Robert Ivy: Why Employees Should Join Professional Societies

Going to school and attending on the job training is crucial for professionals who are working in various industries in the market. With these activities, these individuals increase their knowledge, and they are able to perform their jobs well. However, there is still so much to acquire in the market, and these training’s are not enough. There are numerous positions in the market, and this means that there is so much needed so that the company employees remain on the right track. There are several professional societies that have been established in the market, and their primary role is to assist the employees to acquire the skills they are looking for. These societies have been emerging in the recent times, and they are positively changing the lives of so many people. There are thousands of professionals’ societies at the moment, and they are all performing well. Read more about Robert Ivy at Tulane School of Architecture website.

Joining a professional organization has many benefits in the life of a professional. Here are some of the benefits people get to enjoy.

Educational Resources

Most associations invest in data and essential tools so that they can make sure that their members are benefiting. The information is always spread through the society’s webinars, websites, and newsletters. Most of these institutions take time to source for these tools and data, ensuring that it is of the best quality. The originality of the content makes the institutions to thrive in all matters.

Networking Opportunities

In most cases, professional organizations host large international conferences every year. These conferences have a big role to play in the lives of the workers. First of all, they bring together these professionals, and they interact and share so much when they are together. Because they have a lot in common, these individuals connect and assist each other to go up the corporate ladder. Visit Archinect to know more about Robert Ivy.

Robert Ivy

Robert Ivy is a very common name in the architectural world. The expert is currently leading a professional body known as AIA. Robert Ivy works as the executive vice president and CEO, Robert Ivy has been doing a very good job for the professionals in the industry. The professionals have benefited from his leadership.


Wes Edens Innovativeness is One to be Admired

Wes Edens plays an indisputable role in the Fortress Investment Group as chairman and founder. Evidently, the company has survived in its field of business for solid twenty years because of dependable and competent management led by the likes of Wes Edens who is experienced and knowledgeable. On his part, he has served in various capacities in the firm which has increased his experience and therefore understands what needs to be done in most departments to improve productivity. He has majored in traded alternative investment and the private equity department where he has served as CIO and principal. From his position, Wes Edens has managed to research the market and analyze what products would do well once introduced by the Fortress Investment Group.

In that case, he masterminded the idea of the Brightline train after establishing that there was a gap that needed to be bridged for commuters. The main reason for investing in the train business was to cater for the needs of travelers who drove to long distances, while other took flights to shorts destinations due to lack of an alternative investment. In that case, with the train passing right through the city it is likely to solve an existing problem that no one else has dared to handle. Individually, Wes Edens has done great for himself as he is set to invest in the Aston Villa football alongside his partner Nassef Sawiris. The two got into an agreement to direct certain funds towards the club and own more than half of the shares of the club which is equivalent to 30 million pounds.

The fact that he can afford such a fortune is evidence that he is a hard worker and only injects his money in promising deals and with reliable individuals. Their sole purpose of investing in that English football club is to assist it to get back on its feet considering that it is a source of livelihood to many. In that case, Wes Edens is determined to see others flourish even if it is at his expense though he has shares in the club. By having his own investments other than working at Fortress Investment Group, it means that he is devoted to his work and the company benefits from his presence. His innovativeness and optimism are one to be admired especially with the train business idea which is bound to flourish faster than any other investment the company has ever had.

Healthcare Expert Deirdre Baggot

Deirdre Baggot, PhD, MBA, RN has had a long career as a hospital executive and clinician, with particular expertise in consulting and payments management. She has written and spoken extensively on bundled healthcare payments. She has been the keynote speaker for medical conferences, including the American College of Healthcare Executives and the Healthcare Financial Management Association.

Dr. Baggot recently wrote an article for Becker’s Hospital Review providing advice on how hospitals can implement bundled payment systems. Dr. Baggot argues that bundled payments help hospitals save time and money while also lowering costs for the patients they see. Dr. Baggot advises against choosing bundled payment options for small populations or in instances where there has been a gap in clinical performance. For Dr. Baggot, the bottom line is that any bundled payment must be effective and low-cost for patient and provider.

In an interview with IdeaMensch, Deirdre Baggot described how her career has developed over the years. She began as a staff nurse and hospital administrator at Northwestern Memorial Healthcare, one of the top hospitals in the Chicago area.

Dr. Baggot has been proud of creating the concept of “The Checklist” to ensure patients are getting the care they need and are not being over-treated unnecessarily. Dr. Baggot is inspired by the emergence of wearable technologies, like smart watches, that allow individuals to take charge of their day-to-day health.

Dr. Baggot received her Doctor of Philosophy at the University of Colorado and a Masters in Business Administration at Loyola University Graduate School of Business, where she was also a Gregory LaVert Scholar. She graduated summa cum laude from Southern Illinois University with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Dr. Baggot currently lives in Colorado with her family. She is on Twitter @deirdre_baggot where she has posted announcements about new blog posts.



Madison Street Capital Sets Plan To Expand To Austin

The greatness of the Madison Street Capital reputation holds true with news that the company is now set to expand their operations into Austin, Texas soon. MSC is an investment banking firm that is originally founded out of Chicago.


Some of the biggest household names come out of Texas such as Dell, Whole Foods Market, Yeti, Dropbox, Apple and even Facebook. Now Madison Street Capital wants a piece of the market in Texas. Austin is a robust and very diverse area of the country where many have been able to grow their businesses. This is why it was an attractive destination for the company when looking for areas to expand to. The company specializes in offering their clients many corporate financial services. They accept clients from both public and private businesses who fall into the middle market territory.


CEO’s Take On The Move To Austin


Charles Botchway is the CEO of the Madison Street Capital investment banking firm. He is excited to move the company into an area he feels is the up-and-coming tech hub for the United States. The expansion is necessary for the company to have enough regional access for their clients who are in need of professional banking experts. Botchway is native to Texas and is happy to be able to help grow the economy of his hometown. To him, this is a bonus on top of growing the company he loves and is proud to work for.


Madison Street Capital Background


The company was founded in 2005 as an investment banking firm that offers services to the middle market. They offer a multitude of financial services to their clients including business valuation, financial reporting, corporate advisory and financial opinions. They have the experience, knowledge and extensive relationships to successfully match buyers and sellers. When Madison Street Capital takes on a new client, they make their client’s goals their own and will work tirelessly to reach them.


Madison Street Capital strives to help their clients come up with the best acquisitions and mergers to meet their needs. For a lot business owners in the middle market, it can be hard to find the best corporate services to meet their needs. This is where MSC comes into play. They have a reputation and history of reliable investment banking services for their clients. They have offices in many locations to meet the needs of their clients including North America, Asia and Africa.


Connect with Madison Street Capital on LinkedIn.

Whitney Wolfe Calls The Shots With Feminist App

Whitney Wolfe has every right to be proud of her accomplishments. She has taken a dating app company that started as an application that did not make any money in the first year to the top.

Bumble app was completely free and it was in a testing stage where Whitney Wolfe wanted to get feedback from customers. Now this app is valued as a billion dollar app. This is the type of potential that Whitney Wolfe has.

She found herself on the cover of Forbes magazines in the same time frame of a year that Kylie Jenner would also land on the cover. What Whitney Wolfe embodies is a feminist movement of empowerment for women when it comes to apps for dating and fighting back against sexual harassment.

In her various partnerships she has been all about promoting equality for everyone in terms of the way they are treated when it comes to opportunities in the business world. She wants to give women the same type of leverage that men have, and this is how Bumble Bizz came along.

Whitney Wolfe has gone extra miles to recruit talent with females that may have never received the opportunities to be in the business roles that they are in. She knows that there is a huge amount of discrimination in the business world. She also realizes that in dating men are controlling the dating apps. She wanted to be someone that could help women control their own experiences.

It was going to be easier for her to do this as the CEO that was calling the shots under her own roof. This is what led to the creation of Bumble. She was the co-founder of Tinder, but her time there would soon pass as she found herself in an awkward position inside of this organization. She did not want to be held down by the negativity inside of Tinder, and she knew that she had ideas that she wanted to explore beyond what this company was willing to do. Bumble would be the outlet that would give her this opportunity to do just that.

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Upwork’s Tips on How To Handle Your To-to-do List

There is no one formula to have your to-do-list conducted. However, there are some commons ways that once you can apply them, you can have your life running smoothly. When you have a way to perform your duties on time, you will be able to stop staying late at your desk and begin thinking about such things as vacations. Here is a list of strong tips on how to go about your to-do-list.

  1. Have everything captured

It is important to remember every detail of you all duties for the day. This can be done by writing every step down according to David Allen. David argues that it is hard to remember everything and for that reason have them written down.

  1. Have you list in advance

Planning is an essential part of your life. Some people start their day by planning. Planning involves checking your emails and coming up with your to-do-list in the morning. In the morning, your energy levels are at the highest levels hence, it is essential to put that energy to work by completing significant task for the days.

  1. One place

Ensure that all your-to-do-list is in one place. You are likely to make your life simpler when you have all your tasks put in one tool. You can use your mobile phone to store your list. Moreover, the mobile app will allow you to capture tasks anytime and anywhere. Writing you to-do-list on a piece of paper is currently outdated.

  1. Time attributes

Ensure that you allocate time for all the tasks on your to-do-list, when to start what and when to finish. This will allow you to forcefully plan accurately how to handle each task.

  1. Define priorities

Always thing will come that will affect you deadlines. Ensure that you allocate a priority to every task. This will allow you to assign your time depending on the urgency of the task.

  1. Re-evaluation

You should always re-evaluate all the tasks that you have been doing including those you have been ignoring to understand the value each can bring to your day.

  1. Stress-free delegation

Ensure you find an easier way to have all your tasks to keep yourself off the stress.

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Dr. Saad Saad: A Specialist On Young Children Swallowing Foreign Objects

The curiosity of a child can sometimes lead to things that are not always so good. Doctors see many children on yearly basis that have been curious enough to put a foreign object in their mouth. Swallowing a foreign object can lead to very serious health issues. But luckily there are ways the object can be removed from causing further damage. Dr. Saad Saad is world renown known doctor who has treated many cases of young children swallowing objects. He has even treated small sixth month old babies to fourteen year old teenagers that have had objects lodged in their throat. Often times, a stuck object will move itself down the food pipe and eventually to the stomach. This causes no serious problems. However, sometimes things do not go this easy. Occasionally, the stuck object will get jammed up in the windpipe. This will cause wheezing and troubled breathing.


After practicing medicine for forty years, Dr. Saad Saad has seen children swallow a wide array of objects from coins to peanuts to hot dogs to batteries. The doctor says the way to get a stucked object out of a child’s throat who is six and under is by holding the child up by its feet. While the child dangles in the air, hit the child’s back. Usually the stucked object will fall right out of the child’s mouth. If the child is older, the medical expert recommends performing the Heimlich maneuver.


Batteries are very serious for a child to swallow. The acid from the battery can leak out and burn the throat and destroy the stomach of the child. Peanuts are also very dangerous to be swallowed, especially in younger children. The liquid from the lungs can cause the peanuts to expand in size. Once they begin to expand, they can increase the amount of blockage in the lungs. Dr. Saad Saad has a collection of items he has removed from the throats of children. His collection is extensive. Everything from lockets to coins to teeth to toothbrushes. But he is an acclaimed expert on the removal of these objects.


Dr. Saad Saad has served the medical community for decades. He has treated thousands of children. He has created inventions to better help medical professionals to perform more effective surgical procedures and treatments on patients. His work life is something many aspiring doctors look to for inspiration for their very own future careers in medicine. Learn more :

End Citizens United Look To Oust Ted Cruz From Texas Senate Seat

In 2010, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of the Citizens United group to allow corporations to be classed as individuals protected by the Constitution. In making the controversial decision, the Supreme Court smashed down many of the election finance regulations in place for decades. The birth of End Citizens United came about in 2015 when those frustrated by the influx of “dark money” into American politics looked to fight back by fighting to elect candidates friendly to reversing the Citizens United decision. The group’s financial information is available on OpenSecrets.Org.

End Citizens United operates as a traditional PAC, limiting members to donations of just $5,000 per election cycle. By limiting the influx of money into the PAC, ECU President Tiffany Muller believes the organization can remain free from the political interference she believes is chipping away at the democratic process. Supporting candidates who are looking to take the seats of those known for accepting funding from special interest groups is one of the main areas being explored by End Citizens United as we move towards the 2018 Midterm elections.

One of the candidates who agreed to the pledge of End Citizens United not to accept special interest group funding was Texas Congressional Representative Beto O’Rourke. The Democrat has taken on one of the most difficult election battles of 2018 in attempting to overcome the special interest juggernaut that is Senator Ted Cruz. At the outset of the 2018 election campaign, Cruz seemed to be walking to victory with polls placing the lead of the incumbent Senator in the range of 14 to 18 points. By the middle of July 2018, the lead had been cut in many polls to just five points as Beto O’Rourke toured every county in Texas.


The liberal platform Beto O’Rourke is campaigning in is touching a nerve with many voters, but his insistence on fighting for election finance reform is adding to his growing levels of support. As Beto O’Rourke builds his platform of integrity and respect, Senator Cruz is seen by 38 percent of voters in a favorable light and 49 unfavorable which shows the use of special interest money is taking precedence for the former Presidential candidate. Visit their page on Facebook.

OSI Food Solutions is a Food Service Provider to be reckoned with

OSI Food Solutions is food processing company that has grown to become one of the largest companies of its type. The company was founded by Otto Kolschowsky as he searched for a better way to provide for his family. The company carries on in the same entrepreneurial spirit premise that is was founded on. Believing each person can make a difference, OSI food solutions is always on the lookout for potential team members that will help them make a difference. They offer a culture of support as they allow, as well as encourage employees to grow and expand their horizons while keeping the company on the cutting edge of the industry through innovative thinking. It does not matter if the potential candidate has a great deal of experience under their belt or is a newly minted graduate; OSI Food Solutions is often a place a candidate can find a home.

OSI has grown through several means. One avenue of growth has been through always striving for excellence and always meeting and often exceeding customer expectations. Another avenue of growth has been through providing solutions for customers that allow those customers to serve their own customers better. A third avenue of growth has been through acquiring other food service companies such as Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. Both companies compliment OSI’s current offerings and allow OSI to expand its food offerings as well as locations throughout the world.

Growth through acquisitions gives both companies access to a wider range of customers and expands reach for both. The acquisitions allow both companies to ramp up their strategy and provide more effective solutions to customers. This adds to the success of all concerned and it is a double win solution for all. The acquisitions are also being seen as a growth accelerant for both companies, as well as a providing better and more extensive customer support. The purchase of the former Tyson food processing plant was a boost to OSI Food Solutions production, adding to the company’s growth. Not only did the purchase save employment opportunities for former Tyson employees, it added production capabilities, as well.

NGP VAN Helps Campaigns Connect with People

Since NGP VAN started, they’ve been helping campaigns connect with the people they’re trying to reach. They operate as a database and try to provide people who are campaigning with the information that can help them customize their campaign. They also want to make sure they’re promoting democracy and progression in a world that it is sometimes difficult to do so in. There are many ways the NGP VAN helps campaigners come up with new ideas and reach more people than what they would reach without using it. The software works with many different programs. It provides real-time updates on different issues and gives more people the chances they need to successfully complete their campaigns. It’s also great for people who want to make sure they’re getting more from all the options they know how to use. The industry works to help more people connect with these opportunities.


By focusing on democracy and progressive options, more people will have the chances they need to use to make the campaign better. By working with all these people, the NGP VAN works to come up with different options for those who need their help. The company does what they can to provide the technology necessary to compile a database. When people choose to use NGP VAN, they are getting something that’s far superior to other software options. They’re also able to get more based on the options they have with the company through their campaign efforts.

The way the companies continue working to help people is something that makes the industry better. It’s also something that continues getting better so more people have a chance to try different things. NGP VAN knows what people want and they always try helping them get what they can out of these situations. The company sees it as their way of catering to the masses while also providing politicians with the options they need. The company continues growing while they also come up with ideas for success in the industry. They make a point of giving more people the options they need to work on different experiences.