The E-Kinder Race comes in three sizes for youngsters.

With the riding season in full swing, and only better weather in the forecast, now’s the best time to hit the road (and trails). It’s also the best time to get your youngsters on two wheels, as motorcycling can be a family-friendly activity.

Luckily, manufacturers of today have made it easy for kids to get a taste of the motorized two-wheeled lifestyle. We’ve talked about a bunch of kid-focused e-bikes from big names like KTM, Husqvarna, and GasGas, but this time around, yet another mainstay of the enduro world has introduced yet another kid-focused e-bike.

Italian off-road specialist Beta has some of the most performance-focused, and not to mention expensive, enduro bikes on the market. It’s cemented itself as a halo brand in the industry, and now, youngsters can make their first bike a Beta thanks to the E-Kinder Race electric off-road motorcycle. Beta says that this thing is the “perfect choice for adventurous children who love to get out outdoors.”

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From a design standpoint, the E-Kinder Race resembles a bicycle more than a motorcycle, as it makes use of a diamond frame. It does, however, take its off-road capability a notch higher with a full-suspension system mimicking that of a motorcycle. The frame itself is made out of aluminum alloy, and the bike rolls on varying-sized wheels depending on the age of your youngster.

In total, Beta offers the E-Kinder Race in three variations. The E-Kinder Race 16, as the name suggests, rolls on 16-inch wheels, and is suitable for youngsters aged six to nine years. It’s powered by a decently punchy 36-volt 500-watt rear hub motor, giving it a top speed of 18 miles per hour—as a six-year-old, I would’ve lost my mind if I had a bike like this.

Beta E-Kinder Race 16

Beta E-Kinder Race 18

Up next, the Beta E-Kinder 18 gets slightly bigger wheels making it suitable for taller kids aged eight to 11, and it’s powered by the same motor, delivering the same performance metrics, too.

Last but not least, bigger kids aged 10 to 16 can opt for the E-Kinder Race 20. With its 20-inch wheels, it sets youngsters up for both enduro motorcycling and mountain biking, sort of blurring the lines between the two disciplines. The Beta E-Kinder Race 20 further sets itself apart with a more powerful 750-watt rear hub motor, and a higher top speed of 21 miles per hour.

Beta E-Kinder Race 20

Beta’s E-Kinder Race series carries an MSRP starting at $1,390 USD for the 16, $1,590 for the 18, and $1,790 for the 20. That's pretty reasonable, too, given Kawasaki's Elektrode that Executive Editor Jonathon Klein's daughter has costs $1,099. But you can check Beta's out on its official website

We hear boomers say “Kids these days have it way too easy,” and indeed, in the world of motorcycles, this couldn’t be any truer. Bikes like Beta’s E-Kinder Race series are so much more than just toys that give your youngsters a summer pastime; they could very well pave the way for the next generation of riders.

Starting Them Young

Source: Beta USA

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