Looking out for Man’s Best Friend

Every dog owner knows that there’s nothing his furry friend wouldn’t do for him. And even more impressive is the fact that dogs always seem to know exactly what their owners need the most. Whether it’s telling him it’s time for a fun walk or just reminding him how much he’s loved. But humans often have a more difficult time trying to figure out exactly how to brighten up their dog’s life in the same way. But an article published in the Daily Herald points to the number one request that most dogs would love to suggest. And that’s to have food just as delicious as that on their owner’s plate. The article details a number of different paths that are being taken by dog food companies. The specifics differ in a number of ways. But there’s one shared trait between them all. Every one of the dog food companies that are highlighted in the article are using high quality ingredients to make dog food that’s at or even above what humans would expect from their own meals. Some of them are even made to emulate the taste of traditional meals that people have been making for generations. But this isn’t quite as recent a trend as many people believe. In 2001 a high quality dog food brand called Beneful first entered into the market. And they might well have been the leader in this trend of gourmet dog food. The reason is quite clear when looking at their overall mission statement. The company began with an effort to create the most nutritionally beneficial brand of dog food on the market. Beneful quickly discovered that the best nutrition came from the best ingredients. And that meant using the same kinds of fresh beef, turkey, vegetables and other ingredients that other companies are just now coming to appreciate. But dogs have been appreciating it ever since Beneful came on the Amazon market. Even when the owners don’t know why the dogs love it so much, that adoration is clear. And that’s why Beneful is one of the best ways to show dogs the same love that they provide to their human family.