How Neurocore Brain Performance Centers Are Effectively Combating Brain Ailments

The Neurocore Brain Performance Centers were started with a firm belief that an active brain is capable of making anything possible. These centers are usually meant to treat all kinds of brain ailments through conditioning and medication and at the same time focusing on helping the patients to think positive. Positive thinking is always directly proportional to a positive outcome and vice versa.

So, what are the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers all about and what are the kind of services that they offer? Well, the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers are tasked with carrying out brain-based assessments on patients and providing data-driven diagnoses with the aim of treating different kinds of brain-related ailments including stress and phobias.

Other problems that can be taken care of thanks to the Neurocore Brain Performance Centers programs include depression, autism, anxiety, ADHD, migraines, sleep deprivation and so on. There are plenty of neurofeedback protocols that are followed and will most certainly give you accurate readings which will help the experts to come up with the perfect prognosis for you.

The Neurocore procedures employ qEEG technology that carries out accurate brain mapping and give real-time feedback that the experts will use to interpret your condition. Once they have studied your brainwaves, they will put you through a program that will help you train them. In the end, help you overcome these bottlenecks with minimum use of medication.

The experts focus on the fact that different people have different behaviors and hence their programs being customized to fit best every one of their patients. They do have Neurocore Brain Performance Centers in Florida and Michigan, meaning that you will be expected to visit a center that is most convenient for you.

You can always feel free to visit the official Neurocore Brain Performance Centers’ official website for more information. From there, you can quickly check out the upcoming events and book the one that you feel is most convenient for you.

It is a good idea just to drop by and have them take your brainwaves because you might be having some form of brain ailment without knowing.

George Soros Returns to Political Main Stage to Combat Donald Trump

The American political scene has been like something out of a bad movie over the past year. Ever since Donald Trump managed to squirm his way into the mainstream of the political dialogue, climbing atop the GOP ladder, things have been completely different. The actual inauguration of Donald Trump to President, a sentence which still doesn’t render out as completely sensible, has made things almost impossible to parse together. Fortunately for us there is a figure standing tall above all of the madness and his name is George Soros. Depending on who you talk to George Soros can either be considered a savior or one of the biggest boogeymen that the world has ever seen. Let’s find the truth of the matter by looking at the man himself a little bit closer.George Soros is ranked as one of the Top 30 richest men in the world and he is completely self made, a rarity for someone of his financial clout.

Soros comes from Hungary but he was forced to flee the country due to the Nazi occupation of 1944. Soros would emigrate to London, work his way through the London School of Economics, and then move to America by ship in order to chase the American dream. Since then Soros has emerged as a political icon as much as he has one of the most successful investors in the history of the United States. Politically speaking you aren’t going to find anyone more progressive and vocal about their beliefs than George Soros. Soros has spent the better part of his life trying to bring social justice, equality, and democracy to as many places as he could possibly touch through his philanthropic arm — the Open Society Foundations.

Now, Soros is turning that energy inward as he becomes one of the most high profile opponents to the destructive and regressive Trump-era regime.When George Soros first became a vocal and active progressive it was something that America’s right wing could not manage to understand. Soros himself was a billionaire so how could he stand to actually fight for the causes of the common people? As a result Soros has become something of an incessant boogeyman to the right wing of America’s political scene as well as the center of many laughable conspiracy theories. That hasn’t dissuaded Soros from continuing to put his neck on the line. In fact, Soros knows that now more than ever he needs to remain active and vigilant.Soros’ own political adviser, Michael Vachon, told reporters that they understood just how important it was to stay involved as the politically incompetent and blunder-prone Donald Trump took office. Soros and Vachon admitted that the stakes were too high to merely sit idly by while Trump destroyed the country.

Dr. Jennifer Walden`s Career Review

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a seasoned aesthetic surgeon based in Austin Texas. She is the founder and CEO of the Walden Cosmetic Surgery Center a plastic surgery firm located in Texas and has a branch at Marble Falls still in the city. Walden is a licensed plastic surgeon with full accreditation from the American Board of Plastic surgery and as well as some fellowship training in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Jennifer`s career began in New York at the Manhattan Eye, Ear & Throat where she pursued her fellowship program under the mentorship of Dr. Sherrel Aston. During the program, Walden acquired cutting-edge skills that allowed her to perform with ease cosmetic surgeries on the face, body, and breasts. Dr. Walden also got an opportunity to serve the Hospital as the program’s director before she went back home.

Jennifer was born in Austin Texas and later proceeded to Anderson High school and the University of Texas where she graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Biology. Dr. Walden then applied to join the faculty of medicine at the same University where she received a medical doctorate of the highest honors. She was afterward elected as President of the Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega. At this time, Walden went through an externship program in Miami at the plastic surgery associates center.

Her prowess in cosmetic surgery has made her receive several accolades. Some of which include, an award by Kelsey Seybold foundation the Mavis P excellence in medicine award, The Glasgow memorial award by the Americas medical women both awarded in 1998. Harpers Bazaar in 2014 listed Walden among the 24 best beauty surgeons.

Prepare Psychologically for Back to School with FreedomPlus

Back to school period is associated with a mixture of emotions. Most parents are down with stress due to the financial implications involved. If the parents aren’t careful, the stress might also affect the child who might, in turn, affect their studies.

The following points are critical to helping a parent to prepare in such a way that they protect their psychological health while boosting their child’s’.

1. A schedule: The child will experience a change of routine when they go back to school. It is important to explain to the child the changes they are about to experience. Also, come up with the new schedule. Indicate the timelines of waking up to when they go to sleep.

2. Emphasize on the co-curricular activities. After school, the child should come, take a snack, relax, clear with the homework and then have some play time. The play time helps to boost their psychological health.

3. Adequate Sleep: It is important for the child to have an adequate sleep. Electronics are the major barrier as the child might play video games up to late in the night.

4. Do the shopping for the child in time. When parents are struggling financially, they fail to get all the items the child needs for school. When they go to school and find that their colleagues have all the required items, they feel inadequate. It starts to interfere with their esteem. Parents can get a financial boost from FreedomPlus.

FreedomPlus is one of the trusted lender companies that work with parents. They help them get a financial solution to help them cover their debt and cater for their bills. One can apply for a loan online which can be processed within 48 hours regardless. They pay little attention to a person’s credit score as they help one to take a custom made loan.

Freedom Plus:

Bob Reina: He Is What People Need

One of the most remarkable things about Bob Reina is how humble he is throughout all of his success he has had as CEO and founder of Talk Fusion. This is a company that has won awards. As a matter of fact, they won the 2016 Communications Solutions Product of the Year Award. This was a huge honor for them, and when it was time to thank people, Bob Reina made sure to give the proper credit to the IT team. He firmly believes they are the ones that have made Talk Fusion run as smoothly as it has run over the past decade. They are on the cutting edge of what is hip, what is modern, and what is happening out there in the tech world.


Bob Reina, in his own right, is a man that has been able to stand strong on his own two feet. He firmly believes in what he does and he firmly believes in Talk Fusion. He would not have created the company if he did not feel that way. It is why he talks about being on a mission to change lives. Even though he is humble, it does not mean he is just going to sit still and let things happen out there. He knows the power and the impact Talk Fusion can have on the world. He is well aware of it. Because he is well aware of it, he wants to put that to good use. He wants to make sure the product is in as many people’s hands as possible.


He also wants to make sure that those that use Talk Fusion get the most out of it. After all, this is a product that allows people the chance to work from home, which is something that should never be taken for granted. When people work from home, they don’t have to deal with cliques, politics, and the nonsense that many jobs bring with them. They can control their own destiny.


Right now, Talk Fusion has , and I would encourage people to hop on board right now.

Amicus Therapeutics: Passionate, Patient-Centered, Personalized, and Innovative Care for Orphan Diseases

Amicus Therapeutics, a world-renowned biotechnology company, specializes in advancing care and therapies for uncommon diseases. The company channels its investments in research and development of treatments for a variety of genetic diseases.


Amicus Therapeutics launched the inaugural EMA approved precision medicine, Galafold, that treats Fabry disease (MarketWatch). It partnered with the European Medicines Agency and the FDA. The New England Journal of Medicine contains all the data used in the trial of Galafold. The company is expecting FDA approval for the drug.


Presently, Amicus Therapeutics is working on completing a treatment plan for Pompe’s disease and trials readouts for epidermolysis bullosa before the end of 2017. SD-101 is the market therapy that is being developed to conquer Epidermolysis Bullosa, a connective tissue disorder. Amicus Therapeutics is using genetically-engineered proteins and their Chaperone-Advanced Replacement Therapy systems to create enzyme replacement therapy drugs for Pompe, Lysosomal Storage Disorders, and Fabry disease.


The programs set up by Amicus Therapeutics have three characteristics. They treat orphan diseases, employ first class technology, and the results from the clinical data show meaningful progress for patients.


Personal and direct relations are at the core of the organizational culture. The team at the company provides compassionate and customized care for patients and their support systems. Each of the global offices has pictures and narratives that tell the patients’ lives and struggle with specific disorders.


Amicus Therapeutics incorporate a patient-focused approach in decision making ( For every decision, the management tries to get a patient’s perspective. The leadership explores the risks, benefits and other impacts before making the decisions.


The team at Amicus Therapeutics comply with the ethics standards. They are persistently looking for ways to provide better care and innovate. The passion for helping the needy unites the employees at the company. They draw their inspiration from helping people with rare diseases improve their conditions. Invention and healing motivate the staff while the dedicated leadership drive developments and aspirations to scale new heights.


Amicus Therapeutics passionately embraces innovations, takes risks, pushes its ideas, creates value for all and uses alternative approaches. The company is not afraid of making its technology redundant. Mistakes act as building blocks for future success.


Osteo Relief Institute’s Contribution towards Managing the Arthritis Dilemma in America

In the USA over 50 million adults experience some form of arthritis, and it is prevalent among women and the elderly. Current statistics rank arthritis as the primary cause of disability in the country.


There are over 100 types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis also degenerative joint disease, is the most common form. The condition degenerates’ soft tissues and found between joints. In the processes, tissues wear out creating friction among the bones that lead to stiffness and pain. The bones weaken, and the pain increases over time.

The factors that increase the chances for osteoarthritis are age, injuries, weight and family history. The condition has no cure yet, but can be managed using various plans. Routine exercise and medical treatments avert the pain and inflammation. Self-management options are available. They include simple adjustments to daily routines to incorporate exercise, proper diets, stress management and limits to the day-to-day operations.


Available medications for arthritis include Analgesics, counterirritants, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, biologic response modifiers, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs, and corticosteroids (ReporterExert). A doctor may recommend surgery when the above methods fail. Joint repair surgery realigns the joint surfaces and improves their functioning while joint replacement replaces the joint with an artificial one. For smaller joints, fusion is used to improve the condition.


The Osteo Relief Institute, New Jersey is home to certified physicians that offer quality care for arthritis patient. The institute employs modern technology and patient-centered approaches to provide tailored treatment plans for each client.


The mission of the New Jersey Osteo Relief Institute is to offer a better-quality life through treatment programs that mitigate pain and enable the patients to make the most of their lives. They prioritize compassionate care, choosing to treat each patient like family.


At Osteo Relief Institute, you are free to choose your desired treatment plan. The options include noninvasive and surgical treatment. The institute advocates for non-surgical treatment for its patients. The technology used at the Osteo Relief Institute can mitigate the pain more effectively.


The Osteo Relief Institute contributes to the growing research in Arthritis ( The Center for Disease Control and Prevention forecasts that 78 million adults in the US will be affected by arthritis by 2040. Research and development in the area will significantly reduce this number.


How Eli Gershkovitch’s Steamworks has taken over the Canadian Craft Beer Industry

Craft brewing companies are rapidly dominating the Canadian brewing industry. Since the early 1980s, craft breweries occupied a significant share of the Canadian beer market. This factor has been caused by an increase in demand for flavored beers. As of 2008, flavored beers contributed to 4 percent of the national market. In provinces such as Quebec, the drinks have a 5 percent share in the provincial market.


The first craft brewery to hit the Canadian beer market was Horseshoe Bay Brewing. This brewery was based in Vancouver back in 1982 during its establishment. Other breweries that followed include Granville Island Brewing, Brick Brewing, and McAusian Brewing Company. Most of these companies produced English-stale ale beers. Today, they have diversified into flavors such as barleywines, Belgian ales, and double IPA.


Large craft breweries in Canada have also set up small subsidiary breweries in different parts of the country ( This initiative has helped them to produce different types of beer and distribute more imported craft beer products. The initiative has also enabled them to buy existing craft breweries.

Eli Gershkovitch beer

About Eli Gershkovitch


When speaking about craft breweries that have dominated the Canadian beer market, Steamworks must be mentioned. This is because the company uses innovative and traditional business models to serve clients. As a Fortune 500 firm, Steamworks attributes most of its economic success to its CEO, Eli Gershkovitch. Eli is a calm, working-class individual with a unique approach to business and leadership.


As the creative force behind Steamworks, Eli Gershkovitch believes that growth in any business venture should be based on meeting demands. His approach to pursuing business emphasizes on improvement and innovation. Eli Gershkovitch is also confident that robust companies will soon take over the industry.


As CEO, Eli Gershkovitch’s responsibility is to ensure that Steamworks competes based on quantity, quality, and price ( His company serves clients with great craft beers that retail at low prices. By setting low prices to its commodities, Steamworks manages to earn consistent revenue amidst short-run circumstances.


The brewery’s long-run success is based on attending to customers’ demands consistently. Eli Gershkovitch founded the brewery back in 1995 in Gastown, Vancouver. Steamworks started as a small pub and grew over the years to become a Fortune 500 company.


Edisoft Bets on Big Data to Add Efficiency to Supply Chain

Edisoft, a Smart Process Supply Chain platform based in Toronto, has bigger bets on big data to add efficiency for various supply chain processes. It says that when visibility solutions made available for the first time, on-time performance was considered as the KPI or Key Performance Indicator. Every carrier, irrespective of ocean or air, were evaluated by on-time performance. Today, the trend is changing due to the additional data available in the form of GPS data sets, real-time tracking, IoT, and other technology options through mobile solutions. Edsoft confirms that depending only on single KPI is no longer considered as a smart choice (Contact).


The platform confirms that KPI is mostly decided by the metrics across trading partners and functions without a narrowed focus on only one particular carrier. In the recent years, the customers started evaluating the outcome of the end-to-end transporting process. Interestingly, each customer evaluates multiple data sets, and this is where big data started playing a larger role in the supply chain process. While it can add efficiency to the supply chain, Edisoft alarms the need of a complete, timely, and accurate data from various parties. It should also reflect the needs of changing time zones and locations. However, it is concluded that big data adds agility, compliance, better predictability, and cost-efficiency to the supply chain.


Edisoft was founded in the year 1995 in Canada, and the supply chain software firm has large customer-base around the world ( It helps distributors, manufacturers, and supply chain companies to improve the performance of their supply chain.


As a leading firm in the industry, Edisoft offers three different types of solutions. It includes Shipping Automation Solutions, ERP Integrated Warehouse Automation, and ERP Integrated EDI.


Its solutions are credited for scalable, fully configurable, modular, and flexible, and they address most of the key challenges in the supply chain process. It also ensures data for Business Intelligence, compliance, staff productivity, and timely reporting to various stakeholders.

Some of the major software offered by Edisoft include Merchant XChange™, Merchant QuikPAK™, Edisoft Merchant™, and more. Apart from its main office in Toronto, the software solutions provider also has an office in Miami, Florida.

A Brief Look at Glen Wakeman’s Profile

About Glen Wakeman


Following his over two decades of success in business and finance, Glen Wakeman is currently the Chief Executive of LaunchPad Holdings. He is a holder of an MBA in Finance as well as a BS in Economics and Finance from the University of Chicago. Glen Wakeman’s career began at GE Capital. Here, he held P&L and business development positions. He also worked at Doral Financial Corporation as the CEO and President before being appointed as the Board Chairman of Doral Bank. While at GE Capital, the Board of Directors recognized him as a Growth Leadership role model.


During his lengthy career, Wakeman has revolutionized LaunchPad Holdings with $15 billion worth of assets and over 17,000 staff members (ReporterExpert). His work has included the guidance of divestitures, start-ups, new market entrants, and M&As. Glen Wakeman employs five key performance areas, leadership, governance, risk management, execution, and human capital to apply his proven methodology. As a writer and investor, Wakeman shares his insights about emerging markets, strategy, management, and international fiscal matters through regular blog posts. As a mentor, Glen Wakeman currently counsels Sitter Bees and Dreamfunded as well as various C-level executives.


Gleg Wakeman frequently blogs about leadership, global affairs, business transformation, and emerging markets. He also provides advice on capital raising, business strategy, and angel financing. Besides mentoring several C-level executives, Glen Wakeman advises start-ups such as Dreamfunded and Sitter Bees. He is passionate about innovation, growth, and executive development. Having worked in six different countries and managed facilities in 30 regions across the world, Glen Wakeman has gained significant international recognition.


Glen Wakeman is passionate about building successful ventures and helping individuals improve their agility. He currently serves as the CEO of LaunchPad Holdings, a premier provider of fully-automated software service to allow start-ups to get their ideas off the ground. LaunchPad ToolKit is supported by an extensive network of advisors and financiers. Glen Wakeman is also the founder of Nova Four, a start-up accelerator that helps early stage entrepreneurs to access capital. While at Doral Financial Corporation, Glen Wakeman would engage in retail banking, insurance agency operations, mortgage banking, and institutional securities (