Extended Network Starts For FreedomPop’s Global Wifi

Now that FreedomPop has announced that they will be extending their awesome phone services to include global hotspots, places across the world that will offer their service without interruption, me and my wife feel like we have all of our needs taken care of. Have you heard about their free service? They have a basic plan that is free for all users in U.S. and U.K., and it comes with 200 MB of data, 200 messages and 200 phone call minutes. The basic service is enough for me, actually, but my wife gets an upgrade for hers because she uses the phone more than I use it.

They just announced some really exciting news that was covered on Recode’s website recently. The news is that they have gained a substantial amount of funding recently, and they are able to extend their network even further than it currently covers. The funding amount they gained was approximately 50 million dollars, and they have some big supports like Intel backing them, so you know this company is going places.

Extended Network Service From FreedomPop

I was really surprised to hear about the extended network that FreedomPop has developed. Major phone companies have something similar, but they charge an arm and a leg for it. FreedomPop, on the other hand, is only charging $49 for their global wifi, which seems unbelievable. This is a promotional pricing, of course, but the price is only going up to $99, which is still a bargain if you ask me. They are also charging $10 for a SIM card that will need to be updated as more countries join the global wifi program, but the SIM card can be updated remotely, so there’s no worries there. If you want to read Recode’s article, visit this link.