The Sentient Ascend – Conversion Rates Optimized

Sentient AI is a company that, if you are an e-commerce developer, should be on your radar. They are developers of AI in the market for online shops and e-commerce. Sentient AI uses artificial intelligence to create software that can be used either for search engine optimization, or for the recommendation engine, and even to fasten the process of making conversions on your website.

“Testing without limits.” The Sentient AI staff has developed the Sentient Aware software, one of the best recommendation engines for e-commerce in the market today, but their newest addition for the roaster of any website developer that owns an online shop is the Sentient Ascend, which makes Multi-variate Testing. It makes conversions faster to do, easier to get right and many other utilities.

One of the essential tools for your website, some of their past experiences show how Sentient Ascend can work in favor of your website. As their work with ABUV Media revealed in a previous research, the use of 380,000 combinations of widgets was enough to increase sign ups from a small percentage to up to almost 50% of increase.

On the other hand, with Cosabella, a brand that sells lingerie and women’s underwear, the use of the Sentient Ascend was able to increase their conversion rate to almost 40%.

There are many other cases of study of companies that increased their conversion rates very fast, in the span of a month of two, with drastic beneficial changes to the business. Sentient Ascend has the differential of using artificial intelligence to learn more about the conversion rates of your brand and adapt to them.

Customers who visit your website will be able to actually see double-digit conversions in almost no time. The incredible speed in which the software can do these conversion rates is the biggest differential among other programs in the market. It presents real results with a powerful algorithm that not only works but can be analyzed and inspected by the developers of the website at any time. The algorithm is evolutionary, which means that it keeps record of the data and uses it to effectively improve itself over use.

Most conversion rate solutions in the market use the good old A/B solution to find a solution for the conversions, but this is already an outdated algorithm that has been triumphed over by the Sentient Ascend. All ideas are taken into account while testing.

If you have an online store, make sure to take a look at the Sentient Ascend: Multi-variate Testing.