The Life of Ryan Seacrest

When it comes to modern day entertainment figures, there are few as prolific as Ryan Seacrest. His legacy ranges from hosting America’s number one rated television show American Idol, to working on radio with On Air with Ryan and co-hosting the morning variety show Live with Kelly and Ryan. Outside of entertainment, he uses his influence to push the fashion brands Ryan Seacrest Distinction and Polish. Lastly, he helps less fortunate children with the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. As an individual with an extensive track record, it might be surprising that he has personal struggles. Ryan Seacrest elaborates on his personal life in a recent New York Times article.

Ryan Seacrest begins the day at the crack of dawn with a cup of matcha and a read of the day’s headlines. He likes to ease his way into the day. The weather in New York keeps him on his toes in choosing a daily outfit. The importance of a personal trainer truly hit home for him in recent years. He schedules workout sessions like work tasks. This way he stays committed to his fitness, and it avoids unnecessary conflicts. He goes on to describe a work trip he took to the Bahamas where he brought along his personal trainer.

However outside of fitness, Ryan Seacrest (@ryanseacrest) takes specific measures to keep his day going as smoothly as possible. He sets aside time for calls, meetings, and even no cell phone hours. It doesn’t do anyone good to be overwhelmed in the entertainment industry. His years of experience in the industry have showed him that saying “yes” is the easiest way to advance plans to the next stage.

The amount of fame someone has is irreverent to the man behind the camera. Ryan Seacrest is well respected by his peers for his positive attitude and ability to get work down. As a person influenced by Dick Clark, one of the most respected hosts of the last generation, he wants audiences to enjoy their programs to the fullest. While behind the scenes he does everything possible to remain in tip-top shape.

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