Good, bad or ugly? The biggest automotive fads

Fashions come and go in the car world . We round up some of the biggest fashions to arrive - and then leave

Tauranga traffic delays: Mana wave roadworker stands out

Comments on social media have been overwhelmingly positive.

Check Out SC-Project’s New Slip-On Exhausts For The BMW F 900 GS

One for the street, and another one for off-road use only.

Petrolhead Drives A 2024 Tesla Model Y For The First Time

This V8 loving YouTuber is finally starting to see the appeal of electric cars. But she has a few gripes about the Model Y's design.

Wilson Parking can access drivers' personal information - but can you opt out?

A Labour MP is calling for a stop to Wilson Parking accessing Kiwis' personal information.

Lamborghini Recalls Urus Due to Risk of Hood Detachment at High Speeds

Lamborghini is recalling the Urus SUV, 2023/2024 Performante and S models, due to an issue that could cause the hood to detach at high speeds.

You Can Easily Fix a Polaris Slingshot With a 500HP and a Fourth Wheel

The butt of many jokes just got serious.

The concept cars we totally forgot about

Concepts are important for a brand's past as well as future, so let's look at the forgotten head-turners

You Can Lease A Jeep Wrangler 4xe For Under $300 A Month

Jeep is stacking a $7,500 lease incentive on top of state, local and loyalty discounts.

25 great Japanese classic cars

Five dead in horror crash near Te Awamutu

Motorists are advised to avoid the area and expect delays.

How F1's top teams went all in with their Monaco rear wings

The Monaco Grand Prix is an outlier on the Formula 1 calendar. It is all about bolting downforce onto the car without needing to worry too much about drag implications.

Toyota Will Build Fun Cars with Gas Engines Until ICE Is Banned

Gazoo Racing is still investing in ICE, arguing that "internal combustion engines aren't bad."

People are only just realising the meaning behind iconic 70s rock band AC/DC’s name

51 years after they were first formed, fans are still learning the meaning of their name.

20 Indy 500 facts you might not know

Scary Video: Driver Drags Gas Station Attendant Caught on Fuel Hose

In a scary video, a driver from the state of Minas Gerais, Brazil, dragged a gas station attendant caught on a gasoline fuel hose last Saturday (18).

The Struggle Is Very Real For EV Maker Arcimoto

Phones not working, a website down, and judgments against the firm from creditors are some of the problems it's been facing.

How will the WRC’s sprint rally trial work?

This week’s Rally Sardinia will offer a first look at the World Rally Championship’s new sprint rally concept as the series aims to shake up its event formats for the future.

Rivian R1T Ownership Review After 2 Years And 40,000 Miles

A Rivian owner shares his thoughts on the electric truck and offers tips for future buyers.

Big-selling cars now vanishing from our roads

We look at the fate of some of the most popular cars of the 70s and 80s

The 2024 Lucid Air Has Up To 516 Miles Of Range, Outstanding Efficiency

The Lucid is still the EV range king, thanks to class-leading efficiency and a big battery.

The 26 greatest Pixar moments

Pixar is renowned for its brand of high-quality storytelling, but which of its many moments are unforgettable?

Podcast: 2024 Indianapolis 500 Review

A dramatic 2024 edition of the Indianapolis 500 is dissected on the latest episode of the Autosport Podcast.

Next Generation Nissan Leaf Reportedly To Go On Sale In March 2025

Nissan's Sunderland UK plant has undergone $2.5 billion in upgrades to support the Leaf and other future EV production.

ReSport Charitable Trust collected nearly 4000 units of sports gear in first year

ReSport Charitable Trust celebrates one year with collection drive.

'Furiosa' Director George Miller Debated Including That Credits Montage 'A Lot'

While it's understood that "Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga" is a prequel that leads directly into the events of "Mad Max: Fury Road," director George Miller said he and his team quite heavily debated the inclusion of footage from "Fury Road" during the "Furiosa" credits. While "Furiosa" doesn't exactly have a post-credits scene, there is a montage of footage from Miller's 2015 epic "Fury Road" that plays during the credits, teasing what happens to the...

I'm a mechanic - here are the six most reliable cars for under $10,000

US-based content creator David Long shared the most reliable used cars in a three-part TikTok video series. The mechanic described his list of six vehicle picks as 'no brainer buys.'

Watch This Moldy Acura NSX Gets Its First Wash in 22 Years

It has 2002.2 miles on the odometer, and now it looks like new.

Dyson exec, Rocket Lab man back Hamilton electric motorbike maker FTN Motion

First raising millions for a new model ahead of a push across the Tasman.

Audi Gives the RS4 Avant More Power but Still No US Visa

The ideal solution for a one-car garage just got even better but it's only a Euro affair.

Lamborghini Revuelto Vs Tesla Model S Plaid: Quick but Buggy

The two had their fair share of problems during the drag races.

Geely Is The First Chinese Automaker To Crack The Top 10 Global Auto Sales Chart

The Geely Group passed the Mercedes-Benz Group and BMW in Q1 2024.

Cheese rolling competition winners share their experience

bby Lampe, from North Carolina, US, Tom Kopke, from Munich, and Dylan Twiss, from Perth, Australia share their experience as they win the annual cheese rolling competition.

Russia's most modern tank suffers 'disco head' glitch while under fire

The bizarre fault has struck the T-90 tank - a third-generation Russian main battle vehicle that has been dubbed by Russian President Vladimir Putin as the 'best tank in the world.'

Why Zhou was Sainz's Monaco GP podium saviour

Zhou Guanyu may not have known it at the time, but his tardy getaway in Formula 1’s Monaco Grand Prix proved critical in helping Carlos Sainz secure a podium finish.

Toyota, Mazda, and Subaru Join Forces on New Combustion Engines

The new engines will be compatible with carbon-neutral fuels.

The BMW Skytop Could Go into Production After All

The targa-topped M8 Convertible would have a production run of 25 cars.

The world's first electric cars

12 times Vauxhall got it right

Dramatic Video: Officer Breaks Car Window to Rescue Girl in Florida

A girl was trapped inside a car in Palm Coast, Florida, and a police officer broke the vehicle's window to rescue the child on Tuesday (21) in a dramatic video.

Question of the Week: what’s the best car chase sequence in a movie?

Will you pluck from Fast and Furious’ extensive list, or opt for an all-time classic like Bullitt? The comment section awaits…

The Ypsilon HF Is the First Hot Lancia in Decades

The road-going model is electric but there's also a rally version with a three-cylinder gas engine.

Tank Slappers Podcast: MotoGP Catalan GP Review

The 2024 MotoGP Catalan Grand Prix offered up a raft of talking points as Francesco Bagnaia bounced back from a sprint crash with victory on Sunday.

156bhp from 7.5 litres - and other huge engines to deliver the smallest power

American carmakers struggled to meet emissions regulations in the 1970s

Four in ten Americans have unfavorable views of EVs for ten reasons

Amid the declining demand among Americans for EVs, a new poll by the Wall Street Journal broke down why opinions have soured on the vehicles that were supposed to be the future.

The simple rule change that could make the Monaco GP exciting again

Another processional Monaco Grand Prix has inevitably triggered debate about what Formula 1 needs to do to spice up excitement around the principality.

Honda Adorable Dax 125 Gets A New Color Option And Several Accessories

It's true. Black goes with everything.

Iconic toys that defined the ‘80s

The 1980s saw a wave of iconic toys on the market, which today bring major nostalgia. From Koosh Balls to Monchhichis, these were on every child's wish list. Did you have any of these toys? Click through the gallery to find out.

‘Furiosa’ edges out ‘Garfield’ for box-office title over slow Memorial Day weekend

It was a close race, but the wasteland warrior of “Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga” came out slightly ahead of the plump orange cat with an estimated $32 million in ticket sales over the four-day weekend according to studio estimates Monday.

Tesla can still be easily stolen despite new security update, says site

Despite a recent security update for the Tesla Model 3 aimed at preventing theft, the electric model can still be easily stolen with a relay device to capture the proximity key signal, says the site.