealand wants to make a difference. Its newest innovation, dubbed the Holocene Superbike, is made out of recycled carbon fiber. Just because the bike is made of carbon scraps doesn’t mean it's cheap. In fact, it’s more expensive than a lot of other fresh carbon e-bikes, tipping the scales at a hefty $14,800.

Velos Advancements gets its recycled carbon fiber from sources such as SailGP Technologies, a company known for its work in the field of composites. As for the Holocene Superbike, only 100 units of this exclusive bike are expected to be produced. On top of all that, each of these bikes will be produced according to the specifications of the customer, offering a near-endless array of customization options. Of course, Velos Advancements will be working with only the most renowned names in the cycling industry such as Shimano, Campagnolo, FSA, and Sram.

As for the inner workings of the bike, the frame is made out of recycled aerospace-grade resin-impregnated carbon fiber sheeting from SailGP Technologies and other aerospace partners. These scraps of carbon are too small for large industrial applications, but suitable for use in constructing bike frames. Velos Advancements then stores these carbon sheets in a freezer to preserve their integrity until frame production, as uncured impregnated carbon fiber sheeting can degrade when exposed to the elements.

Velos Advancement’s new Holocene Superbike is offered in six different sizes to cater to riders of varying heights. The finished frame is expected to weigh in at about 900 to 950 grams. Of course, pricing will vary depending on your chosen components, but as mentioned earlier, the entry-level build package that makes use of Shimano Dura-Ace parts will set you back about $14,800.

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Source: New Atlas, Road.CC

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