How Often Should You Wash Your Hair

People on facebook who are embarking on a healthy hair journey often inquire as to the frequency with which they should clean their hair. This is an important question that requires an understanding of the way that hair grows and thrives, as well as a working knowledge of how a person’s specific hair type responds to cleansing. Without understanding these two principals, people who intend to complete a journey towards growing long, health hair many end up with hair that is damaged by protein deficiency or protein overload. For this purpose, it is important to be educated about the suggested frequency of hair cleansing.

WEN suggests, Hair cleansing practices should vary depending upon the specific hair type of the individual. Individuals with naturally straight hair should engage in hair cleansing that is more regular than others. The straight hair texture is the most manageable one due to the fact that the natural oils from the scalp easily flow down the the hair shaft and reach the ends of the hair. It is important for the oils to reach the ends of the hair because the ends are the oldest part of the hair and the most susceptible to damage and breakage. Individuals with a naturally curly hair type should engage in cleansing on a weekly basis as opposed to a daily basis. These individuals should still have a relatively normal manageability love. However, curly hair textures may have a slightly more difficult time moving natural scalp oils to the ends of the hair. These textures should allow more time between cleansing to allow effective oil penetration. Coily hair textured individuals should cleanse the hair on a bi-weekly basis. While it is important to cleanse the scalp, these individuals will find it most difficult to allow oils to penetrate to the ends of the hair.

Whenever the right time for clearing falls, individuals who seek to develop health hair practices should use quality products like the Wen hair system. WEN system ensures that the scalp and hair are thoroughly cleansed and protected against the oil stripping that occurs when using hair products with heavy chemicals. More information about WEN by Chaz Dean can be found on Bustle.