George Soros Has A Plan To Solve The Refugee Crisis

The refugee crisis in Europe is growing more dire by the day with governments trying to figure out how to deal with the influx of people seeking asylum. Billionaire financier, George Soros, says he has a solution.
In a recent opinion piece published in MarketWatch, George Soros laid out his six-point plan for dealing with the refugee crisis.

1. Soros calls for each country in the European Union (EU) to accept one million refugees per year for the foreseeable future. He also calls on each government to supply each refugee with $16,800 per year to cover housing and health care and education costs. He states that each country can pay for this by issuing bonds to cover the costs.

2. He states that the EU must lead a global effort to supply funding to Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey as these are the countries where most of the Syrian refugees are now residing.

3. The EU has to create a single Asylum and Migration Agency and a single border guard to deal with the influx of refugees. Soros believes that many countries are acting in their own best interest and, often times, directly against he interests of neighboring countries.

4. Soros calls for “safe channels” to be created that will transport refugees from Italy and Greece to their destination countries.

5. A global standard of care must be adopted for the treatment of refugees, Soros writes.

6. The EU governments must enlist the help of the private sector. Soros believes that government alone will not solve this problem. He states that NGO’s, church groups and private businesses need to be involved.

By adopting these six points George Soros believes that the panic and human suffering currently experienced by refugees will be eliminated and they will more easily be assimilated into the EU countries.

George Soros is best known on NY Books as an international financier that caused the Bank of England to devalue its currency but currently he is the chairman and founder of the Open Society. The organization works to build vibrant democracies and to protect the rights of citizens around the globe.