The issue of public health and the general medical sector was traditionally the role of the government institutions. There is a current change in this with modern firms emerging to take an outright lead in innovations and investments in the industry. Private health care companies according to Mackies Stanley of cantechletter are also significant players in the economy. They have not only helped the government in implementing its heath care provisions but also the general public with reasonable quality health care. The private sector is the biggest contributor in the health sector. Many citizens opt for treatment in private hospital due to improved service delivery. Although the government is doing the much it could to achieve its universal health care plan, a bigger percentage of its implementation touches on the private sector. Private health companies are the leading in insurance providing for medical care. They are also an investment ground for investors turning to healthcare for huge returns. The alternative investment created by this massive sector is also a pillar in the economy. Many states across the country are incorporating the sector to achieve its health care goals ion more easy way. The innovations that have revolutionized the health sector are from the private companies. They include mass genetic sequencing and advanced cancer treatment equipment. They are also a major employer in the private sector creating massive employment. Private healthcare companies increased the public access to medical care that would be difficult for the government to implement alone. The private health care companies have short wait times for patient to access medical care and in well-improved facilities. Since the public health system depends on government funds, they are largely underfunded as compared to the private sector. Although the cost of insurance in public sector is slightly higher than the public, the services are worth. Nobilis Health Corporation is headquartered in Houston. The company’s own and manages ambulatory services that improve its delivery of health care services. Its clinic is serve4d by the best surgeons in the country who are well experienced and trained. The Nobilis healthcare has facilities in Arizona, Oregon, Michigan, Tennessee and New Jersey. It also owns other facilities in Dallas, Houston, and Scottsdale. The company is publicly traded in New York and Texas. In total the company manages over 100 surgical centers. The Nobilis Health company employees also own shares in the business to ensure they devote to excellent and quality services.