EOS Lip Balm Flavors

If you’re anything like me, keeping your lips smooth is a pretty big obsession. I have three different brands of lip balm that I use, and EOS lip balm is becoming my favorite cure for dry, peeling lips ESPECIALLY during these winter months. So, I decided to buy 2 different flavors of EOS lip balm from eBay, compare the flavors, and then choose which flavor I favor most. But first, I wanted to compare the different types of lip balms in general. EOS manufactures a lot of different types of lip balm, from organic, to shimmery, and even an organ EOS lip balm stick. I bought one organic smooth sphere, one visibly soft smooth sphere, and one shimmer smooth sphere. I am going to compare the differences, and then explain which one I like best and why.


The organic smooth sphere is made from a variety of natural ingredients including shea butter and jojoba oil. It has a subtle smell, and it leaves my lips with a soothingly smooth feel, without being too greasy. I highly recommend this for anyone who prefers organic, naturally made products. This variety is available on evolutionofsmooth.com.


The visibly Soft sphere lip balm was launched by EOS in 2014, and has a slightly different design. Instead of just a solid colored sphere, they have created a swirl colored sphere, including a creamy white, to emphasize the creamy richness of the lip balm. It very non-sticky, and due to hydraulic acid being a key ingredient, it leaves my lips moisturized a lot longer than the organic. http://www.ulta.com/smooth-sphere-lip-balm?productId=xlsImpprod3490245


The Shimmer Smooth Sphere by EOS lip balm is intended to leave a shimmery shine to your lips, while keeping them moisturized and soft. Although it delivers the moisture, I am not a big fan of the shine. I also feel that it can be a bit sticky and messy if dropped.

I must say, EOS has a ton of variety when it comes to their line of lip balm. However, my favorite by far would be the Visibly Soft Smooth Sphere. I enjoy the smooth, slick, moisturized sensation my lips feel when it is applied. I highly recommend this upon other EOS lip balms for any of you who’s lips get chapped easily, as mine do. Of course, what’s right for me may not be right for others, but it definitely doesn’t hurt to try!


NexBank Progressive Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2015 Results

The NexBank Capital is a Dallas-based business assistance company. The firm announced robust consolidated financial returns for the annual and fourth quarter of 2015.

Progressive performance of the company
The company has for long performed well in several areas. For a fourth continuous year, the organization attained record levels of earnings, loans, deposits, and assets.

Net revenue rose year-over-year and struck $53.2 million. The Return on Average Equity (ROAE) increased to 35% for 2015, as opposed to the net profit of $25.6 million as well as ROAE of 23% for 2014. For the fourth section, net revenue was $16.2 million and ROAE was 37% opposed to $10.2 million and 33%, sequentially; for an equivalent duration in 2014.

The firm announced entire assets of $2.72 billion at year-end. The data indicated a 48% improvement over the previous year. Full loans improved from 42% in 2015 to $1.97 billion. The total deposits increased by 32% year-over-year and struck $1.88 billion.

The NexBank SSB is a leading regional bank. The bank added to the Company’s improvement
while keeping its well-capitalized rank. The Bank’s Tier 1 leverage proportion. Its total risk-based assets attained 9.34% and 13.52%, sequentially, at December 31, 2015.
According to John. Holt, Chief President Executive Officer of the company results, indicate NextBank’s profitable and efficient platform. The organization has increased profits year-over-year. It has also improved its deposit and asset flows while running its risk and expenses.

The firm’s performance in 2016,
NexBank stays determined on its institutional customer base, and the growth of its businesses in the U.S. The company continues to be well placed to capture occasions that strengthen and expand its product offering,” stated Matt Siekielski, Chief Operating Officer of nextBank.

NextBank’s long-term funding strategy,
NexBank SSB obtained College Savings Bank on November 30, 2015. The addition expanded the balance sheet of the Bank by an extra source of deposits.

NexBank Capital, Inc. is a business services firm that assists its customers via three core traffic: Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking and Investment Banking. The bank’s major role is to offer customized banking and financial services. Are you an institutional client, financial institution, corporation, or world citizen? The NextBank is the best option for your financial consultation.

Video Visitation During the Holidays Using Securus

Having a good quality visit with your loved one during the holiday season is very difficult when they are located in prison. The reason for this is because a lot of people are finally realizing that security measures that are put into prison are not very lenient when it comes to prison families being able to keep in touch with their loved ones. This is important for you to consider when using a system like Securus and finally finding something that is going to work for you.


Using Securus during the Christmas season can be incredibly beneficial for you and your loved ones who would otherwise be spending a lot of time together. Securus makes it very easy for you to quickly and easily keep in contact with your loved one despite where they happen to be located. I have been using Securus for a while now and can definitely attest to help popular and positive it has been in my own life. This is a system that has totally changed my own life as well as my loved one who happens to be in prison and we were able to keep in touch much better last Christmas because of the system being put into place.


Securus is also very cost-effective for prison families because it allows you to not always have to make trips to the prison where you would otherwise be spending a lot of money. You can quickly and easily just use the video visitation services that you can make yourself from home and it saves you a lot of time and hassle as well as a ton of money. Even if you only use secure it during the Christmas season, this is something that will still save you a lot of time and Hassle and allow you to feel confident knowing that your loved one is still kept in touch each and every day.


Despite what you might have heard in the past about security systems, Securus is very secure and safe for you to use in the prison system itself. It just requires you to download the system to your home computer or laptop and begin using right away so that you can see the many benefits that come from using a system like this that has been put into place for the benefit of prison families all over the country.


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Video Visitation


Plasticity for Pulmonary Disease

Millions of people have pulmonary diseases including chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), emphysema, and chronic bronchitis. With advances in stem cell therapy, there is hope for those with lung disease. “Stem cells are the building blocks of life–essential to every organism. They self-renew and replicate, with the ability to form any type of tissue in the body.” (“Stem Cell Treatment Basics” Lung Institute, 2016, https://lunginstitute.com/treatment/stem-cell-treatment-basics/) Accessed 27 Dec. 2016.

The Lung Institute leads the way in regenerative medicine for lung diseases. “Through their designated practices, our physicians have gained worldwide recognition for the successful application of revolutionary, minimally invasive stem cell therapies for lung disease.” (“Breathe Easier: Stem Cell Therapy For Lung Disease” Lung Institute, 2016, https://lunginstitute.com/) Accessed 27 Dec. 2016. Stem cells have a trait called plasticity. They can convert their roles to other types of tissue in the body. So when they are restituted back to the patient, they advance the mending of lung tissue. See, https://www.bcm.edu/healthcare/care-centers/lung-institute.

People have attributed The Lung Institute for providing a better quality of life after receiving stem cell therapy for their pulmonary disease. If you have chronic lung disease and are interested in what other patients have to say about the process look no further than the testimonial page on The Lung Institute’s website. One example is of Jerry E. from Kernersville, NC who was diagnosed with COPD. “Frustrated at the necessity to have put his favorite pastimes on the back burner, he decided to try stem cell therapy at the Lung Institute. After treatment, Jerry says he can mow the yard and be outside without any problems, and he can help his wife with household chores.” (“Positive Outcomes-Changed Lives” Lung Institute, 2016, https://lunginstitute.com/testimonials/) Accessed 27 Dec. 2016., Read full atricle on Lunginstitute.com.

PR Web says that the world-class facility of Lung Institute is dedicated to helping people who are struggling with Pulmonary Diseases, and with the successes of stem cell therapy it is no wonder that they are achieving a better quality of life for their patients and helping them breath easier. Find out more by simply giving them a call (888) 510-9356 or going to their website www.lunginstitue.com.



I Truly Live A Magnises Lifestyle On A Regular Basis

I’ve lived in New York City for over a year and have been a Magnises member for almost the same amount of time. I came to New York City on a work program, but I quickly got hired for an amazing job that paid me more than enough money to have a good living. Because I like to be generous with my money, I had no problem paying for a Magnises membership, which only cost me $250 but has paid for itself many times over. In one month alone, I went out enough times to get freebies that covered the $250 membership fee.

I love going out to nightclubs, especially since I rarely have to wait in line and can get into the Magnises VIP section a lot easier with my membership. I even went into a nightclub one Saturday with 15 of my friends, and we all got to sit in the VIP section and had bottle service that was out of this world. With several free bottles of alcohol that came to our table, we had one helluva night and enjoyed it so much that we went back again to the same place a couple weeks later.

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Having a Magnises membership has done so much for me that I plan to renew it. I have a gym membership that entitles me to a private trainer, which helped me to trim off 20 pounds. My private trainer is courtesy of my Magnises membership, and what’s even better is that I can get a private driver as well when I need one because of my Magnises membership. It’s very rare that I have downtime because there is so much I can do in the city.

When I do have some free time, I’m always on my smartphone looking through the Magnises Concierge application because it gives me some great suggestions on what to do and where I should go in town. I’ve learned about some parties that I had no idea about because of the application, and I even make my reservations through the app as well. I love when the concierge replies to me by name because it makes me feel special and like it’s personalized just for me. I’m such a good salesman for Magnises because I’ve gotten ten of my friends to sign up for membership.

All of my friends love the Magnises membership too. One of the best things about being a Magnises member is the fact that I have access to their clubhouse, which comes in handy when I feel like getting away from my apartment and just hanging out by myself. I’ve met some of the coolest people at the clubhouse, and the same thing happens when I go to any of the Magnises parties that they throw. Magnises certainly has some amazing members that all have something important to share with one another, so I’ve learned a lot from Magnises members that can help my business and my lifestyle in general.

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EOS Lip Balm the Shape of a New Generation

EOS Lip Balm, named for its creator, Evolution of Smooth, appeared everywhere seven years ago. They are easy to spot, with their unique orb design, in the hands of famous customers from Taylor Swift to Miley Cyrus. The immediate infiltration of the world of pop culture caused instant brand recognition upon the most coveted audience the millennials. Not just a viral sensation this was a well-planned marketing technique that has made EOS lip balm a major player in the lip balm industry.

The reason behind the lasting power of the EOS lip balm is the forward-thinking strategy behind the company. According to fastcompany.com, two of the company’s founders, Sanjiv Mehra and Jonathan Teller are behind this fusion of brand marketing and start-up ideals. Mehra had worked for big brands before and knew the importance of not just having a good gimmick but a lasting quality product that builds brand loyalty. Teller had come from the start-up industry and knew the how vital constant innovation is to attracting customers.

By first studying the market they wanted to innovate they found that women represented the largest group of consumers. This directly influenced how EOS was designed. The finished product provides a multi-sensory experience from how it feels in the hand, appealing colors, new scents, pleasant taste, and even a pleasing click when you close the orb. Once the product was done they had their first big break when Walgreens decided to stock it on its shelves. Soon EOS was being stocked everywhere, including ULTA. The ability to keep up with the demand for their product was due to the fact they build their own manufacturing facility instead of relying on others to produce their products. Continuing to sell over 1 million EOS orbs each week, shows how this approach has shaped the next generation of lip balm consumers. Visit https://evolutionofsmooth.com/lip-balm/smooth-spheres.html.


Talk Fusion Is Dedicated

Talk Fusion is a company that represents an all in one solution for corporate video marketing problems. It helps businesses to stand out from the pack in crowded market places. It is dedicated to their success through increasing their profits and sales so that customers keep returning. If you do business with Talk Fusion, you will discover dynamic ways to make your customer experience memorable, engaging, and persuasive through the power of video.


Talk Fusion services more than 140 countries with its video product suite. It has an excellent team of independent associates who proudly represent its brand. Best of all, Talk Fusion lets you try out their service for 30 days without risk. You do not even have to enter your credit card to start using Talk Fusion’s video marketing solutions today.


Bob Reina is the founder of Talk Fusion. He is a family man who cares deeply about his local community and the world. He has been fostering charities that help animals in the Tampa Bay area since 2007. He is also involved in global philanthropy. Just recently, Talk Fusion’s products were recognized with an award from the Technology Marketing Corporation(TMC). TMC gives an annual award for the Communications Solutions Products of the Year and it selected Talk Fusion’s Video Chat suite for the distinguished prize. Talk Fusion won another award this year too. The purpose of the Communications Solutions Products of the Year Award is to bring attention to groundbreaking and exceptional products in the space of video communications, voice, and data. The products must have been brought to market within the last 12 months to be eligible.


Rich Tehrani, the CEO of TMC, made a statement in which he expressed his great pleasure in being able to honor Talk Fusion this year. He wanted to acknowledge Talk Fusion as a remarkable company that was an industry leader in the video product space and said that in his belief there was no better product in the market.


Talk Fusion is powered by its proprietary WebRTC technology. It allows customers to chat through video on any device at any time. You can download the app on your phone or tablet in both the iTunes and Google Play stores.

Getting Yourself Gooee LED Lighting

LED lighting can save you a lot of money in the long run because of the fact that it is a more energy efficient option within the home. More and more people are getting sick and tired of those High electric bills that they receive each and every month and this is why it is incredibly important for you to seek out a better option for your house so that your bills can be more manageable. The first thing that you might want to consider switching to would-be LED lighting that works well for you and it’s going to enable you to finally get those bills lowered so that they are not so out of hand.

One of the best things for you to do is to switch to Gooee’s LED lighting because of how popular and energy-efficient this option can be for you. You will find that it is a good idea for you to switch to this option because of the fact that it works well for a variety of different reasons and the fact that it can lower that high electricity bill that you get every single month without being able to afford. One of the most important things that you can do for your home or even your business is to switch to LED lighting and to have it all installed by a professional electrician who does this for a living. You will find immediately that this helps you to lower your electric bills and enables you to feel more confident in the electricity that is being used within the home.

Richard Blair: Using Money To Make Money

People have two major needs when it comes to sustaining a lifestyle. The two major needs is making money, and saving money. However, a lot of people don’t know how to save money. For one thing, there is a lot more to saving money than just hoarding and buying less stuff.

People can also save money by looking for deals. Some accounts can help people save money. A similar thing could be said for making money. If one knows how to handle his money right, then he will find himself with a lot more to put away. However, the keyword is knowledge.

Fortunately, there is someone that people can go to that has a lot of knowledge. His name is Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions. Richard has a lot of talent when it comes to making money. He has also taken the time to study and be educated about the industry.

Given that he is very passionate about the financial industry, he has discovered different methods and markets that make it easier for people to earn. Therefore, he is better able to help his clients that are looking for ways to make money or save for retirement. Richard is someone that is rich with information as well as the willingness to share it.

Richard Blair Wealth Solutions has found so many options that he is willing to introduce people to all of them. He will suggest a suitable option. At the same time, he allows his clients to decide on what they want to do so that they will actually decide whether or not something is helpful.

One thing that Richard Blair sees as important is education. He understands that people need knowledge in order to succeed at anything. If one jumps into any field or industry that he has no knowledge or prior education about, then he is going to find himself lost.

Also, with education comes confidence. People are more able to proceed in fields that they have enough education in. Fortunately, the internet has made it easier for people to get education in finances. According to Interlieus, Richard Blair Wealth Solutions himself is willing to offer advice on what to do in the financial realm.

Town Residential is Expanding Again

The real estate market in New York City can be complicated. It is one of the largest cities in the world and each neighborhood is unique and diverse from the next. For the untrained person, trying to find the right place to live in a city like New York City can be frustrating and seem hopeless. With the help of Town Residential, the task will be an enjoyable one.

Town Residential has been in business for about five years now. They are a luxury real estate firm and have already established themselves as a top contender. Andrew Heiberger, the founder and CEO, started his firm with a strong vision for what he wanted the real estate experience to be. He brought on experienced and knowledgeable people to help him realize that vision.

Even though Town Residential has been in business only a handful of years, they are expanding quickly. They are already opening their 10th office in New York City. This office will be opening the meat-packing district of Manhattan. The location is what drew Town Residential to this area. The location is in the middle of many neighborhoods and will allow for easy access to the real estate and the clients nearby.

The office itself will be on the second floor. The space is 7100 sq ft and all of that space will be utilized to its full potential. There will be a private roof deck for meeting with clients or just relaxing. There will be spaces from brokers to come and work on deals with customers. The design of the new office will have both employees and clients in mind.

Also moving to the meat-packing district with Town Residential will be Thomas & Ingram. They are a brokerage firm and will partner with Town Residential. Being close to each other in the same neighborhood will allow for quicker access to clients and to get more deals done and signed.

Town Residential has been moving quickly to establish themselves as the best real estate firm in the city. They have only been around for a short while but they are not letting that hinder their progress. They are moving up and doing it in a big way. Opening a 10th location in the meat-packing district of Manhattan is just one of many ways for Town Residential be available to all of their clients and find them the best properties.