The Many Endeavors

Professional banking seems to get a bad representation at times and every financial institution has come under some type of scrutiny at least once. Meeting the demands of the public can be draining as well as demanding. Everyone has different goals in what they are trying to achieve and some banking centers just don’t have the necessary capabilities to handle the workload. Fortunately, NexBank Capital doesn’t fall under those dyer situations as it has been a game-changer for many years. This affluent Dallas-based bank has been providing high-quality services for up to 100 years. Yes, this is correct. NexBank Capital has laid a blueprint for success that all other banks should follow and this is why.

Experience, expertise, dedication and perseverance goes a long way. The highly trained staff members of this institution are well-equipped to get you and your business where it needs to be. The staff members here are financial experts, and they have the ability to provide superior banking services. President and CEO John Holt understands this notion perfectly, and he has helped to breakdown barriers from within this exclusive industry. Every year in November, NexBank represents itself by attending the Texas Bankers Association Strategic Opportunities and M & A Conference. This prestigious conference is all about bettering community banking, and it was a hit. Bank leaders, advisers, consultants and insiders spoke on a wide range of topics. John Holt, CEO of NexBank, was a guest speaker, and he served on one of the conference’s panels.

NexBank Capital was founded by James Dondero back in the 1920s. This up-and-coming institution started out very small, but as of today, it has become a regional powerhouse. Success comes from understanding the needs of your customers and clients. In the end, this financial institution is setting new trends, and it’s changing the status quo in community banking.